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  1. Cam for a 1st round pick and a 3rd line NHL center would never happen. No NHL GM would give up that much for Ward, regardless what he does in his last 1-3 starts this year! One need only look at Luongo (who is better than Cam)... Luongo + left winger Steven Anthony FOR Goalie prospect Jacob Markstrom + center Shawn Matthias Another example.... NJ got Goalie Cory Schneider (also better than Cam) and they only needed to move a 1st round (9th overall) pick. Cory has a lifetime 92.4% save% BTW!The most the Canes will get for Ward is perhaps an early 2nd round pick (best case) and only they eat $1.0 mill of his salary (best case).
  2. I'm certainly not trying to blame Ronnie. Rather pointing out that he is NOT a proven front office NHL winner. He's never been part of a WINNING NHL front office. It would be wise for the Canes to get someone that has a history with a winning front office. Further, while I'm not blaming Ronnie for the Canes repeated failure to make the playoffs, it would be foolish to assume he's had nothing to do with the failures either. And, since he's joined he certainly has not turned things around. Again, get someone that has been a part of a winning culture and winning NHL front office.
  3. You seem to be seriously saying ... Cam Ward (and his 6-mil salary) could be worth a 1st round pick and a 3rd line center? Come on man!! :> Totally unrealistic homer take! What did Remkin say while falling off a 40-story build? "So far, so good." All in fun Rem, but come on, PLEASE be realistic!
  4. My open letter to Mr K contains these bullet points.... 1) JR as GM is NOT working 2) Muller is UNPROVEN and just not working, he owns the PP and its killed this team 3) Eric is NOT the 5th most valuable player in the NHL (not even close), stop paying him like he is -- this must be dealt with. Locals want a winner, not a "face." 4) Cam... well... lets just say he's not worth $6-mill a year and a move needs to be made (any move) to rid of us of him and as much of his salary as possible 5) Ronnie has done NOTHING of note to prove he can turn this around, just say NO to RF as the next GM 6) The current coaching staff (while we loved some of them as players) just is not working -- stop thinking Cane ex-players are they best choices for coaches just because the followed the party line -- they are not! 7) Your son was one of the most analytical guys in the office, we need MORE of that around here, NOT less 8) Think of PROVEN winners, think Mark Howe (hint hint)... think about a 20+ year winning culture of making the playoffs (hint hint) get some of that here in Raleigh. Bottom line, this really is not that hard to figure out!! Treat it like a business not a good ole boys club.
  5. Nice/interesting detective work! Thanks for sharing. Lets see what happens....
  6. BTW, isn't Greg Sherman still the official GM of Den? Anyway, Roy had a PROVEN record of winning in a front office role! (Ronnie DOES NOT). Roy, in his first year in management won the Memorial Cup (no not Stanley, but that's still a great 1st year accomplishment)! Bottom line: Ronnie does have track record in the front office and its soooo NOT good! Why on earth would we want him over a PROVEN front office winner!As far as looking at others better than Ronnie? That's easy! Mark Howe remains a much better pick than Ronnie!!
  7. Great points... JR handing over a 6 (SIX) year deal was yet again another poor judgment call... and WHY do this NOW if he is really leaving things to a new GM soon?
  8. Again, bottom line..... JR should have let the new GM figure this out. (unless of course JR knows he'll still be pulling all the strings, and he'll keep Ronnie as his string-puppet and GM in name-only next season).
  9. If the defense for Ronnie is he has not been making the decisions... that's one heck of a weak defense!!!! By golly having a totally UNPROVEN GM is just what the Canes need now... (argh)!
  10. Yep. I estimate the Canes will see a net 15% drop in STH next year. That might not sound like a lot, but it is HUGE.
  11. Sure true that... but we have ZERO evidence of any kind that JR made any attempt to see what it would take to land Torts or Vigneault. Had he, odds are good we would have found out something by now.... not to mention Kirk is still behind the bench. Connecting the dots... I think its safe to say, JR did not make a play for Torts or Vingeault.
  12. Because Ronnie has proven he's done such a great job in the front office and the Canes have done so well since he's been the #2 guy helping run things...
  13. The real time for this thread was back in the Spring/Summer last year when the Canes (JR) passed up Alain Vigneault and John Tortorella! Recall, some of us were advocating for Alain and Torts back then as they were PROVEN winners! Sad, but the Canes COULD HAVE made a run for an NHL Head Coach with: 1) Playoffs in 6 of the last 7 seasons! 2) 2 Presidents' Trophies on his resume over the last 3 years! 3) Ultra high scoring team with his team's defense in the top-10 for three years in a row! Instead JR kept sticking with unproven NHL head coach (Muller) and we all know what happened. So, naturally, JR once again came up a day late and/or a dollar over spent (again)! Guys, we need a proven NHL HC, not unproven names like S.Walker and Rod (great players and guys but totally unproven as NHL head coaches). The only good news here is JR is finally moving on!!!
  14. Yet another unnecessarily long, slightly over paid contract! JR should have let the new GM figure this out.... thanks for yet another bloated contract JR!!!!
  15. With JR moving on, the Canes now have a chance to do the right thing... BRING IN MARK HOWE as GM (not Ron Francis)!!!
  16. Great that JR is moving on. :> Not so great if Ronnie steps in! :<
  17. It was great to see Cam finally earn his pay (once) this year. But folks, one strong game is just that -- one game! Bigger picture... Cam's save % is now "up" to 89.6% this season. That ranks 42nd out of 45 NHL goalies this season (adding insult to the mix Cam takes home the 4th highest goalie salary in the entire NHL). http://www.nhl.com/ice/playerstats.htm?fetchKey=20142ALLGAGAll&viewName=savePercentageLeaders&sort=savePercentage&pg=2 Hopefully some desperate (foolish) team might be willing (in the off-season) to trade for Cam if he can get 2-3 more good games in this year. And if he does, that is EXACTLY the time to rest him (and stop playing him this season, before he returns to his season-long subpar level). JR if Cam manages to play 2 more good games (in a row), STOP playing him (quit while you have some small leverage to work with in trade talks).
  18. Props on saying what needs to be said!! Now the trick is for JR to be strategic and trade away Cam. I'll address the tactics needed to give us any hope at that next.
  19. Sorry, but eating up $6.5-million in CAP SPACE for a goalie that has the 42nd best save % (among 44 in the league) IS a problem. A huge problem! The argument its "the defense" not Cam is lame, as K-man, with the same "defense" in front of him has the 4th best save % in the entire NHL. This isn't that hard to see actually (but it may be hard for some to except, I get that part).
  20. Well said!! I've distilled it down to a minimum of one of these five: 1) JR goes 2) Coach Kirk goes 3) Eric is traded (simply no where near 4th best salary in league) 4) Cam is gone, (for anything just dump salary) 5) Canes obtain a true superstar (like an Ovi, Sid, etc.). I doubt #5 is going to happen, so for me, it comes down to at least one of the above before I can remotely believe in this team again.
  21. NICE fact based article Prashanth! Thanks for sharing here! While some are still in denial, it appears most finally do understand.
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