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  1. So, I'm a little confused. RB sees rust in yesterday's game, and wanted more chemistry. Today, the day before an early in the day last preseason game, there is no practice. Is there some logic to what's happening here?
  2. Local shmlocal. Wilmington it isn't. And, no, I'm not going to do a Raleigh VPN. Could, I have the expertise, just one of the fuddy duddies.
  3. That's my understanding. Prolly couldn't agree on the contract terms. Sling has been talking about it for a few weeks. Sling web Help and I think Twitter also.
  4. Regional sports networks on Hulu + live tv in North Carolina - FSN, FSC. Included with subscription. Has my go to mix of live channels for others - History, Discovery, etc.
  5. If you watched the 3rd, you saw what the rest of the game was like - individuals, not team play, each trying to make his case. If there was a system in place, I didn't see it. Would have liked to see some of Ned. Hope the goalie situation is still up in the air. This was the first game that I got to see, thanks HULU. I'm more than ready to see what the real team can do. This wasn't it by a long shot.
  6. He didn't need Boxing lessons, rather BRAWLING lessons, if he's going to go there.
  7. Ahhhhh, and what would you expect, now that they have that STM money in the bag? Thanks for being an STM, now, what have you done for us lately? Signed, the Canes organization.
  8. J Willie will be back - in a management/coaching role.
  9. SD, I'm several years past the milestone you're coming up on. And yes, leading up to mine, dwelled on the idea waaaaaay ahead of the event. There are a couple of uplifting events: the day you announce retirement and then the day it happens. The weight on your shoulders lifts.
  10. I rated Pretty Good. Emphasis in "to this point". I feel there's much more to do, echoing BDC.
  11. Let's be positive. At least we're not ready to have a draft pick yet.
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