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  1. You silly little rascal ... maybe look over the past 23-years!!! Making the playoffs 23-years in a row might just qualify as a winning culture. Regarding RonnieF as the Canes new GM... again BAD MOVE (IMO). Just being realistic and early to the party (like I was with Cam... which while unpopular at the time, turned out to be correct). The odds of RF being a great GM are long. I'm just glad to see most here agree, despite it not being in alignment with "Tripp and John's PR ramblings."
  2. That statement tells me all I need to know about how much you know about the Red Wings organization, its winning culture and HOF stud forward and stud defenseman Mark Howe.
  3. Yeah, he's be learning under JR (nuff said for why Ronnie SHOULD NOT be the new Canes GM). We need new eyeballs, new ideas and methods and they need to come from a winning culture (not from within).
  4. He "might be totally different" -- wow that's a really compelling argument for why RF should be the Canes next GM! (we can hope he might be different). RF should be the next GM because the Canes have done so well since RF has been with the Canes front office.... Howe (for example) on the other hand has been with a WINNING CULTURE for 15+ years (team has made playoff 23 for 23 years in a row). Learning under Ken Holland vs Jim RutherF ...HUGE HUGE difference!!!
  5. ADAM OATES 65-48-17 .565 with 1 playoff appearance in 2 years and 1.13 PTS / game KIRK MULLER 80-80-27 .500 with 0 playoff appearances in 3 years and 1.0 PTS / game And yet its OATES that gets fired today? (and perhaps the Canes might stick with an UNPROVEN winner as an NHL head coach)? Oh that's right, I almost forgot... Canes owner Peter K said he had a nice dinner with Muller and he likes Muller - I mean what more do we need in a head coach, as long as PK "likes" him that is all us STHs care about -ARGH!!!
  6. Yep, but as long as its not Ron Francis as the new GM... (not sure that would be any better with Ronnie as "GM" and JR as "Pres"... meet the new boss, same as the old boss). Ronnie has NEVER been part of a winning NHL front office... we need new blood, not someone who has studied under JR (ARGH!!!).
  7. Some positive notes about the Canes from this year... 1) JR might be gone (finally). 2) New GM might come from outside the Canes org 3) We now have a clear solid #1 goalie in K-man 4) Skinner continues to improve and looks to be a force moving forward 5) We got great value from Gerbe, K-man and Manny 6) We'll get a decent draft pick 7) While still highly overpaid, Jordan did step up his game some over his first year 8) We were able to get Rutuu's salary off the sheet (for the most part) 9) The base is getting feed up and seems like mgmt really sees that now 10) Loktionov shows promise 11) Peters and Sekera had their best seasons ever 12) The defense improved
  8. Be more positive.... argh... like your "Choke - Official Soft Drink of the Canes" graphic that now appears on every post you have made.
  9. Again, you cant take FORSLUND as gospel on all his clear "PR" type comments... Maybe John's "insight" about why using a GOALIE TANDEM is now the way to go never made it to this year's PLAYOFF teams like... COL - Varlamov 60+ games DAL - Lehtonen 65 games SJ - Antti Niemi 60+ games PIT - Fleury 60+ games TB - big Ben Bishop 60+ games BOS - Tuukka Rask 58 games MTL - Price 59 games BHAWKS - Crawford 59 games CB - Bobrovsky 58 games PHILLY - Mason 60+ games NYR - Lundqvist 60+ games ETC... Just sayin, be careful with assuming Tripp and John always have the facts.
  10. Full agree... except: Cam has NEVER been a consistent elite (top 5 regular season) NHL goalie. Never!
  11. Because something is not 100% guaranteed, that hardly makes it a “battle” IMO. A “battle” in this context implies something that is essentially 50-50 when predicting the outcome. You yourself said, “I expect Khudobin to be our starter once the season starts,” --- that hardly sounds like a “battle” to me. Taking stats for 5 games when we have a freshly completed full season doesn't make analytical sense to me. Ummmmm.... BTW… Over his last 5 NHL games this year, Alex Ovechkin scored 2 goals as did Jiri Tlusty. GOALS IN LAST 5 GAMES Ovechkin - 2 Tlusty - 2 So I guess Tlusty will "battle" Ovechkin for the NHL's #1 Goal Scorer next season!
  12. John's record of predicting Cam's value and performance is TERRIBLE. ex: Two years ago he talked about how more than 20 GMs wished they had Cam. Over the last two, I doubt any GM would have felt good about eating up over $12 mill+ in cap space for Ward's 30-45th ranked goalie performance. Mike M is the same way... two years ago he told me Cam is in the TOP-10 among NHL goalies. IN FACT, even earlier this year, Mike claimed Ward was in the top 15!!! Bottom line --- do you really expect the team play-by-play man to slam any player the team is paying HUGE bucks too? That will never happen -- so we get the "I think his game will come back," stuff.
  13. Fair points. Just saying dont see a "battle" any time soon. Cam already lost the battle and IMO, that is probably why he threw Coach Kirk under the bus with his passive aggressive actions in his recent locker room interview.
  14. L- This is an NHL message board right? ie: sports talk, Canes, "what-if" "I think" etc eh? So if one guy implies a "battle" is going to be waged between Ward and K-man and another feels that is so misguided... we talk about it... its a message board. If that cracks you up, then I hope you enjoy! In truth, I'm guessing you just don't want to hear about how Cam is hurting the team, I get it, you don't want to face those facts eh. On the flip side if all my posts talked about how Cam is going to make a great comeback and he's a great goalie (like in the playoffs of 2006) you would not "crack up." Now if you actually think Cam will become an elite NHL goalie someday, please do explain why. I do not see that.
  15. Shelf... this tread is for GOOD news. Having the Canes be stuck with a $6.5-mill/year cap eating backup goalie named Cam Ward is NOT good news (if you want to see this team win on a consistent basis)..
  16. pkling states "CAM- I say he stays (if he wants to) and he and Doby battle it out for number 1 or better yet they both become number 1 and share the load- TANDEM" ----- Why on earth do you think it would be a "battle"... when: one is washed up (loaded with money -- showing fat cats dont hunt in his case) and one is hungry, in his prime and breaking team and league records! The "battle" is over!! It always cracks me up when some of you guys refuse to face facts and see the reality .... (hint: 2006 is over!!).
  17. Now, my question to you guys, is If there is the underlying feeling of "privilege and entitlement" from some of our players, could ANY coach, even of Tortorella's ilk, be successful? 100% true. Mgmt plays favorites and that's called fa·vor·it·ism And its a terrible mgmt style in almost any organizations (sports or otherwise)! examples: 1) Giving brother Jordan a letter before he ever played a game 2) how PK threw Peters under the bus 3) Given old Canes players jobs all over the place (despite no prior coaching experience) 4) Bring up the 3rd Staal so 3 brothers could play in a game together the list goes on and on and this team does it more than most. In short, play your role, be quite and mgmt might just take care of you. Its a huge problem around here IMO.
  18. Over his last 81 games, $6-mil/season J. Staal has 15 goals and the 5th highest paid player in the entire NHL, Eric Staal, has 19 this season. As a point of reference... 1) In his last full season (67 games) Chad LaRose tallied 19 goals for us. 2) In his last season with the Canes, Eric Cole scored 26 goals! 3) and 42-year old Jagr has scored 24 goals this year! JR needs to be held accountable for these terrrible contracts he's handed out to the Staal brothers!
  19. great post!! BTW... I think I can answer this one... I would like to ask them what in the world are the asking them to do on the PP - and who the hell is in charge of it Answer: Kirk! He typically runs it and directly is in charge of it. Thing is he uses almost the same plays as he did as a player in MTL.. ie: older stuff that is well know around the league.
  20. Interesting points, thanks for the perspective but I cant make any big assumptions about Mark's contract. It might not require "begging." I do 100% agree, if Mark would want it is the biggest issue. BTW, for those that really don;t know about what type of person Mark Howe is... check out this brief interview... Total Class, smarts, articulate, his own man, not afraid to speak his mind, candid yet highly professional and GENUINE! Exactly what this team needs vs the non-genuine “preprogrammed lines” some give us in the front office! No slam on Ronnie as a person at all, but I’ve never seen him give an open honest interview like below. Ronnie (like Eric) never seem willing to go outside the lines, share real insights, make hard hitting point blank statements. Instead they go into “robot” mode and repeat the same lame themes… it’s NOT working. It’s very clear to me our players would listen and highly respect Mark Howe (TRULY speaks with candor and confidence and deep knowledge and know how and total LOVE of the game). In any case, the link below shows the type of person Mark Howe is… (if anybody has similar recent clips of Ronnie being open, relaxed, genuine and not programmed... please post) SEE: http://globalnews.ca/video/959313/hockey-hall-of-famer-mark-howe (ps: anyone that highly respects their dad might enjoy above too)
  21. If my math is right, Trotz has made the playoffs 7 of the last 10 years... that's an upgrade! I say YES to a proven winning NHL Head Coach (something Kirk is not). But first I'd get a new GM from outside the Canes organization. Naturally all this is mute as PK "likes" the coaching staff (I mean after all, PK had a nice dinner with them while in NYC. I mean what more would us fans want -- we all need to be more patient according to Mr PK!!).
  22. I felt she actually improved significantly this year!! Nice job by her. Oh yes!!!!!!
  23. "It took only 4 minutes and 16 seconds, but people realize this now: This franchise’s issues start at the top and work their way all the way down to the ice." Big props to Luke! So true. So very very true.
  24. Greg, do you happen to be a laywer? Hahahha… nope just a realist that’s willing to point out huge misconceptions (e.g. “Cam Ward is an elite Top-5 NHL goalie”). While some would rather I don’t, in truth it gives some fair balance to a few of the grossly optimistic posters here and those that seem to consider everything “Tripp and John” say as gospel. Ultimately, I care about the Canes and want to see them win. EX: Paying Cam the 4th highest goalie salary while he’s barely the ~30th best significantly hurts the Canes chances of winning.
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