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  1. Glad they figured this out. I really enjoy youtube TV, but this was a deal breaker for me. This, ESPN and ACC Network. I can do without just about everything else.
  2. Yes, the one solace is that regardless of what happens, we still control our own destiny due to games in hand. Now we have to go on a winning streak for once since the first 5 games... And BTW, it looks like we are not a playoff team without Hamilton. He makes a ton of difference... I hope I am wrong.
  3. If we go into next year with Slavin-Hamilton, Sjkei-Pesce, Fleury and warm body, we will be just fine... I can't believe they let him go either. Maybe we are getting A+ Skjei, but he looks like he will fit right in....
  4. I will be picking up Hulu TV to watch the games. If they don't figure this out in a month I will drop YouTubeTV. It is good but there are other options. Goes into effect on February 29th, so after tomorrow's game that's it.
  5. The pick will be the lower of the 1st round picks. Is this an overpay for Skjei? Maybe. But we are actually doing something to gear up for a playoff run. How many times have we heard "We like our group." in the past. Well, not anymore. Vatinen is expected back as early as next week. Once he is back, we are back to 7 NHL defensemen and someone will have to sit.
  6. I am ecstatic about our moves. the general feeling on these boards since I've been following is when we get to the trade deadline, we always say "we like our group" and go on with the same malfunctioning unit. This year, we showed that we are serious. We were NOT satisfied with being 1 point out of the payoffs and took bold action! It may not work out, but at least we tried. I would much rather this team try and fail than not try at all. Much appreciated to TD/DW from this Caniac!
  7. Um, you can't say we aren't trying. I love some Fleury and alll, but if you can rumn a defense out there in the playoffs of Slavin-Hamilton Vatinen-Pesce Skjei-Edmonson/Fleury/TVR That is STRONG!
  8. Anytime we get the best player in a deal, I will not complain. We got the best player here, so I'm good. Right-handed shot #2 center that can skate and can play in front of the net. And smarter people than me on TV are saying this is a good fit for HCRB's sytem.
  9. The 3-point game doesn't help, but as long as we take care of business we are find. We do not need any help to make the playoffs at this point.
  10. I would see what it takes to get Jonas Brodin out of MIN. We have assets to use to make this happen.
  11. Doing a little twitter reading, it doesn't seem like the Rangers fans are happy about this one. That tells me this may be a better trade than I originally thought... Still, I thought we were stacked for D depth in the minors. Keane is 20, Gauther is 22, that could be part of it.
  12. Wait what? Gauthier traded to NYR for Joey Keane???? Who is that? Keane is 20 and apparently a pretty good D prospect. But why?
  13. Unless the wheels come off in the next week, we will definitely NOT be sellers. We win tonight we are WC1 knocking on the door of 3rd. If we could somehow piece together a winning streak (which we really have not done other than the first 5 games of the year), we will likely be comfortably in.
  14. NYI won, but PHI and FLA lost so a good night overall for the Canes. So we are back at WC2, with no magic beans remaining for the teams below us. And we are winning the tiebreaker against PHI. Now we need to go on a 5-6 game streak and get back into 3rd place. It will be difficult as NYI has two beans on us, but from 5 minutes in the first period onward, I really liked the team I saw last night.
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