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  1. Well, that was brief. Went from being a coveted coaching prospect to the streets in what, a year and a half? Well, good luck to him. I'm sure someone somewhere will give him a shot (Philly maybe?).
  2. Well, there are only 3 more games scheduled between today and November 1st. Hopefully Khudobin will be ready to go by then.
  3. Funny how the better teams seem to more breaks than the lesser ones, isn't it? Fortune favours the prepared.
  4. TSN panel is picking 4 candidates to finish dead last. Calgary, Florida, Colorado and guess who. Anyway, opinions are like...well, this is a family site, so I'll let you all fill in the rest.
  5. Maybe they're being asked to make a silk purse from a sow's ear? Evaluating player development isn't exactly a science since we'll never know how well someone like Jamie McBain would have turned out if he had been drafted by, say, Detroit for example. Fortunately, JR has a pretty decent record with his first rounders, which is the important thing. I hope the additional revenue coming in will allow JR to pad the roster with smart free agent acquisitions and make it work.
  6. Yeah, the only way this deal gets done is if Toronto takes no salary back or maybe a player with a 2 way deal. Or JR can go the underhanded route and toss Franson an offer sheet that makes the Leafs gag. Of course that could bite us big time, so...maybe not.
  7. I like the idea of a trade, however, all of you have to factor in Nazem Kadri being a RFA as well. If anything the Leafs will want to dump a bit of salary so as to leave room for Kadri's new deal which is likely to be $6 million plus.
  8. Pretty much every highlight reel hit Stevens ever dished out would be illegal now, what with all the scrutiny on head-shots. Personally, I'd settle for a responsible d-man who will keep the front of the net clear and win battles along the wall. Big hits are pretty, but often cause more problems than they solve (Subban and Phaneuf jump to mind).
  9. To be fair, he's marrying a local girl tomorrow and his first child was born a couple of days ago. Finding himself suddenly needing to move to another town under those circumstances might have set him off. Additionally, he's been a model student since arriving in Toronto (until today, lol). Phil Kessel struggled mightily for the first 3 weeks of the season, but he was given all the time in the world to work through it, while Grabo's minutes were cut. I guess he felt he deserved the same consideration since he did score 29 and 23 goals the last 2 seasons, respectively. Just saying.
  10. Well, if the numbers get too crazy then forget it. But at the right number and term, he would fill the hole at centre on the 3rd line allowing Lindholm to develop at his own pace. I've watched him for the past 4 years here in Toronto and he's a fast, skilled sniper who has a very effective fore-check. 3 years $9 M would be a reasonable risk, in my mind.
  11. Leafs are going to buy out Mikhail Grabovski. Maybe a piece for the 3rd line? His offensive potential is inconsistant, but he did score 29 in 2010 and 23 in 2011. At the right number I'd give him a look.
  12. Even if Lindholm wasn't the fan favourite going into the draft, we should at least refrain from bashing the pick. I'm not saying that people on here have been doing just that, but let's refrain from being "those kinds" of fans.
  13. I feel you, man. If Drouin had Kevin Dineen's (speaking of old Whalers) toughness, I wouldn't mind having him despite his size. As it stands though, we don't need another Skinner type sniper. One is great, but two becomes detrimental. This team needs to get bigger and Nich seems to be the best fit.
  14. My gut is telling me that the top 5 may not be carved in stone. It seems ever more likely that Nich could go anywhere from 2 to 5 and Barkov could very well jump up a spot or two. If Drouin does manage to drop to 5, I'd love to have him even if he is a bit small (5'11" and 175). As it stands, I'd rather have Nichushkin because once he fills out, he could be a Forsbergian beast.
  15. ...I mean head coach. He's the fourth man to have the job since 2009 after Ralph Kreuger lasted a whole 48 games. The Oilers are a train wreck waiting to happen. With all of the supposed franchise guys they have on the roster (Hall, Nugent-Hopkins, Yakupov, Gagne, Paajarvi and Eberle), if they don't make the playoffs ASAP they may be this decade's San Jose Sharks or Ottawa Senators. Well, those teams actually managed to make the playoffs before soiling the bed, but you get the idea. Well, good luck to him. I will say this, though, there is enough hype around Eakins that even if he doesn't last someone else will likely give him a chance.
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