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  1. It would be a huge steal for us, and they need goaltending help bad, and both make about $6-mil per, but do you really think EDM management would give up Jordan Eberle for Cam Ward?
  2. WANT TO KNOW WHAT MOST PEOPLE THINK (ABOUT CAM) WHAT HE's WORTH IN A TRADE RIGHT NOW Remkin, this Canes MB site does note represent what MOST (NHL fans) think about Cam Ward. You know... biased sampling right? If you ask here. you'll get a totally biased view on the topic... "I would never trade Cam, not even for two Ovi's (Ovi + Corey Perry, etc.). Now, if you want that kind of nonsense talk then fire away and you'll get massively unrealistic views about Wardo. "I'd never trade him, he "stole a game for us" last year. He's the best!" What is kinda funny is you saying you don;t have time to post (in a more neutral place... ) despite having almost 5000 posts here to your credit. If you really really want to know what "most" think, try several other (non-homer/non-Cane) NHL sites and let us know what you get. Do you really think WPEG fans would want to give up Kane for Wardo and his 6.5 million cap hit? All I can say is good luck with that.
  3. Perhaps a tad more realistic about things than you? In fact, I'd encourage you to post on any NON-Cane site, and ask what folks think Cam Ward is worth from their roster? if you take the challenge, PLEASE do keep us posted here...
  4. Rem, Completely unrealistic, overly optimistic view about Cam Ward. Maybe float on Jets site the idea of a Ward for Kane trade... LOL you might find others don't see Wardo as an awesome near elite, savior NHL goalie. IIHF World Juniors? Not sure I'm loving the idea of having the Canes 1st round 5th overall pick leave the team so Lindholm can have some fun and play in some tournament -- perhaps get hurt and certainly not help the Canes while he's doing it. For a guy taken 5th in the "deep" 2013 NHL Draft, I'd hope he would help us here in Raleigh, and give us fans who are ultimately paying his salary something to cheer about and not focus of his hometown buddies 4000+ miles away in a different country.
  5. or maybe he really isn;t an "elite" (top-5 NHL) goalie like Tripp says he is. Maybe, just maybe he's HIGHLY over paid and he's not the same guy that got hot for about 15 games as a rookie, back in 2006; before the league figured him out.
  6. Its pretty clear to me that Jeff Skinner is the Canes most valuable skater right now (especially with Semin out). The Canes are clearly running more thru #53 and moving away from a full team cycle... and its working!! Big props to Skins and his extra efforts to carry the team during this awesome winning streak. Lets go Canes... lets go #53!!
  7. Thanks Wolf!! Great link. I particularly agree with their statement that every fraction of a SAVE % matters!!! Between 2008-09 and 2012-13, the average Canadian goalie stopped 90.9 per cent of the shots they faced; non-Canadians stopped 91.4 per cent. In a position where every fraction of a percentage point matters over the length of a season, that’s a significant gap. Cam is a great example of the decline! Also worth noting... the average Canadian goalie stops 90.9% (so far this year Wardo and his 6.5-mill cap hit salary has been stopping 90.6%) Things change over time and so should the Canes! Think money ball and putting old fond feelings aside... 2006 is over and Cam's Value (performance/cap hit) is nearly non-existent in today's game.
  8. Guys, I'll go Executive-Summary style on this week's Goalie Stats update. With an above average defensive squad in front of them this year, here's how our 3 netminders are doing so far: n= 14; JUSTIN PETERS; Goals Against= 2.35; Save%= 92.2; Salary (Cap)= $500,000 n= 15; CAM WARD; Goals Against= 2.91; Save%= 90.6; Salary (Cap)= $6,500,000 n= 2; ANTON KHUDOBIN; Goals Against= 2.00; Save%= 92.9; Salary (Cap)= $800,000 Ranking on each vital metric yields... SAVE % #1 KHUDOBIN (best) #2 PETERS #3 WARD (worst) GOALS AGAINST #1 KHUDOBIN (best) #2 PETERS #3 WARD (worst) SALARY CAP ("VALUE") #1 PETERS (best) #2 KHUDOBIN #3 WARD (worst) Go Canes!!! Lets make it 4 in a row!!!! If we could only find a team to take on $6,500,000 in cap space, it would NOT be tough at all.
  9. Props to Chantel McCabe .... You have really picked up the pace as our new sideline and scoreboard reporter!! Keep up the hard work... its paying off!!
  10. Sekera and at $2.7 per season, he's a nice VALUE.
  11. Good news! Bellemore is a VALUE (salary vs contribution) player for sure!
  12. Great points! Problem is, few (if any) teams would want to take Ward and his $6.5-million per salary!! At 2-3 million, perhaps, but not at $6-million+!!
  13. Because the team has done so well with Ronnie in the front office and he has a proven winning record in his executive off-ice role.
  14. Mark Howe would instantly bring us a WINNING culture around here! (see Red Wings 22-year streak of making the playoffs). Howe has worked very closely with Mike Babcock and behind the scenes and knows what it takes to win. Howe has helped develop the Red Wings team and played a huge role in its success and been a stud Director of Scouting as well. On top of that, he's been in their front office for over 15-years now. While Howe will not be taking the ice... lets not forget... Hall of Famer Mark Howe is perhaps the 2-3rd most versatile hockey player ever (stud forward and all star d-man) and that's clearly going to carry some weight with the players (not to mention Gordie visting PNC on occasion). The Canes need a "winning culture" and Mark Howe is one man that can do it for us -- right here, right now! And, I bet we could get Mark for the right money, as NC is closer to his NJ family too. JR, Ronnie and T.MacDonald have had their chance. Its clear to me, many fans/STH are not coming back if this year ends poorly -- we need a PROVEN winner in the front office -- we need Mark Howe! Now is the time!
  15. For the long run, the best thing the Canes can do: 1) Have JR step down as GM 2) Make Mark Howe the Canes new President and GM 3) Have Mark determine if he wants to keep Kirk for the season (or longer).
  16. Update: With Bryzgalov hurt now, the Oils really could use help on D and in goal even more now ...!!! In turn, a trade for Hemsky makes even more sense at this point. Landing Hemsky here in Raleigh would be a very nice step forward (Hemsky-Ward or Hemsky-Gleason, etc... all works well).
  17. I'll take the bait. In my best JR voice... "Garth, this will be a hockey trade. And in a hockey trade we both must give up something to get something. While the Canes or-gan-eye-zation hates departing with Cam, we realize we must give up an ELITE NHL goaltender to get a forward who can move the puck and score. You need help in goal and we need help scoring. So Thomas Vanek for Cam Ward is a good hockey deal."
  18. Interesting!! Lets keep em coming. Thing is, being the 29th ranked goals per game team , we really need more help scoring and it wasn't all that long ago Tlusty was a top-10 goal scorer. Just sayin.
  19. Nope, not exactly, but you are getting warm. Its because you can have addition by subtraction in a salary cap constrained league. Freeing up $6.5-mil to help with the power play, 5-5 play, blue liners, overall scoring or anything else would help the Canes! Its called value!!! At $6.5-mill per, Ward is NOT a value. 2013 Stats... 27-games in... KHUDOBIN .929 save % $800k PETERS .920 SAVE % $500k WARD .908 SAVE % $6,500,000 Cam has the worst save % and a salary 1300% higher than his peer group ... that spells "No Value!" The only real question is.... Would the NYI (or anyone else) be silly enough to take Ward (and his $6.5-mill salary) in a trade? Assuming K-man is 100% healthy, I fully hope the answer is YES!
  20. Yep, maybe they would be willing to take a Canes goalie... I'm talking the goalie with the worst save % on the team!!!... who just so happens to make $6+ million per year.... (not the guy making 500k) Think NYI would be that dumb? If so, that would be a huge step in the right direction for us.
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