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  1. That is a good deal for us and for Brock. For me, he's a 2M a year guy, so if we overpaid, it is not by much. 3rd liner that is a key PKer, hits everything in sight and can chip in with some goals.
  2. Yea that is what I was thinking. I was jacked when I saw we signed Dzingel and then to see his contract value rated as a C+? If that is the worst contract we have??? We're good. BTW, of the guys we traded away in the past two years, the only contract that is in the A range is Lindholm. Everyone else is not so good (Hanifan C+, DeHaan C+, Skinner C+, Rask no comment)
  3. Read the Athletic article this morning about contract efficiency among teams in the NHL. We are far and away #1. And that does not include our prospects and guys on ELCs. That alone gets this crew an A for me. They are killing the off-season this year.
  4. Just read the Athletic this morning. Their hockey analytics guy examined all NHL teams and ranked them according to contract efficiency (burden of contract vs. productivity of player on that contract). Guess who was #1??? It did not include goalies and guys on ELCs. According to this guy, the worst contract on our books is Dzingel followed by Martinook and they are both graded as C+. We are the only team with 5 A contracts (Pesce, Aho, Slavin, Hamilton, Teravainen), and 4 of them are for at least 4 more years. Nice work, committee! In last place?
  5. I just went with how Haula was listed on the roster. Either guy could play center. That's what I like. We are going to wear people out with that lineup...
  6. Not me. I already thought they were an A, this just further confirms it. They are killing it this off-season.
  7. This is a fantastic signing! Good player at a reasonable term and salary. Flexibility to play center or wing, and, he can really skate.... A++ for me. I agree with the sentiment that Willy may be done. So the lines now look like ??? Turbo-Aho-Nino Haula - Dzingel - Svech Foegele - Staal - Necas McGinn - Wallmark - Martinook Maenelainen - That is a very deep lineup without Willy. And remember, we will have some yutes knocking on the door. Nicely done, committee.
  8. Interesting read this morning on the Athletic on the best contracts in the NHL based on expected productivity going forward. Boston occupied the top 2 slots with Pastrnak and Marchand. CAR has 2 in the top 10 #9 Brett Pesce #10 Sebastian Aho In addition we had three others mentioned in the comments section feedback by the writers as very good values: Slavin, Teravainen, and Hamilton. I think the bad contract article is out today. Other than Reimer, I don't think we will have anyone on that list... So in this respect, the committee is hitting it out of the park. We are not taking on hideous contracts that will cripple us down the road. That is good management, if not popular now...
  9. As I read somewhere, Pesce prefers his off-side. And also that was the time when Hamilton's had fully healed... Sort of a few things happening at once. But as much as I like DeHaan, we were (and perhaps still are) over-invested in defense. I would think as a general rule you would spend approximately twice as much of forwards as on defense. I know last year we were nowhere close to that ratio. I think with the Fishy extension along with TT we will be closer to that amount now. Of course we have Pesce and Slavin on ridiculously valued long-term deals, so the pendulum could swing the other way soon. As much as I like TVR, we are paying him 2.5M to be a bottom pairing defenseman. That is the only contract that sticks out to me and I say yikes. And that one is only through this year.
  10. For me, this was simply two parties trying to get the best deal possible for themselves. Aho's agent thought they came to an impasse and forced the Canes hand by exercising a perfectly legal maneuver under the CBA. The Canes will exercise their rights under the CBA and match it. As much as we are fans, this is a business. I for one am glad this is almost over (Canes still have to officially match, but they will for sure) so it will not drag into next season. We have our best players locked up for quite awhile now (Pesce, Slavin, Aho, Turbo) and some yutes coming up for the 19-20 season, plus the most stacked farm system in hockey. The Canes aren't going anywhere for quite some time. I am happy with the off-season so far. At least we didn't shell out 8M a year for 7 years for an inferior player on the downside of his career in Matt Duchesne. The Preds are going to be kicking themselves 5 years from now. PS we signed Brain Gibbons to a two-way deal yesterday. I have no idea who that is, but we did...
  11. This times 100000000000. It is a fan board, so I do not fault anyone for taking it personally. We are fans, that is what we do. However.... - Aho's agent is doing his client good by getting him a lot of money. That is what agents do - It is likely CAR was trying to get Aho for 8 years, Aho wanted 5. His agent found a way to make that happen. - The money is less than I was expecting from a offer sheet (I thought they would come in at 10+) - We now do not have to have protracted negotiations potentially causing other hard feelings (think Nylander). The offer is the offer, we either accept or not. - Dundon has plenty of money to pay the front-loaded contract, so no issue there. - Waddell can sit on his hands for 6 days and do nothing while all of the other free agents are snapped up. If we match, they miss out on most of the good FAs - And we could retaliate with a offer sheet poison pill to them, when they have a RFA worth offer sheeting... I am not concerned. It is a business and Aho's agent is doing right by his client. I expect nothing less. Now all that said, if we do not match the offer, then we can start freaking out and hurling insults. They will be deserved.
  12. This is a good move for us. Getting an extra 1st round pick (even late one) for only money is a good transaction, provided we don't put ourselves in a bad cap situation. Like we are ever near the cap. We have two more years of HWSNBN buyout. Put that with Darling and Marleau, we are at our max buyout level for the next two seasons. I agree that something else will be a stirring before FA starts. I am glad that we used an actual asset (cap space) to make a move.. And from what I read, they are going to try and convince Marleau to play in Raleigh next year. If he does not want to, they will buy him out and move on.
  13. If Perry can still skate, sure he would be interesting. I think that may be his problem now. They don't have to be Connor McDavid, but they can't be Jaromir Jagr either... I actually would inquire about Jesse P. fro EDM and see if we can use a second rounder and a B-prospect to get him. Maybe there is some Finn connection that will bring out his best. And think about this, we have a #1 defensive pairing signed through 2024 for 9.3 Million combined!!! (Slavin and Pesce). That is a very enviable position that most teams want to be a part of. I would not even discuss either guy unless an all-star forward was coming our way (Draisaitl for instance)....
  14. Completely agreed on Pesce. We should put Slavin and Pesce as #1 D and leave it alone.... Deal with the other guys...
  15. The last thing we need is more draft picks. Unless we make the deal with an eye on moving WAY up or using it to acquire a top 6 scorer, no thanks.
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