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  1. See what they want. But I would not get into a bidding war for his services. And after this year, would not sign him for any longer than 5 years.
  2. I saw that article in the N and O. Aho and Nino are two of the 5 most snake-bitten players in the league so far. And we are still 5-1. I am OK with that. Those things will even out over the season. They need to keep playing hard and responsible, and the results will come.
  3. ^ That is a very deep lineup we have. Lets keep the pressure up and stop the falling behind nonsense.
  4. I have switched to YouTube TV. It is a far superior experience to Spectrum. I get everything I want at a much lower price.
  5. Watched on TV. Personally, I did not think we played well. Lots of mishandled pucks, whiffs on passes and just general fumbling of the puck. Some of is was MTL, but most of it was unforced. We will be better. And we still got two points. There were times we were skating so fast it looked like we had 7 people on the ice. Guys were everywhere. Lets stop working the posts so hard and we will be fine. We are going to have some 8-1 wins this year if we are sharp. There is a crapload of skill on the forward lines. Svech did not score, but wow is he good with the puck. He won a lot of o-zone battles. And there were many more as well. Clean it up, and we are a REALLY good team
  6. Um, I think Spectrum dropped it too. FSCR is not showing up in the guide or the Spectrum app as on Monday. I will be calling them today to see what is going on. Needless to say, I will be making alternate arrangements for Thursday if they do not answer to my satisfaction. In case you are wondering, going to games during the week is not an option for me at this time.
  7. With those roster moves, it means that our injured guys are ready to go Thursday (Dzingel, Gardiner and Necas). Being relatively healthy to start the season is always a good thing.
  8. Forsberg played like a true NHL goalie in front of a mostly AHL lineup missing its top 5 defensemen. No issues at all with his play.
  9. We didn't play our top 5 Defensemen and our 4 best forwards and they played everyone but Josi, so we were at a disadvantage. Concerned about Dzingel for sure, but we will see. Looked like a high-ankle sprain to me. - Gauthier was OK but I was expecting a bit more. - Necas showed better than I was reading on this board. He had some slick passes and that shot off the post was a laser. - Fleury and Bean were not good - Sellegrin was OK but needs more size and strength. - I liked Geekie, but I see what they are saying about his skating. - Forsberg was lights out the first two periods and then human in the 3rd.
  10. And Dom L., hockey analytics guy from the Atlantic says the Gardiner signing only increases our contract efficiency lead atop the NHL. Great signing according to him. FWIW he also said the money line on the Canes making the playoff was the worst line he has EVER seen (-105). It is now at (-140) and he says it is still like stealing money. . Also, just realized that we have 8.6M in dead money against the cap (Marleau 6.25, HWSNBN 2.33). Next year it will be down to 2.33. The year after we finally get rid of that dead money sinkhole.
  11. Faulk is action professionally which he has always done. No reason to change now. As of this moment he's a Cane.
  12. And here it is from TSN. Faulk wants extension to approve Ducks trade https://www.tsn.ca/report-hurricanes-justin-faulk-wants-extension-to-approve-trade-to-anaheim-ducks-1.1363253
  13. Saw the Faulk to Ducks rumor by Friedman and the local writers on twitter (Sara Civian of The Athletic). Apparently the issue is ANA is not on his approved trade list. The return apparently is centered around Ordrej Kase.
  14. Sounds like Faulk to Anaheim is a done deal pending him waiving his NTC, according to hockey twitter (Sara Civian being one of them). Guess we will wait and see.
  15. Just read Pierre Lebrun on the Athletic. Apparently we are actively shopping Faulk and even letting teams contact his agent about signing an extension. We knew that Faulk was likely the odd-man out when Gardiner was signed. But apparently things are really afoot now.
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