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  1. Space needle in the anchor?
  2. Pretty good article attached. Listening to John's call of the playoff clinching game (attached in the article) made me think of how we will regress without his greatness. https://www.canescountry.com/2020/7/3/21312250/carolina-hurricanes-tom-dundon-john-forslund-don-waddell
  3. I'm sure Jason Shaya would be an easy target to take over for Forslund. Anything would have to be a raise....No?
  4. I'm fine where it is...pretty easy access from all area's. Downtown access would have to change drastically for reasonable access. I'll probably be in the recliner as well when an arena would be available downtown.
  5. Not sure how they Played wearing the masks. Spitting and baseball are hand in hand.
  6. Georgia Tech fans felt football was essential during the 1918 Spanish Flu.
  7. Mrs. SLAP and I were sick for 3 weeks in early Feb. The wife had it first and I thought I dodged the bullet. Unfortunately not the case... I had a breathing treatment from the doc as regular breathing was difficult. I tested positive for flu and had a chest xray performed. Doc called back an hour later and informed me I had pneumonia. Just an informational tidbit, UNC Chapel Hill is performing a study for the antibodies. My wife had the test performed at no cost. If you are interested in the test you may want to see if your doctors practice is involved in the study. I am going to have the test performed.
  8. Hannity,lol.Might as well follow Rush.https://www.nydailynews.com/coronavirus/ny-rush-limbaugh-coronavirus-covid-19-thinks-nineteen-20200313-7rpnlxvaljhyribh6sxgg5f6ja-story.html
  9. So this disease is not overblown or a crock of crap?
  10. Well if he is leaving due to the Peter's hiring as the article states he's quiting the team. Spin it anyway you want but obviously he's not a fan of Peter's.
  11. Captain quits as Peter's is announced.https://www.hockeyfeed.com/nhl-news/captain-and-leading-scorer-quits-after-team-hires-bill-peters?ref=trevor
  12. Great locker room motivator.
  13. Today, PNC Arena’s food service VAB Catering made a large food donation to the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle. The Raleigh-based non-profit is focused on providing emergency food to families affected by the Coronavirus crisis. $300k donation....good job.
  14. Exactly! So to your point this virus cannot simply be described "This is NO different than many other diseases like the season flu, H1N1 Swine Flue, Zika etc .etc.". Each one of the above were very different in their charateristics. If you have no data how can you conclude it is overblown? Doesn't sound like a rational scientific decision to me.
  15. Everyone has their opinion but I prefer to listen to doctors in the medical arena not some "expert" on a hockey forum.
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