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  1. As I recall, for a time game 7 in 06 had the loudest sound level ever recorded for an indoor sporting event. It has been surpassed since though...
  2. From the way back machine. I hope I am not banned for posting this...
  3. So note for the rest of the series. Called in the regular season and playoffs Hooking High sticking Holding the stick Too many men Called in regular season but apparently not in the playoffs. Interference - holy mackerel that was terrible last night Cross-checking - I've watched enough playoff hockey to know they don't call this one hardly at all.
  4. Ourstanding GDT. My wife does not watch sports at all. But even she is going to watch this one tonight. She loves everything the team and ownership have done to make the game fun. What Dundon and the org are doing is working...
  5. What I cannot believe is that we went 5 weeks (Nov 24th to December 29th) and earned only 10 points. And only 22 points in two months (October 24th - December 29). That is really bad.
  6. ironman87

    2019 Playoffs

    Since the 1st round games are on FS-CR and we do not play on the same days as CBL-TB, I think Forslund will do both. Flight time from Tampa or Columbus to Washington or Raleigh is not very taxing.
  7. Bd seems to be a "prove it" type of guy. The Canes proved it and bd seems to be onboard. I second that call for more tums and booze for next week. And now I don't have to get my postseason canes fix watching the IIHF tournament in May...
  8. Nice BTF2 reference. How did you steal it from Biff?
  9. We got the best player in the deal, based on what I've seen out of Dougie this year. The trade has not turned out perfectly for us, but that alone is enough to not lose any sleep over this one.
  10. From twitter, it looks like De Haan draws back in. McE in net, Saku as the healthy extra. Go Canes!
  11. If we beat them in regulation Saturday, they will officially be in our rear-view mirror.
  12. I like what Ferland brings to the team. But his inability to stay on the ice is hurting his FA value. I would not go over 5M AAV for him at this point. It is wasted money if he is not playing.
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