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  1. Thanks. Yeah, a few sites like that one don't list Seidenberg, but I've found a few that do. It would have been in January of 2007, I think. Looks like Ward left in the '05-'06 season. I'm so curious to find out if this is true!
  2. Hello, name's John, I'm in Philly. I actually signed up specifically on the Carolina board, because I'm hoping someone would know the answer to this question. Did Dennis Seidenberg actually wear the # 98 with the 'canes back in '07 for a few games? Sometimes he shows up on a list as only the second player to wear the #, and sometimes he doesn't, and I can't find a photograph of him wearing anything but the # 4. Does anyone remember, did he actually wear this number in a game? Thank you, if anyone knows!
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