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  1. Thanks for the great feedback guys!! All that said, combining some idea here, takes me to: J. Staal for Harrison + the Canes #1 (8th overall). It might not be sweet enuff for Pit, but I would do back flips if JR could get this done! Remember, we can always try (and prob get) J.Staal resigned in 2013 (how? use the money some think we have for Parise now). Greg
  2. Honestly, why would the Pens trade away JORDAN STAAL for guys (Joslin,Harrison,Tlusty) you can more or less find on the wavier wire in any given year? As a Canes fan I would love it, but we'd really need to sweeten the tea! I can see why Pens fans might laugh at that one.
  3. J. Staal for Canes #1 this year plus Ryan Murphy After pondering on it more, this makes some sense for both sides. The Pens can use the Canes 8th overall to land a solid D-man and they get Murphy on the blue line too. Sure they lose Staal but he’s likely going to be lost to FA next year anyways. For Carolina, we get Staal for a year for “only” 4.5 million and then we can makea move to resign him this time next year. On top of that, by keeping the CAP money low with J. Staal at 4.5mil, we can pick up Ray Whitney as a FA for his final year. Adding Whitney and J. Staal to this roster makes the Canes a top-8 team next season! In fact, I think I’d rather have J.Staal + Whitney (for a year) over Zach Parise.
  4. Appears he ended with 54-points in 49 games and a plus-14 in the 2011-2012 Regular Season. During the playoffs he added 22-points in 16 playoff games.
  5. Canes 1st pick (8th) and R. Murphy for J. Staal... Would that be a good trade for us/Pens? As mentioned, Staal has one more year left on his Pens contract.
  6. Thanks for a great 2nd half Coach! Can't wait for the 2012-13 season.
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