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  1. Anton -- you were simply AMAZING last night. The bright spot ... Congrats on the #1 Star!!! The bottom line on the loss... this team's PP is not respected. Nash and company knew it and they took advantage of the Canes PP unit. Muller can say all he wants about some of the guys not following his plan, but that just tells us the players are not buying into Muller as HC. Mr K... great job in net last night!!!!! You are part of the solution, lets just hope some vital moves are made in the off season.
  2. Yep guys, it simply used to be a lot more FUN. Sadly, times have changed. This team needs new blood.
  3. I hear your pain! And, the kitchen remodel sounds sweet, nice!! I estimate the Canes will have a net loss of ~10-15% of their STH base after this season. That will be huge. The good news is it might actually get Peter's attention. Hopefully this will finally wake Peter up to the following... 1) JR as GM is NOT working 2) Muller is UNPROVEN and just not working, he owns the PP and its killing this team 3) Eric is NOT the 5th most valuable player in the NHL (not even close), stop paying him like he is -- this must be dealt with. Locals want a winner, not a "face." 4) Cam... well... lets just say he's not worth $6-mill a year and a move needs to be made (any move) to rid of us of him and as much of his salary as possible 5) Ronnie has done NOTHING of note to prove he can turn this around, just say NO to RF as the next GM 6) The current coaching staff (while we loved some of them as players) just is not working -- stop thinking Cane ex-players are they best choices for coaches just because the followed the party line -- they are not! 7) Your son was one of the most analytical guys in the office, we need MORE of that around here, NOT less 8) Think of PROVEN winners, think Mark Howe (hint hint)... think about a 20+ year winning culture of making the playoffs (hint hint) get some of that here in Raleigh. Bottom line, this really is not that hard to figure out!!
  4. JOHN MACLEAN? Isn't he the main asst coach for the power play or is that Mueller himself. Just thinking who needs to be held "accountable."
  5. Because investing in a web stream with AJ, Michael and Mike M, might actually cost a max of $1200 bucks.
  6. Actually that would not be that bad!!! Thing is.... guys getting paid like Cam include: Jay Bouwmeester Ryan OReilly Jeff Carter Marty St Louis, Patrick Sharp Tom Vanek, Ryan Getzlaf and Jonathan Toews!! Sad, but they all make about what Ward-0 does. And all of them are much much better than Ward. No NHL GM would trade them for Ward. Best case, we might be able to dump him for a 4th rounder and an under-performing player (making about 3 million). That's about itas most currently making $6-ish million are be a BIG improvement over Cam. And, btw, I'd take the above deal in a heartbeat. Addition by subtraction baby!!
  7. Rem, I will admit I have often focused on Cam for about two years now. That said, its only because I care about the Canes and right or wrong, I've always seen Cam's over-inflated salary as a major issue with the Canes winning moving forward. I had no problem presenting facts to bolster my opinion, even if some lightweights acted poorly towards me. But hopefully this becomes ancient history... as Cam's time with us is running out (the sooner the better, IMO). Bottom line - yes I'm VERY VERY happy about K-man's signing. First for K-man and second for our team (with Cam gone, we'll finally have millions freed up to get more skating talent)!
  8. In a word, no!! Lets not over think this here -- implying Ward's bad play is based on the coach Greg S?? ARGH! Its Ward himself. Cam is highly overpaid and many here are FINALLY starting to see him for who he really is. Of all goalies in the NHL with 20+ starts, guess which goalie has the WORST save % this year? Hint: he's also the 4th highest paid Goalie in the NHL! Yep good old Cam. K-man's resigning -- finally something to really believe in for our team! Cam is finally getting off this team (its only a matter of time) and that will free up $6-million... Finally!! Whooowoooooo!!!
  9. This is simply GREAT news!!!! Congrats to the Canes, K-man, and us fans will now benefit by eventually seeing more wins. Now we just need to lose the 6-million dollar Ward -- its just a matter of time now!!
  10. So you clearly value KHUDOBIN more than Cam Ward.
  11. Do you write talks for govt officials? That was like a PAC political action committee ad at election time! Regarding "most".... yes its only what I see and read and hear talking to Canes fans, (not a scientific poll... but you already new that :> ).
  12. Its just great to see most Caniacs now see that Cam Ward is not only expendable, but it would be a blessing if we could unload him, any way possible!
  13. Hey Jets fan.. thanks for posting here. We need some new blood on this board. Let me ask you this... How would you feel about CAM WARD + the 3rd Rounder for PAVELEC (G) BYFUGELIEN (D).
  14. Because.... publishing SAVE%, GAA and Win% for two goalies on the same team, in the same season (the current season), having played in the same number of games is SUCH A BIASED thing to do!!
  15. Nick Kypreos: ”I think Cam Ward needs a change of scenery”
  16. Lake... Well I'm glad we agree that posting SAVE%, GAA and Win% for two goalies on the same team, in the same season, having played in the same number of games is NOT biased. Yep, some will have you believe Cam was "playing hurt" -- maybe he was, maybe he was not. If I were trying to sell his skill level to others, I too might suggest/leak he was "playing hurt" too (think like a GM here). Now, assuming he really was HURTING... Why did Cam go? He could have just said "I'm still not ready!" The fact he did not, hurt the Canes this year, and so either way, Cam did us no favors. Bottom line? Comparing SAVE%, GAA and Win% for two goalies on the same team, in the same season, having played in the same number of games is a very unbiased fact-based evaluation. Lake, if you want to see BIASED comments, we can go dig some up... things like... Sorry, "I'm not buying Khodobin as our #1." "The Canes will have more 50+ point scorers this year than any team in the league." etc etc..
  17. Not anymore... Most now get it about Cam and what he really is!! And how his cap-eating salary continues to hurt our team... Sorry, 2006 is history Dave. and that once very fortunate run by a rookie named Cam Ward is long gone!
  18. Because stating stats like SAVE% and Wins (for two goalies on the same team, in the same season, having played in the same number of games) is so biased....
  19. So after last nights effort from K-man, both Cam Ward and have Anton have both played in 19 games and started 18 this season. Here's how the $6.5-million dollar/year cap-space-eating Ward-0 compares to our new #1 Goalie, ANTON KHUDOBIN... ANTON KHUDOBIN GAA 2.09; 13 wins; .930 Save% CAM WARD GAA 3.15; 6 wins; .895 Save% Major props to Mr. Khudobin!!! With you in net we still have a shot for the playoffs... Go Canes, Go K-man!
  20. K-man's 97.1% SV% last night... Now that is nice!!!
  21. So here is how it looks so far... WHAT WILL CAM WARD's SAVE% BE FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON? 0-91% Greg-N-Ral, Winger52 92% Remkin (.920 or higher) 93% 94% KJunKane (93.8 rounded to 94%) 95%+ It is interesting to me that the most vocal PRO-CAMSTERS are not willing to make their view (prediction) know.
  22. Your man is back now, and says he's "ready to rock and roll," so I guess no more valid excuses for Ward now... (eh?).
  23. K-man and Halak for ~6.5-million would be much better than Ward-0 and no backup of note in 2014-15. If we could only dump Ward.... huge props to K-man!!
  24. HUGE PROPS K-MAN! ... for being named NHL's First Star for January.
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