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  1. This is a good move for us. Getting an extra 1st round pick (even late one) for only money is a good transaction, provided we don't put ourselves in a bad cap situation. Like we are ever near the cap. We have two more years of HWSNBN buyout. Put that with Darling and Marleau, we are at our max buyout level for the next two seasons. I agree that something else will be a stirring before FA starts. I am glad that we used an actual asset (cap space) to make a move.. And from what I read, they are going to try and convince Marleau to play in Raleigh next year. If he does not want to, they will buy him out and move on.
  2. If Perry can still skate, sure he would be interesting. I think that may be his problem now. They don't have to be Connor McDavid, but they can't be Jaromir Jagr either... I actually would inquire about Jesse P. fro EDM and see if we can use a second rounder and a B-prospect to get him. Maybe there is some Finn connection that will bring out his best. And think about this, we have a #1 defensive pairing signed through 2024 for 9.3 Million combined!!! (Slavin and Pesce). That is a very enviable position that most teams want to be a part of. I would not even discuss either guy unless an all-star forward was coming our way (Draisaitl for instance)....
  3. Completely agreed on Pesce. We should put Slavin and Pesce as #1 D and leave it alone.... Deal with the other guys...
  4. The last thing we need is more draft picks. Unless we make the deal with an eye on moving WAY up or using it to acquire a top 6 scorer, no thanks.
  5. Fleury for Jesse P is interesting for sure...
  6. Pesce is not going anywhere unless a team overpays for him. He's on a good value long term contract, is a RHD that can skate and play defense. There is NO reason for us to move him unless he is the key piece to us getting a #1 winger. What if we were to use one of the 2nds to get a forward with 1 year left until UFA (Chris Kreider or Tyler Toffoli for example)? We have lots of options. I hope we can make it work.
  7. What I cannot believe is that we went 5 weeks (Nov 24th to December 29th) and earned only 10 points. And only 22 points in two months (October 24th - December 29). That is really bad.
  8. Bd seems to be a "prove it" type of guy. The Canes proved it and bd seems to be onboard. I second that call for more tums and booze for next week. And now I don't have to get my postseason canes fix watching the IIHF tournament in May...
  9. Nice BTF2 reference. How did you steal it from Biff?
  10. We got the best player in the deal, based on what I've seen out of Dougie this year. The trade has not turned out perfectly for us, but that alone is enough to not lose any sleep over this one.
  11. If we beat them in regulation Saturday, they will officially be in our rear-view mirror.
  12. I like what Ferland brings to the team. But his inability to stay on the ice is hurting his FA value. I would not go over 5M AAV for him at this point. It is wasted money if he is not playing.
  13. Dougie has stepped up big time in 2019 and gives us an elite 1st pairing defense with Slavin. Plus, he has significantly increase his physicality which is nice. While CGY win the trade early, we are making up ground in value very quickly.
  14. It is pretty common in the business world to have a leader for a "building" phase, and change leaders as the organization matures. GMRF stocked the cupboard, and now DW/TD/RB are making the food. All deserve credit. And how the heck did we get Nino for a bag of pucks????? That one still confounds me.
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