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  1. On paper Washington has more talent but all of the pressure is on them now. They see our team drop top three line forwards and keep going forward. They gotta be saying who are these guys? They can't break our D while on 5 on 5 so their sticks may be gripped tighter in game 5. They are getting frustrated and penalties may increase in game 5. Stay the course.
  2. 4 mil tops for me, he was hurt last year as well. His type of play doesn't bode well for 82 game full seasons.
  3. I agree. I would expect him in a less physical series and to use his speed. Very possible.
  4. "The team that scores the next goal will win the game". Highly prophetic in a tie game in the middle if the third period.
  5. I played the NHL bracket challenge and got destroyed. I guess that's why I sit in a recliner drinking beer.
  6. And there it is https://www.nhl.com/news/hurricanes-recall-aleksi-saarela-from-charlotte/c-306890320
  7. I dont expect Ferland back from what I have heard. Nooks? IDK, you know he will go if there is any chance. Just dont know the extent of the injury. I'd bring up Saarela and use his speed to see if we can steal one in Washington. Saarela has been hot and we could use the speed and offensive threat.
  8. Exactly! In a week we have gone from pushovers to filthy goons. Just a bunch of jerks playing Hockey. Down three or four forwards...no problem...just keep grinding. Reminds me of a bunch of WW2 criminals and a tank commander who just kept pushing forward.
  9. We will have to agree to disagree. All you have to do is look at the knee brace hanging in his locker. Aho is a PPG statistically through the year and since the knee to knee with Nino he is around .60 ppg. Since the hit in regular season play he had 5 assists in 10 games, no goals and was taking roughly a little over 2 shots per game. In the playoffs he has 1 goal..a tap in and 2 assists and taking 2 shots per game. When is the last time you have seen him take a slap shot from the circles or a wrister. He has gone into full time play maker role. Dont get me wrong he has made some beautiful passes resulting in goals but if we are to progress further in the playoffs he needs to light the lamp. Just saying if you look at his full body of work per game since the knee to knee hit, he hasn't been the same and is far less dangerous than he was previously.
  10. The night was close to starting off on the wrong foot. As I was making a turn into an isle in the parking lot who comes around the corner with 4 on board in a golf cart. Don Waddell yells "don't worry I wont hit you. I yelled to Don that an F150 wont even feel your golf cart. He seemed to be in good spirits.
  11. The Caps cant score on us 5 on 5. PP has been their only weapon. Slavin just keeps making play after play,great defense. Very concerning the injuries to our forward Corps. Aho is definitely hiding an injury. He's just not right. Looked bad in warmups and his first period was not good. Mishandling passes and his passing is off. Definitely not the Aho we are used to. Great game to be at, the fans were loud, it's a series now but can we call up all of the Checks?
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