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  1. So not true... Dave Lewis worked for the Red Wings and so did Greg Stefan to name a few.Now if you are saying PK has issues with the Red Wings, I do agree on that one.
  2. Rem, you keep talking about "master baitering" and I'm trying to talk about forecasting and how one needs to look at things on relative scale (not just focused on the Canes "improvements"). I stand by my sincere compliments to you (regardless how you elect to see them) and I also stand by my observation about you not being objective when it comes to forecasting the Canes. Finally, I did not make these comments about your forecasting AFTER the season, but BEFORE it got started. Back then I was saying you need to consider the competition before claiming the Canes will "make the playoffs." Perhaps we should start to wind this down, it doesn't seem like we are getting anywhere.
  3. Rem- looks like you are baiting me! (and isn't name calling against the rules on this board)? LOL Oh well, guess you just want to look for negatives in my post. So be it. Now if you really want to push back on your actual prediction accuracy, I might go for that baiting. An objective view of how your predictions did in this thread? A massive number of underwhelming comments and inaccurate predictions! In short, a 99% homer take largely still focused on 2006 memories! I could list 25+ items, but these 2 make for a decent starting place... Remkin states, "Not buying the Khudoben becomes #1 hype for a second..." ACTUAL: Khudoben became the unquestioned #1 goalie for the Canes. Remkin states, "Now I think if we stay healhy we can be better than MTL, Phily, Tampa and yes, Detroit and also NYR." ACTUAL: MTL, PHILLY, TAMPA, DET and NYR all end up with a better record than the Canes and they ALL make the playoffs. Bottom line: objective forecasting just ain't your thing!!
  4. Rem, Clearly most here greatly enjoyed your hard work in doing your in-depth preseason review and write up, myself included. It gave us all reason to hope things might be different this year. So again mad props for that. Second, as we both know, NOBODY is going to hit on 100% of their predictions, but it is fun trying, eh? And I applaud you as being one of the few here that is willing to make predictions -- and reply to point blank questions! So, please don't think I'm picking on you. We need more Rem's on here not less, IMO!! The upshot here is this --- if you ONLY focus on the Canes and how they "improved" you'll consistently be overvaluing the team. You are OFTEN off on your predictions because of this reason. As we talked about in this thread before the season, to be more accurate you need to objectively consider other NHL teams that we compete with (not just looking at it from the Canes standpoint). Recall all that? I claimed this before the season and in doing so, showed you how I felt the Canes had (at best) a 40% chance of making the playoffs. You went more towards 67% for them making it. Finally, the word choice of baiting? Having point counter-point debate with facts about a topic is hardly "baiting" the other guy. To do an analysis of why the Canes will "rock like a hurricane" requires considering how they stack up again the competition.
  5. The fact Canes Mgmt (including Ronnie F) let Dane Fox get away (he signed with Van) is beyond me. Clearly the Canes need to roll the dice more for more upside scoring! Fox is now basically on par matching what John Tavares did. BTW, yes I realize Fox is over aged by a year or two, hence his stats are little over inflated this year. Still, even at half his goals/game he has the upside -- low risk/high reward ratio potential.
  6. So true, that would be huge. But my FEAR is they will give it to Ronnie (after all, he's a good guy...argh!). We need a proven front office winner, NOT RF!
  7. Rem Rem Rem.... You went 0 for 6 here!! 0% MTL, PHILLY, TAMPA, DET and NYR all made the playoffs! As we all know, the Canes did not. Upshot - compare the Canes more on a relative basis to improve those forecasts and evaluate things more realistically (ie: analytics).
  8. YES!!! I've been saying this for a while now and have mentioned how Canes execs, sitting in their box, look at a lame single piece of paper. On the plus side, they look very professional in their suits (ARGH!). Analytics are not something the Canes value (relatively speaking)-- they value "a good bunch of guys" and we all know how that has worked out!
  9. Plain and simple.... Get Mark Home from the Red Wings and make him the Canes GM and give him total control. We need a GM that comes from a proven winning tradition!
  10. "I like our coaching staff" "We have a very very good team" "I like our players, a great bunch of guys." "We had a nice dinner with the coaching staff the other night (in NYC)." Un-b-freaking-leave-able!!! Us freaking "impatient" Canes STH fans!!
  11. Well according to Mr Peter K, we have a fine coaching staff... a good group, because after all PK had a nice time and dinner with them in New York City a few nights ago. So what more could us impatient fans possibly want in a coaching staff? If PK enjoyed his dinner with them, that's all that counts!!
  12. According to Caners owner Peter K you just need to be more patient. LOL
  13. Yep fully agree. And we all can hope for the best, But before folks make statements like "the Canes will make the playoffs" ... it would carry more power if they also showed who will not make it too.... for example... some here where actually saying Boston had the same odds as the Canes. Ditto the Red Wings, etc. (hence the thread resurrection).
  14. update: Redwings....Clinched Playoff spot (again!). That really was not hard to predict my friend!
  15. Overall, the interview and his comments were so disappointing on so many levels. For now, it’s too depressing to go beyond that so I’ll leave it at “DISAPPOINTING!” And to think he also fired Jason, one of the few forward thinking analytical types in the front office!
  16. Perhaps Howe never found the right situation he wanted. Perhaps Howe was (is being) pursued by other NHL teams. You seem convinced it never happened. In the future, Philly could be likely. But if you need definitive answers, you’ll need to talk with Mark and the other teams. The relevant point is: Would Mark Howe be a good pick for the Canes GM right here, right now? I say Yes! And I have listed some of the reasons in this thread. Now, if you have specific reasons to think Mark Howe does not have the knowledge and know how to be a solid NHL GM please do advise as to why. And again, if your point is simply "He's not a current GM, so he's not GM material" that's clearly weak logic! BTW, calling Howe "a scout" is like calling the SuperBowl "just another football game." Read up on Howe and you might actually learn a thing or two about the man, his character and his deep deep love and understanding of hockey! And by the way, did I mention he's worked very closely with Ken Holland and Mike Babcock (Red Wings 22-years in a row making playoffs), and oh yes, he learned hockey from his dad, a fellow named Gordie Howe and yes, he did win an Olympic medal in hockey for team USA when he was 16-years old and yes its true he's highly trusted by Steve Yzerman, etc etc etc. and with some research, you'll see his character is reported to be above reproach. Total class!! This is the kind of guy we need around here... a person that comes from a proven front-office WINNING tradition!! Howe has been in NHL management 17-years now, and his teams have made the playoffs 17 for 17! Now, on the other hand... Ronnie? A true gentleman and great guy I’m sure, but it’s clear -- being an understudy to JR just does not measure up!
  17. Actually Ronnie joined the Canes (as a non-player) back in 2008. Needless to say, overall, things have not gone well for the Canes from 2008 to present. I'm not blaming Ronnie for all the problems, but I can say he has not been part of a winning front office/mgmt culture and that is something I want in our next GM (assuming the next GM is actually calling the shots, not JR).
  18. Report out the 15 and we'll dig in. But in any case, if your logic is basically, "He's not a current GM, so he's not GM material" then that's clearly a weak narrow argument. Again lay out your reported 15 "new" GMs and we'll analyze it.
  19. A measurable number of NHL teams already have a GM with a proven winning record or that come from a winning culture. Further, these elite jobs don’t come open every day. If you have specific reasons to think Mark Howe does not have the knowledge and know how to be a solid NHL GM please do advise and lets discuss them.
  20. Nice example of Mark Howe evaluating players - it clearly shows how valuable Howe's experience as a D-Man and Forward helps him evaluate players! http://www.nj.com/devils/index.ssf/2014/03/hofer_mark_howe_on_how_devils_eric_gelinas_can_develop_watch_bryce_salvador_every_day.html Refreshing to see a guy talking point blank about what he wants and illustrating it with numbers too! Howe has a pair and is nonsense and has been around a winning NHL front office culture for 15+ years!! Ronnie?
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