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  1. Actually they do.... but could we get that lucky Wingman?
  2. The Islanders have cap room and need a goalie....
  3. Unlikely but we could just keep 3 on the roster. All said, I think this "problem" and the Gleason situation starts to suggest a trade is coming soon. It also might suggest K-man takes his time coming back from IR.
  4. Given limited cap space --- Do you really think Jordan Staal for $6-mill per season is a BETTER value than Brandon Sutter for $2-million? Its all about value... just can't see it!
  5. Perhaps. I could also see an A Hemsky for Gleason core deal making some sense for both sides.
  6. D, I actually do agree... he has stepped up his game (some). But lets be real... that isn't saying that much. Sure he's now trying harder, but for $6-mill per, we should demand much more than an average hustle level! If I seem to be "obsessed"... its only because I truly think his $60-million ball and chain is the #1 problem with this team moving forward. And yes, I want this team to do good, so I often do come back the biggest problem. If you want to defend Jordan because he's our hometown guy, I get it. But lets face the music too... he's been a MAJOR BUST!! (and has been getting a pass far to long around here).
  7. Guys, please... please... please ... be careful not to lump BOTH Staals together! While he can run hot-cold... Eric has done plenty here in Raleigh!!!! Jordan? Next to NOTHING (except for eating up HUGE cap space)!
  8. More fun goal stats... Jussi Jokinen has 8 goals this year. Jordan Staal has 3! Since the trade... Brandon Sutter has scored 15 goals On our 2nd line, Jordan Staal has 13. Even more reason to love Jordan Staal... Brandon Sutter takes up $2-mill in cap room. Jordan Staal $6-million!! Combinations Anyone? Brandon Sutter + Jussi Jokinen combined cost is $4.1 million. (Jordan costs $6-million). Brandon Sutter + Jussi Jokinen combined this year have 12 goals. (Jordan has 3!) Its beyond comical now, listening to Tripp trying to talk up Jordan. Sorry Tripp, not falling for the PR spin.
  9. Yep. Would love to see JR trade Jordan and his $60-million joke of a salary cap hit and commitment. But really, who would want a Center with near zero recent success offensively for $6-mill per?? In 73-games as a Cane, Jordan Staal has scored 13 goals! ARGH!!!! To put that into perspective, in the season before we got stuck with Jordan... Brandon Sutter tallied 17-goals! and Chad had 19.
  10. I hope not. But sure, me and Mike certainly have went to the mat on a number of issues... most recently me defending Skins and Semin. Its all in good fun -- talking sports --- even if you don't agree with the next guy. I for one am very happy with having a buddy like Mike M doing shows around here!!!! He does not sugar coat and rarely plays favorites like certain TV color commentators tend to do.
  11. As was already noted herein, that is my new record!
  12. No he did not, clearly. But for a while he was going hard to the front of the net and throwing his body around near the cage. Look, nobody is confusing Westie with WayneG, but just saying for a while in the game he was making a difference. Go ask my buddy Mike M -- he also mentioned Westie filled in his role well on last night's Aftermath! Also see TSA's comments above.
  13. Yes :< Agree, but its hard for me to just except it.... a guy needs some hope doesn't he?
  14. REM: "Waiting for Greg to comment on Cam's play. ...' It certainly felt good to leave the barn with a big one-sided win! While net point differential does not correlate with a team's power ranking in the NHL as well as it does in the NFL, it still does concern me that the Canes currently have one of the worst net goal stats in the East. Regarding Cam, it certainly was great to see him turn in his best game of the year!! In fact, his SV% was .972 last night! As I've been "preaching" here for a while, the single best way to evaluate a goalie is his SV%. But also lets not forget, Cam still has the WORST goalie save% on our team and he still makes 1300% more than Pete-Dog and 800% more than K-man -- and that eats up a lot of cap space for our team. Bottom line - if we can't trade Cam than I certainly hope last night's masterful effort of 95%+ becomes the rule not the exception.
  15. Westy actually had his best game of the year last night, at one point he had 2 of our 3 best scoring chances.
  16. What is more likely tonight: A ) Justin getting a shutout or B ) The Canes scoring 4 goals? I'll go (A) ... the shutout (55-45).
  17. It would be beyond interesting if we could get rid of Cam Ward's 6.5-mil salary cap hit!!! It would be called moving in the right direction. And if we could actually get anything of value back in the trade... well sir, that would be awesome. Just don't think any team is that out of touch to trade for Ward and take his 6,500,000 ball and chain. All that said, I do think losing Peters (and him attractive 0.5-mil salary) would be a big mistake. It all comes down to VALUE!!! Clearly Cam is NOT 1300% (6.5/0.5) better than Peters and K-man.
  18. Still hoping somebody would get Cam's $6.5-mil salary off our roster via a trade!! Sad thing is I doubt anybody would want to take him, so we're kinda stuck with him for now.
  19. Agree. It's "ultra coach speak" but none the less true.
  20. Great shoot out Last Night. Chris Terry should be proud!!!! Terry has become "the man" in shootouts. I've always felt they should give him more of a chance.
  21. So when you have nothing else to say, you ignore the data, attack the poster and make lame comments. Gottcha! You guys need to wake up to the facts. Or maybe keep your head in the sand and tell us how Cam Ward is an elite top-5 NHL goalie... LOL!!!
  22. Here are the key goalie stats for this year, as we approach mid-November n= 9 JUSTIN PETERS 2.34-GAA 3-5-1 .922% win%=33% Salary=0.5-mil n= 7 CAM WARD 2.81-GAA 2-2-3 .912% win%=29% Salary=6.5-mil n=2 ANTON KHUDOBIN 2.00-GAA 2-0-0 .929% win%=100% Salary=0.8-mil Ranking on Save% (the best single relative metric to evaluate a goalie) KHUDOBIN #1 PETERS #2 WARD #3 --- Ranking on GAA KHUDOBIN #1 PETERS #2 WARD #3 --- Ranking on Cap Space Salary (lower the better) PETERS #1 KHUDOBIN #2 WARD #3 Cam goes 3-for-3 as the bottom feeder! Naturally, as we said when we kicked this thread off again this year, some will NOT like this and will look to make all kinds of excuses. Sorry, but for 2013-14, its about the numbers and NOT the excuses! Naturally, we still got a lot more games to go! Go Canes!!
  23. Hopefully K-man gets back soon, as him and JP would be a nice 1-2 goalie combo to have for less than 1.6-million/year.
  24. Guys, Here is the latest set of stats for our goalies... once again the numbers don't lie... JUSTIN PETERS 2.61-GAA 29% winning%, 91.2% save%, salary= $538,000 CAM WARD 2.81-GAA 29% winning%, 91.2% save%, salary= $6,300,000 ANTON KHUDOBIN 2.00-GAA 100% winning%, 92.9% save%, salary= $800,000 As we know, the single best metric to examine to measure a goalie is his save %! Khudobin remains our best at 92.9%, with Ward-o and Peters tie at 91.2%. Now, when we look at what each goalie is costing us in Cap Room, the numbers really speak volumes. Cam costs 450% more than K-man and Peters combined (what a waste for the overpriced Cam)! Hopefully K-man gets back on the ice soon!! As always, I'll continue to update the numbers from time-to-time. Lets go Canes!
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