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  1. I dont think he was complaining.
  2. Time to start betting college sports. Anyone playing ASU is a lock.
  3. Sara likes to show her assets. Perhaps in quest of a TV gig. https://images.app.goo.gl/vgk3FXzotzD51Cze6
  4. Cant answer that one but he may feel that this org is stepping forward and building for the future and might feel that he is positioning his career appropriately.
  5. Yes the Caps were at the contract limit of 50 but Priskie was also a free agent effective 8/15. The Caps also have several D prospects in the organization. What I like about the kid is that he is not making any demands about rushing to the NHL. He knows he has to earn a spot. He also scored 10 PP goals in his last season. Priskie may feel that his style of play is better suited for our organization. Hats off to the kid and to our org for making it happen.
  6. Didnt follow Sara until I realized her talents.
  7. Opening night cage match? https://tenor.com/view/ric-flair-wooooo-gif-8344036
  8. It's been reported that DW is not happy about it.
  9. Anton Forsberg and CAR: team offer: $700k/70k (that’s a two-way deal), player ask: $833k. Going to arbitration.
  10. I get it if JW feels the grind of another 82 game schedule at his age is a tough ask on the body. I just dont see a guy who put up 53 pts the previous year packing it in. If he scored 10 pts, yeah time to go. He cant feel that he is taking a yute's spot as 53 pts is not attainable by many. Give us another year and see where we go with our new additions.
  11. I could do it for you cheap. The hand is a little shaky until I have my first pint. Afternoon appointments are suggested...but prior to my nap.
  12. Wondering if RD had anything to do with the McCormick move. https://ohiostatebuckeyes.com/mhky-ryan-dzingel-and-max-mccormick-postgame-march-16/
  13. I saw another clip when he threw close to a dozen shots on a guys helmet. Gotta learn that's how you break your hand.
  14. Guy likes to drop the gloves. https://twitter.com/SensProspects/status/1154404613929541632?s=20
  15. Haven't heard if we will have any new food selections on the concourse this year.?
  16. Yep, 5th rounder is about right. Teams willing to take on a salary dump want more. One article had us giving up Reimer and a third rounder for a return of a 5th rounder. What a deal....right?
  17. Gotta make some Cap room if ya want Williams.
  18. Reimer will be gone. Read an article today that the Canes haven't even assigned him a number yet. Haven't heard any press on the guy since his signing. Also read today that Columbus may be needing a goalie since they are relying on two back ups. Reimer to Columbus for a draft pick. Ned gets his shot at backup.
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