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  1. > Thinks players are getting too much revenue > Makes almost 8 million in one year
  2. I'm glad someone made this discussion. This topic needs to be replicated across the hockey fan world. I was thinking the other day how NHL fans need to have a role in the lockout "negotiations". Hockey fans need to be much more vocal than they have been, and need to hit the league where it hurts (tickets). As has been mentioned before by some people, it would be great if advertisers played a role in the so called negotiations. Pressure from third parties (fans, advertisers, etc) is needed in the hope that this whole debacle is resolved quicker.
  3. At least he started to learn English finally Since he's on a 1 year, he has to prove himself. Yes he has gotten 1 year contracts before, but that was only with the Caps. With all the negative comments about him, and teams not throwing themselves at him to sign him, he really has to prove the nay sayers wrong. With a fresh start, and hopefully our players and coaches to set him right, this could be a real good year for him. One things for sure, we have a better locker room than the Caps do.
  4. Let me rephrase that, good players as in players that aren't some misfit toys. Thats the context I was thinking in since JR loves misfits and recycled players.
  5. Reading that made me think that if we're a playoff bound team come trade deadline, we'll likely trade for a good player. Who knows if it will be a forward or defenseman. We can make the trade down the road because we didn't give up any assests for Alex.
  6. I want to say thank you to JR and PK for all the work they have done this offseason. We got J.Staal, went after Parise, Suter and Nash (even if we failed to get any of them, it's something in of itself for us going after them), and now signing Semin. Next up is that bottom six gritty forward JR has been talking about. I'd like for us to improve our defense by signing either Colaiacovo or Rozsival. Those are actually defensive defensemen from what I've heard. Our top six looks way better with Semin! As I stated in the Semin topic, if things don't work out with him, its not a big deal since we have him for only one year. If we let him go, hopefully we'll replace him with one of next summers UFA's.
  7. This is great news. He's a good player, and if things don't work out, we have him for only one year. If we let him walk away, theres always next summers better free agency (Corey Perry comes to mind). Now JR will turn his attention to getting that bottom 6 gritty player.
  8. Yes, the problem would be the 2nd line centerman. He would have to be good enough for the Ducks, and at the same time we couldn't overpay for him because we need enough pieces for Bobby Ryan. Besides those two things, we would likely have to get the centerman from a team that needs defense since thats one position we have enough of to comfortably trade away (if we sign either Colaiacovo or Rozsival).Several roadblocks for us to get Bobby Ryan. But if JR is real serious about getting a top winger as he seems to be, I wouldn't rule it out entirely. In fantasy land, we sign Colaiacovo or Rozsival, get Bobby Ryan, and sign a gritty bottom six forward. I certainly won't get my hopes up about all that. We'd be lucky to just get Bobby Ryan.
  9. You got me thinking. This is a long shot, but here it goes. We sign Carlo Colaiacovo, trade Pitkanen/McBain + 1st round pick for a 2nd line centerman, then trade aforementioned 2nd line centerman + Jokinen + prospect for Bobby Ryan. We esstentially replace Pitkanen/McBain with Colaiacovo, and Jokinen with Bobby Ryan. As I said, its a long shot but hey, its the offseason. At this point, I think we'd be very lucky to get either Semin (assuming JR doesn't give a 2 year or longer contract) or Bobby Ryan. I really don't want us to have to wait till next summer to sign a top UFA winger only to fail for the second summer in a row. We need to get our long sought after 1st line winger this summer so we'll finally make the playoffs this season. But I don't think we'll get our top winger this summer.
  10. That's my feeling aswell. I'm thinking the best we'll get is some player a team lets go due to the new CBA.Next summer has several good UFA's (Corey Perry ). One thing that does give me some hope about our odds next free agency is that the new CBA will likely address huge front loaded contracts. So, maybe next summer we'll get a top player? IMO, we need to make a big acquistion now while Eric and Cam are still in prime condition. We can't miss the playoffs another year in a row. I wish we could either sign Semin for 1-2 years, or trade for Bobby Ryan (haven't heard any rumors about him at all lately). I'm doubtful about our odds with either one. I've written off Doan since if he doesn't resign with the Coyotes, he'll go to a cup contender for a chance at winning the cup before his career ends.
  11. I'm wondering if JR is waiting till the new CBA forces teams to let players go. Our options currently are real thin for us getting a top winger. I think theres a much lower chance of us getting Doan than Semin. At least we have finally heard the Canes making an offer for Bobby Ryan, regardless of us actually getting him. At any rate, it'd be nice if players were finally moved (Nash, Ryan, Luongo, Semin etc). Things have dragged on for quite some time now. I personally don't expect much will happen until August.
  12. We have other depth guys we wouldn't mind letting go. What about the Canucks? Yes, perhaps Gragnani will be the replacement of some guy JR is planning on trading. Perhaps Ryan Murphy? Well, at least we did something. So many days have gone by without any news or rumors. I guess JR is going to wait things out before making a move.
  13. Michael Smith‏@MSmithCanes Gragnani is a 25-year-old defenseman. He played 58 games in 2011-12, 44 with Buffalo and 14 with Vancouver
  14. Renaud P Lavoie‏@RenLavoieRDS Hurricanes signs Marc-André Gragnani 1 year / $800 000 (2 way) That was re-tweeted by Michael Smith.
  15. Perhaps. But Weber has been in Nashville during his entire NHL career. He might prefer not to be in those huge markets. Perry I assume wouldn't care much.
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