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  1. I thought Lindholm was pretty solid to be honest.. Not sure I agree with sending him down, what will it do to his confidence?
  2. Thanks mate, that's really helpful.
  3. I'm confused, does the fact that Skinner was put on IR mean he will be out long term? I thought he had a chance to play this weekend...
  4. I like our chances tonight, we should be very hungry for a win... Even though Tampa's record is pretty good.
  5. Fair enough. I have never seen an AHL game - for obvious reasons... What is the quality like? Is it a big step down from the NHL?
  6. Can anyone shed some light on this guy for me? What's he like? I missed his brief spell with us a couple of years back...
  7. I think we get smacked by the Pens tonight, but I like our chances against NY. Our goaltender situation is just dire. I like Peters, but I do not trust him. Hopefully Gleason will hit full stride and help improve our defence, which at times is pretty darn sloppy.
  8. It's a great app. Suits the iPad well, will download the 'Droid version tonight before the game! GO CANES!
  9. I think we could be a dark horse this year. We are getting no respect from anyone. Will we win the cup? Doubt it. Will we reach the East finals? Probably not. But the playoffs are not too far out of our reach in my opinion, even with such a brutal schedule. - Bold prediction.
  10. Gutted Ruutu is on IR... Hopefully Semin and Skinner can play in the opener!
  11. 8. Matt Cullen, don't worry guys, I'll help out, seeing as I am so excited it hurts! (It's 8 over here now!)
  12. Great write up. I am now officially excited for the season!!! Although our schedule is so brutal, it could get ugly at certain parts of the year...
  13. Can't wait for the season to start! I am desperate for some 'Canes playoff action!
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