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  1. Ok we got it, you think talking about and having fun with predictive NHL stats is meaningless. gottcha. (btw, wise never to compare goalie stats from the 70's 80' 90's with current stats, game and scoring has changed significantly).
  2. Not sure who is "worrying" here CC... just talking sports... predictive stats... plenty do this (ever hear of Fantasy Football, Fantasy hockey etc... maybe not?)... anyway I will not bug you about a prediction any more (and perhaps you just dont want to go on the record, gottcha that is cool with me). For me, this gets right to much of the heart of the matter with Ward (and this thread too)... What do you think his save% will be the rest of the season?
  3. So for just the remaining games Ward plays in this season, you think, like me, his save % will be 0-91%? just makin sure...
  4. Winger, which Save% category are you going with for Ward-0 (from this point forward)...? (I could use some company in the 0-91 group). 0-91 92 93 94 95+
  5. So you are saying 91% or less too??? what is your call here ...
  6. Ok, now we're rolling here... so here is how it looks so far... WHAT WILL CAM WARD's SAVE% BE FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON? 0-91% Greg-N-Ral 92% Remkin (.920 or higher) 93% 94% KJunKane (93.8 rounded to 94%) 95%+
  7. Rem, but you did make a prediction, right?... Remkin, "my prediction is that Cam comes back and finds a groove so sweet that..." I was just asking you to quantify that statement a little, since "as is" its VERY subjective. I have no problem answering your question.... I'd like to see Cam's Save % be > .927 (for the rest of the season). and that is NOT asking to much, Kman has already done it this year!!! and Cam makes top-4 NHL goalie money (to boot)! That is a VERY doable save% # to hit for a 30-game NHL stint (where he's only going to play maybe 12-20 games). Making top-4 NHL goalie money, he needs to do that (if not more), esp given how bad he's already played this season! Now, what is your prediction?? (I promise you can gloat to me all you want if you end up being correct).
  8. Rem, care to make a prediction on what Cam's save % will be this season, from this point on? 0-91% 92% 93% 94% 95%+ fine print: NHL stats only :>
  9. I'd love to publish recent NHL 93-95% Cam Ward save % stats, problem is, they're not that many to be had.... In any case, lets hope he actually does have some this time around. (defining "recent" as in the last few years) Manwolf thanks for the JR interview link... he was surprisingly candid. Agree, way too much Peters bashing... look at his recent stats and salary... that's Value (McDonald's style or not).
  10. Zach Boychuk gets a hat trick and Cam stopped 89% of Lake Erie's shots, while allowing 3 goals last night. Cam ends his ("current") AHL stint with a .500 winning %.
  11. I was so excited about us trading for Jordan Staal. And while he has stepped up some over the last 20-ish games, over his first 100 as a Cane, he's been below expectations (pace less than 20-goals per season, a negative +/-, etc).
  12. Fair comments, yep, I agree on the technical points here too. That said, in spirit, the concepts still hold -- namely, freeing up 3-ish million would be a heck of a start to land another valuable piece to the puzzle.
  13. Well, the truth is he never did..... and the organization has went 10-4 without him around. Now image that $6-million spent on a stud dman, or a stud center in the future!! That will get our team to your island; not hoping and wishing Cam somehow plays up to his salary (someday).. I'm just glad most now see Cam for what he really is!!
  14. and welcome aboard!! Our numbers here are (finally) growing... the $6-million dollar per season cap hit Camster is not a pretty picture.
  15. Exhibit I: see his Save% this year... like 45th best in the NHL. Just pullin y'all leg Remkin. But naturally some truth in jest here.
  16. That "other Greg" made some good points ....but he STOLE all my material... Time to get David talking more Canes! He grew up a big Flyers fan, so maybe we can do it... drop some Dave Shultz, Bernie Parent stories next time to warm him up.
  17. On another topic... Do you think any team would be willing to give up their 1st round pick this summer if we dealt them Ruutu+Bellmore+Peters now? (or would the Canes actually be giving up too much?)
  18. Agree!! Having the 17th best save % in the NHL for $500k spells VALUE!! Esp when he's been able to do that playing in front of the 23rd rank team in the NHL.
  19. The cold hard facts for our goalies this season... n=19 Ward GAA = 3.15 SAVE% = 89.5 WIN%=33% CAP SPACE = $6,500,000 n=11 Khudobin GAA = 2.06 SAVE% = 93.4 WIN%=70% CAP SPACE = $800,000 n=21 Peters GAA = 2.50 SAVE% = 91.9 WIN%=35% CAP SPACE = $500,000 Ranking on the two key goalie metrics yields... GAA #1 Khudobin #2 Peters #3 Ward SAVE% Khudobin Peters Ward Cap space, we'll that's self evident! I'm not going to throw Peters under the bus so quickly, esp. given what he's done for us this year and at the price. The facts show he remains a value compared to Ward-0. League-wide Cam is the 4th highest paid goalie in the NHL, yet he owns the 65th best Save%. Cam must go!!
  20. Fully agree! Its a lame point... and only matters if we can actually win more than those we are catching. The line is almost as bad as "____ wishes he that one back..."
  21. Above truly is the most ridiculous post I've ever read here! We the fans, the full season ticket holders, paying THOUSANDS of dollars each year, need to repay Cam for his loyalty and all he has done for us, while he's made $35-million dollars over the last seven years!!! Yet again, despite the Canes now being in 12th place out of 15 in the East this year, its okay that Cam eats up $6.5 million in cap space,,, ... the main thing is we owe Cam and him being paid over $35-million is not even close to fair for what he has had to endure while living and playing here in Raleigh.
  22. Article states, ..."Since he can’t trade LW Taylor Hall, C Ryan Nugent-Hopkins or RW Nail Yakupov, the most attractive piece could be C Sam Gagner. He’d get the club a decent returns and there’s even talk he could be dealt to Carolina for one of the club’s three goalies: Cam Ward, Justin Peters or Anton Khudobin." http://www.ottawasun.com/2014/01/11/toronto-maple-leafs-looking-for-help-up-front-could-be-willing-to-unload-a-defenceman?token=54d32793edd0fc8b37356c492d7d5c21
  23. Who would have thunk it... Jets fire coach Noel, hire Maurice as replacement http://www.nhl.com/ice/news.htm?id=700269&navid=DL|NHL|home
  24. Ok, so lets bottom line these last 11-12 posts... WHAT WE BASICALLY AGREE ON 1) We all hope Cam some day can turn things around (while in a Canes uniform) and actually become an elite top-5 NHL goalie. 2) We all seem to agree no sane NHL GM would be willing to trade for Cam (regardless how much/little they'd have to give up) 3) Back in 2006 Cam did get red hot in the playoffs and made great Canes history helping us win the Cup WHAT WE DON'T ARGEE ON 1) If somehow we could/would trade Cam, what the Canes would need back to pull the trigger 2) 2006 - sports history or still very relevant to winning in 2014? Some think performance in 2006 projects well moving forward, others don't.
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