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  1. I'm really bummed that they're splitting coverage up between FSCR and SPSO. I just moved to the Atlanta area, and that means I'm blacked out for GCL. However, I don't think I'd get FSCR coverage here if I got cable, and only some of the games are on SPSO. Anyone else have the same problem?
  2. This! I'm really excited about this signing, particularly because we didn't have anything to lose but money by signing him. I was prepared for another heartbreaker of a trade if I had to be, but I'm glad I didn't. (I'm happy to have Jordan, but miss Sutter tremendously!)
  3. Seeing this makes me even MORE excited for this upcoming season! Can't wait to hear John & Tripp this season -- I'll guarantee that Tripp will have a TON of Staal brothers stories!
  4. This! I'm not a big fan of Semin, but I don't doubt that the environment in D.C. had an effect on his play and work ethic. Give him a chance, J.R.!
  5. The name's Laura -- it's a pleasure to finally join the board! I've lived all up and down the East Coast, but the South is home to me. Unfortunately, I have one more year of law school left in New York, but then I'll be back down here for good! Any fellow Caniacs in Georgia (where I'm currently interning) or New York? I could use an ally for the Rangers games up there... being a Caniac by yourself is pretty brutal at MSG.
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