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  1. We don't need Ferland specifically but we need at least 2 Ferland type players. Having a high majority of finesse type players is not balanced or built for playoffs. Edmundson, Brock, Marty, will throw the hit or battle for pucks but if it is all on the third and 4th lines....nuff said.
  2. At least we don't have a lead going into the third.......
  3. Petr had to match Reims for a bonehead play.
  4. We had several good chances...keep it up.
  5. Vatanen had a shot and passed it up.
  6. Indeed, the physical attribute isn't just about hitting. It includes the willingness to engage along the boards and fight to own a 50/50 puck. Most of the canes like to wave the stick but aren't really serious about engaging in the physical play and trying to gain posession. Both teams have speed but Boston uses the speed and physical play to control the puck.
  7. 2020 at it's finest....going from tying a series 2-2 and being in the fight....to moving out of the bubble and scheduling T Times. Disappointing that the team lacked heart to finish it off and that is a serious issue going forward.
  8. Yes, stay out of the box....Boston has outplayed us but their 5 on 5 scoring is very low.
  9. Exactly, no one interested....2 games in a row that no one wants to battle along the boards. Boston stealing every puck.
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