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  1. BS = truth... Gottcha Edenton... you little rascal you! Cam is worth 6.5 mill and his sub 91%save %... gottcha "we believe and hope in Cam..." he's going to become an elite (top-5) NHL goalie some day..."
  2. Sure, but we certainly can sign K-man now so that would not be the case. Ditto Peters. And having an extra $3-$4 mill/year in cap space will make this team better. If you cant get it, then all I can say is good luck "hoping and believing in Cam..." "maybe some day he'll become elite (top-5)..." Facebook? LOL... me...never use it...
  3. "Trading Cam - even if anybody would take on his salary, which they would not - would be insane. " Yep, it would be insane to free up $6.5 in cap space to land a player or two (the likes of Horton, Jagr, Vinny, etc...) Yep, having future lines with talent like that plus the Staals, Semin, Skinner, Gerbe Lindholm, Manny etc. that sure is insane alright! Having strength down the middle such as 1: Eric 2: Jordan 3: Vinny 4) and Manny OMG... Yep, that would be insane alright! Not to mention Jagr with Jordan... totally insane to think about how they can actually improve this team (right... lets stay with Cam... after all, some diehard fans still hope and believe in him right? He's magically going to come back and grow into an elite goalie some day... he'll make it to top 5 status right? Guys, that's insane --- trying the same old same old with little to nothing to show for it for 7 years and still hoping)
  4. Ok, and I'll bet she could...
  5. She has made tremendous progress!! She's "one of the boys" now (so to speak).... Great job Chantel... keep it up.
  6. It was purely amazing timing ... as soon as K-man was ready to move up, Cam was hurt (despite playing the entire game against the Habs) and in turn Ward needed to promptly go to IR... just amazing how random events like that work out with the timing of things
  7. Agree... but... If we could somehow trade Ward, we'd instantly get $6.5-mill in cap space back --- and that's certainly a lot!! Anything else coming our way in a trade for Ward-o would be total "icing on the cake." Examples: If we had traded Cam (for a bag of pucks) before this year, then we would have been well positioned to pick up say... Nathan Horton and 1-year of Jaromir Jagr. or Vincent Lecavalier and 1-year of Jaromir Jagr. Now... lets imagine the Canes with Horton on the 2nd line with Jordan and Jaromir Jagr on the 3rd wing! Or, how about the Canes having 3 Centers with Staal Staal Lecavalier And Jagr on Jordan's line?? Clearly all these combo's make us a better team --- instead we have Cam riding the pines (and or playing with a sub-91% save pct)!! The net result? CAM for a bag of pucks still works (for us).
  8. Well, here at the mid-point Peters owns the 11th best save% in the NHL this year!! Not bad at all.
  9. Gleason was a very positive force for the area off the ice too. Did anyone see Tim and Coach having heated words in the game against Caps on 12/20 right after Gleason's roughing call against John Erskine in the 3rd?
  10. LOVE IT!!! Also, can we get him one for his ALL TIME BEST Career Save % among NHL goalies with more than 25 NHL games. Yep, of all the goalies to EVER play 25+ games in the NHL, Anton's 93.3% ranks #1 all time!
  11. Exactly! Related, I wonder what they REALLY think of of Nail Yakupov. I'd love to have someone in the local media ask them that (instead of the typical layups).
  12. Peters .922 Wardo .895 Khudobin .928 And yes, that extra 3% (Ward vs PDawg and K-man) is HUGE... it amounts to allowing almost an EXTRA goal per game!
  13. Cam Ward ranks 45th out of 48 NHL goalies in Save Percentage this year! He's hurting all right, hurting our chances of making the playoffs!
  14. Among all NHL regulars Skinner now ranks 5th in Goals/Game!!! He's only behind... Stamkos Ovechkin Alex Steen and James Neal.
  15. 93% save percentage effort for K-man! Canes win in DC!!!
  16. Well boys and girls, here are the the latest stats... The fact-based data tells the story! Anyone with an open mind will see the problem (others will make excuses and/or even try and attack a long time season ticket holder LOL)... JUSTIN PETERS n=20; GAA=2.38; SAVE%=92.2; CAP SPACE = 500,000 CAM WARD n=18; GAA=3.10; SAVE%=89.8; CAP SPACE = 6,500,000 ANTON KHUDOBIN n=3; GAA=2.00; SAVE%=92.9; CAP SPACE = 800,000 Ranking on each vital metric (within the team)... SAVE % #1 KHUDOBIN (best) #2 PETERS #3 WARD (worst) GOALS AGAINST #1 KHUDOBIN (best) #2 PETERS #3 WARD (worst) SALARY CAP HOG #1 PETERS (best) #2 KHUDOBIN #3 WARD (easily the worst) NHL LEAGUE-WIDE RANKINGS... GAA PETERS 18th Best (out of 45) WARD 41st Best (out of 45) see: http://www.nhl.com/ice/playerstats.htm?fetchKey=20142ALLGAGAll&viewName=goalsAgainstAverage&sort=goalsAgainstAverage&pg=2 SALARY Cam Ward = 4th HIGHEST PAID GOALIE in the NHL (argh!!!!) SAVE PCT PETERS 12th Best (out of 45) WARD 42nd Best (out of 45) Only question: is any team des·per·ate enuff to take Cam and his team draining $6.5-mil salary (via a trade). If not, we're stuck with him until the buy-out window re-opens!! Then, we'll have millions to rebuild this team!! Go Canes!!!
  17. After the game tonight, anyone here going to the 1st Night? Is it any good?
  18. LOL.... No but I do applaud Mr T's efforts and for getting us away from "Edenton McDonald's-like name calling" and other small minded, let me try and control things thinking and childish acts. NICE JOB T!!! Keep the analytics coming!
  19. Another underwhelming effort from Cam last night, this time against the Caps. Once again another sub 91% save percentage from Ward! This time it was 89%.... argh!!!
  20. Jordan Staal had his best game (easily) ever in a Canes uniform last night against Washington. His effort level was significantly more than his typical approach. Whatever got him going last night actually made him effective and fun to watch! Dare I say almost worth his $6-mil per season contract. Jordan please stay at that level...!!!
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