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  1. As a team bloated with defensive prospects, I was looking into what teams are bloated in forward prospects. The Toronto Maple Leafs is the team that keeps sticking out. I feel like Canes and Leafs make good trade partners. I wouldn't be against a deal around Fleury and Kapanen. He is putting up impressive numbers for a 20-year old in the AHL. He seems ready to make the jump next season. As much as I love Rem's Oshie theory, I don't know if we'll be big spenders in FA considering we have a handful of young players getting somewhat close to extensions. Plus, who wouldn't love an all-Finn line of Aho-Teravainen-Kapanen? That'd be some fun.
  2. I'm very interested to see how Francis handles this offseason. What has me most intrigued is the situation with our forward prospects. We are highly regarded around the league as a team that is loaded with defensive prospects, but am I wrong to say that we may be even more loaded with offensive guys? And when you break it down, I really don't see how we make room for everyone. Combine that with all the picks we have and I think a trade is very possible. Gauthier, Roy, Saarela, Zykov, Kuokkanen are all guys knocking on the door. Then you throw in PDG, Tolchinsky, McGinn and you have quite an impressive prospect pool. I'm excited to see what comes from this and I really don't know what to expect. Though, packaging one of the guys listed above with a defensive prospect and a pick could fetch us a nice player with NHL experience. Galchenyuk seems to be on his way out of Montreal and would be a great addition.
  3. Sorry I moved my post to the other thread, haha Felt more appropriate there.
  4. I think i speak for most people when I say, I'm on the fence regarding a trade right now. Francis has been phenomenal in his drafting and trading thus far. He obviously put the team in a position where we can afford to make a trade for a big name like Duchene or Landeskog. However, I'm not entirely convinced the timing is right for it to happen before this year's deadline. Yes, Duchene for Faulk is enticing, and seems to be fair value-wise. And yes, we have the defensive depth, on paper, to come out ok in this scenario. The reason I say "on paper" is because the names pop out when looking over the roster/prospects but we really haven't seen enough from the young defenders as a whole to say we'd be fine without Faulk. Slavin and Pesce have obviously impressed and could be our top pairing in the near future. Hanifin hasn't blossomed yet but that could be due to management rushing his development. There is clearly still loads of potential there and I'm not too concerned about him. The issue becomes, where does the offensive production come from on defense? Faulk is the only one producing right now and I think we'd see a big difference without him. Another big issue is Faulk being a RHD. I think McKeown is the only RHD prospect showing promise of becoming an NHL defender. Faulk could be tough replace. So, while getting an upper-tier/elite level forward, we'd be giving up our upper-tier/elite level RHD who puts up lots of points. Those are highly coveted in the league. Is giving up highly productive RHD worth giving up for a forward like Duchene? Would it make us a playoff team this year? Maybe. Would it make us a playoff team down the road? Most likely. But when looking at our current young core and current prospects, I'm more than convinced we are a future playoff team without making a move like this. Roy, Gautheir, Kuokkanen all look like future NHL players. Bean, Fleury, McKeown as well. The question is how patient should we be? And how close are those players to being ready for the NHL? We've done so well finding prospects, and those prospects look like studs. Shouldn't we wait to see what we have before trading away one of our best players? Making a trade right now would be a sign we a trying to make the playoffs right now. But even with the trade, it doesn't guarantee we actually make the playoffs. Which means we'd be giving up a rarity in Faulk without the immediate reward of the playoffs. Sorry if that's all over the place. What it boils down to is, are we so desperate for the playoffs this year that we need to take a risk and trade a player that will be very hard to replace? LW: C: RW: Jeff Skinner Victor Rask Julien Gauthier Sebastian Aho Jordan Staal Elias Lindholm Janne Kuokkanen Nicolas Roy Teuvo Teravainen Joakim Nordstrom Derek Ryan Brock McGinn How far are we from seeing this lineup? I could see Roy and Gauthier making the jump next year, Kuokkanen may take another year. Does that not excite anyone else? I know it's a super young team, but it could be a lot of fun. When looking at this, it makes me think a desperation trade that doesn't guarantee the playoffs this year isn't worth it. We are only in year 3 of the Francis rebuild. I say let it play out.
  5. Rumor is that Galchenyuk is available. Would he be cheaper than Duchene or Landeskog?
  6. I have a feeling we're gonna get Duchene without giving up a Dman on the current roster. Fleury + Roy + 1st or 2nd?
  7. Apparently a Colorado sports radio guy said he spoke with Melrose who claimed the Avs roster is "going to be gutted". Sounds like they're about to do a complete rebuild. Trading two young talents seems like a weird way to go about it but I'd like to take advantage of it.
  8. I'm torn on which guy I want more. Duchene could be that #1 C we've been missing for so many years. But we have Rask, Staal, Teuvo, Ryan all playing well and then Roy on his way up. Putting great wingers around those guys might be more beneficial than getting Duchene and still having little depth on the wings.
  9. I'd be in favor of a smaller deal as well. In the offseason there was some talk about a deal with Detroit and I'd be all for revisiting that scenario. The Red Wings are a mess right now and may be looking to enter rebuilding mode. Gustav Nyquist would be a perfect addition and would be a lot cheaper than Duchene or Landeskog. I'd be comfortable sending Fleury and a pick. Throw Nyquist on the top line with Skinner and Rask.
  10. I know the team has looked great offensively the last few games but I don't think we should pass up an opportunity to add an upper tier/elite fwd if the right deal falls into place. I just don't want to get complacent based on a stretch of successful games. With that said, I'm also nervous to give up Hanifin or Faulk. The way I look at it is this: Skinner - Rask - XXX McGinn - Staal - Lindholm Aho - Teuvo - XXX Ryan and Stempniak have played well, but those are the two spots I think the upgrades should be made. The issue I see with Landeskog is that he's a LW and we don't really have a spot for that without breaking up the current chemistry. Aho can play either wing so maybe he'd fit on that line. With Duchene, could he slide into Rask's spot and Rask play RW?
  11. Duchene + 2017 2nd round pick for Hanifin + 2017 3rd round pick I don't like the deal straight up. And I'm not sold I'd be happy with this trade either. But we'd gain a very high 2nd round pick, an area we've been successful in drafting, giving us a total of three 2nd rounders in the draft. So while we'd be giving up a fantastic prospect, we'd also be gaining an asset to acquire another great prospect. With three 2nd rounders we could potentially move back into the 1st round.
  12. Ryan Murphy - 2 years, $750k this year, $825 next year. Looks like he might be our #6 this year and then left for the expansion draft. EDIT: Though it still wouldn't hurt to have one more guy in case he gets hurt. It's going to be interested to see how Francis plays this.
  13. There are so many articles floating around the internet praising the job Francis has done and pinning us a team "doing it the right way" and as a team on the rise. I know it's hard to be patient after so many years of being told the same thing over and over. But you have to remember, Francis inherited a mess. A terrible roster, terrible cap situation and a very swallow prospect pool. In just 2 seasons he has improved all three of those things. Drastically. He has set us up perfectly for the expansion draft and we have potential for a very bright future. I know it's easy to be frustrated. But when every "expert" is praising him and raving about our future, I think we should be optimistic.
  14. SJ fans have said good things about him. But it's only a one-year deal. So we still need to sign someone to a two-year for the expansion draft.
  15. Also, after signing Rask and Murphy we will still about 3m below the cap floor. I think we'll see that money spent on a veteran defenseman. And I agree on Rem's top 9. But I'd make the 4th line: Stalberg - McClement - PDG Of course it will all depend on the chemistry these guys develop. But we have a better group than we did last year. And we did it without letting go of any of our youth and without dishing out any big contracts. Francis is steering us in the right direction.
  16. PDG and McGinn as the extra forwards? Bickell could be seeing a lot of healthy scratches.
  17. I think we are giving our young guys more opportunity rather than waiting for other teams to dump guys to us.
  18. Now we just need to get vet defenseman.
  19. Stempniak isn't too bad. He will definitely be the player we expose to the expansion draft. Ensuring we keep all our young guys.
  20. Stalberg is a solid depth signing.
  21. Kane seems like a bad person. He's talented but I wouldn't want him on our team. I'm still down for the Murphy for Yak trade though.
  22. Murphy might end up playing enough games to qualify. It's almost impossible to know right now. But I'd bet money we sign a vet Dman on a 2-3 year deal to ensure we don't have to expose Faulk.
  23. Yeah, Murphy could qualify if we played him enough games. But I don't know if the team has any desire to play him that many games. The buyout of Wiz kinda indicates that.
  24. Notable RHD that are UFA and likely in our price range: Justin Schultz Luke Schenn Roman Polak Ben Lovejoy Jamie McBain (lol)
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