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  1. Agree. Not a bad choice. IF SJ lets him go, Todd McLellan would be a very nice upgrade (just saying "if").
  2. This would be great news! If we could get him and lose 1-2 overpaid players -- the CANES will be in the playoffs!!
  3. You also told us yesterday that Muller isn't going anywhere....
  4. RF states, "I don't really have anybody in mind." Hopefully this is BS -- fire the Head Coach and don't have anyone in mind before hand.
  5. No way Remkin! As I said several times, we need more REMKIN's around here (IMO)... you are someone that is willing to make predictions and not shy away from them.
  6. All have what it takes to win!! Agree, each of them would mark progress... we need a proven Head Coach at the NHL level right now. Nice move Ronnie... and props to Remkin on your off-season predictions!!
  7. Perhaps another "unpopular" post by Greg-N-Ral for some, but I have heard it thrown out for the zillion-th time since he's become GM... so I think its time for some fair balance on the statement "Ron Francis is 4th GREATEST...of ALL TIME." Ok you have been warned, buckel up... Ron Francis was a very solid and VERY durable NHL player who had the good fortune to play on some great Penguin teams which greatly helped prop up some of his career stats. All that said, keep in mind, Jeff Skinner (for example) has already passed Ron Francis for GOALS in a season (Skinner already has 33, Ronnie NEVER got more than 32). So please lets not say Ronnie was this incredible goal scoring force like The Great One, Gordie Howe, Phil Esposito, Mario Lemieux or even as good as Jaromir Jagr, Teemu Selanne, or even Mark Recchi. Due to his longevity, Ronnie does indeed rank 4th all time in points. And, IMO, he's certainly one of the 400 greatest NHL players (includes goalies, def, and forwards) of all time, but NOT top 10 material. Bottom line - huge props to Ronnie for his wonderful and very long NHL career. Go get em Ronnie, we need a super effort from you as our new GM to "fix" not "tweak" things!!!
  8. Sorry, but you talking about hockey etiquette, culture and class carries ZERO weight after making uncalled for comments here towards a fellow Caniac poster (ex: “Another provocative post from Greg 'N Ral. *Yawn.*) You may think we “owe” Cam something (good luck getting your friends/neighbors in Mesic NC to donate) and clearly I don’t, but that is no reason to act as you have here. You've shown your true colors here so no need to tell me about your understanding of proper hockey character – instead try and grow up when faced with an opinion that is different than yours!
  9. Sorry to hear you think a fact-based post comparing Kirk and Oates is “crap”… no need to get so pissy
  10. Well thanks for the 100% proof and clarification on that! We all wanted to know since you Mesic NC (Oriental) guys are so like insiders and have insider dirt
  11. I'm not saying we should or should not fire Kirk. But lets face it, he is UNPROVEN as a winning NHL coach. and now we also have an unproven GM... this is hardly a combo that instills confidence! As I mentioned in a thread that has a lock on it now, for comparison, the Caps fired Adam Oates and with a similar timeline his performance was significantly better than Kirk's (stats below for your convenience). ADAM OATES 65-48-17 .565 with 1 playoff appearance in 2 years and 1.13 PTS / game KIRK MULLER 80-80-27 .500 with 0 playoff appearances in 3 years and 1.0 PTS / game Upshot? Adams appears to be a better coach than Kirk and WAS will likely get someone better than Kirk to replace Oates... so in the spirit of this tread, the question "Muller not fired yet" certainly appears to be a fair one!
  12. Toews is a great example of what $6-ish mil can get you! Now on this part, "the same contract as Pittburgh offered" that is a loaded statement... I dont have time to get fully into it now, but lets just say... why did Pit and Shero leak out what they would be offering Jordan (that usually NEVER happens in that organization). Its called manipulation (a bluff) and making the other team overpay. Sorry I don't have more time to fully flush this out now, but you see where I am going. Again upshot here is what 6-ish mil can get you in the NHL and how Jordan measures up to that peer group. Needless to say anyone with an objective open mind would take Toews over Jordan Staal, eh?
  13. On this, it seems we all agree (amazing)... even me and Super Dave.
  14. If RonnieF is his own man then its clear he needs to get Cam Ward's 6-mill+ of the payroll -- in today's world we clearly don't benefit proportional to his $6.5 million dollar salary, as that type of money should only go to top-tier NHL goalies and CLEARLY Cam is not an elite NHL goalie. So Ronnie, lets see what you got!!! -- Rid us of Cam and use some of that extra money to get a more reasonably priced backup goalie.
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