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  1. I dont get it. Jordan was never and never will be a big scoring threat. He has never put up more than 50 points. His offense has fallen off this year but his other assets is what he is all about. Puck control down low,grinding in the corners and face off expertise is his game. My only wish is that he'd put his big body in front of the net more to provide screens and work rebounds or tips. I dont question his leadership and I believe the team fully supports his role. Some believe he should be on the 3rd or 4th line with diminished minutes which would only put a void in the line up without his assets being utilized. Staal's playoff performance last year was excellent, so yeah moving him down in the lineup the opposition would grin ear to ear. The team looks pretty good right now and does look like a playoff team.....dont mess with the mojo.
  2. Should equate to a few more wins for us. I usually do not get on the refs but Peel is special.
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