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  1. Right there with you Weather Ray.
  2. I rated Pretty Good. Emphasis in "to this point". I feel there's much more to do, echoing BDC.
  3. Let's be positive. At least we're not ready to have a draft pick yet.
  4. If there's a Playoff Pickem Contest this year, it'll be different. We have skin in the game.
  5. Brindy said he wouldn't be back this week.
  6. Trade his rights to somewhere he doesn't want to go for whatever you can get, then let him "play another year at Hah!-vard."
  7. How many games were I at where I watched Eric sllllllooooooowwwwwwlllllyyyyyy get off the ice at the end of a shift while I yelled at him from my seat. No, just no.
  8. Unfortunately these are sunk costs. Looking back doesn't necessarily direct the path looking forward. While I don't want to see spending to be done just to spend, one still has to make the team better going forward.
  9. Reminds me of something I learned along the way: How to make a small fortune in business - first start with a large fortune...
  10. Not so sure. Looking at the "Once They Were Canes" topic, it was rapidly becoming "Once Skinner Was A Cane" topic.
  11. Maybe they could disguise it as a whale.....
  12. They could put where the deejay does his thing. Just sayin, could be an improvement. BTW, Larry is still listed as the organist on the staffing page.
  13. It's because our web guy is too busy on Twitter to post to the site.
  14. Don't know. But it really doesn't matter to me. Apparently Wilmington, NC is not important to the Canes. I'm blacked out. I DO on occasion, make the 280 mile round trip to games, we're a Cool Bars stop during the season, but blacked out all the same. Don't quite see the logic in this.
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