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  1. I think Pulij is not someone I want to waste any assets on. He is slow and a very poor skater and to this point is not producing. We can do better than to take on a project for a guy who is a miss.
  2. Talented player but has a lot of similarities to Skinner. Since skinner just got 9 mil, I'm not sure he is a fit here. Laine is a very streaky scorer and his D is suspect. SKINNER 2.0.
  3. Yikes, Rem I know you are a huge Necas fan but ranked 46 in forwards with 16 goals and 52 pts is far from owning the AHL. Necas can skate and is a very good play maker but the big club still needs a goal scorer. Necas has never been a huge goal scorer in his limited career. I think he might have a place for the big club but if the ORG is looking at him as a huge goal scorer for the future those chips may be misplaced.
  4. Lehner scares me. His career numbers have been ok, decent gaa numbers and save percentage but his win/loss record in his career is shaky. Yes he has played on some bad teams but for me Lehner is to "emotional".Prior substance abuse issues and mental health issues are a crap shoot imo.
  5. I think Petr stays. He wanted to be a NO1 and he now has it. There is no guarentee he would be a NO1 elsewhere. Give him a nice raise and he stays....he likes Carolina.
  6. And getting bought out in the near future is going to cause more stress. Hope he has a good support system in place.
  7. I'd extend offers to both quickly to see where their head is at. Offer Petr 4 mil for 3 years and Mac 1.5-2 mil for a year. Signing both would give Ned another year to prove consistency and would be the call up for injuries to Mac or Petr. I'd be surprised if other teams would offer Mac more than 2 mil. Petr wanted the one year to prove himself and 4 mil is a nice raise.
  8. Cant see Tampa unloading a 23 yr old kid who put up 92 points. Stamkos is 28 and Point should be around well after Stamkos is gone.
  9. That would be the ultimate negative wave. I think they all have good memories.
  10. To me this is the key that the whole committee agrees with this and makes moves to ensure we get better. Two more scoring threats and move players down to make four solid scoring lines.
  11. No to status quo with Wallmark McKegg.
  12. A little warm in my black canes hoodie today, but the magic continues. Brian Boru Irish Ale is making a strong statement.
  13. Mr. Nash feeling spunky in the playoffs. https://www.nhl.com/video/nashs-hit-on-krejci/t-277350912/c-67955803
  14. "The team that scores the next goal will win the game". Highly prophetic in a tie game in the middle if the third period.
  15. Great story Hag. My wife went through 2 sets of flags but I take part of the blame for the second set due to not locking her ability to open the window. Left to much open for an opportunity for failure.
  16. Haven't worn one for years, looked like Grissly Adams. Mrs Shot wasn't happy. https://images.app.goo.gl/ZFQHBtFZDi8XsaXm6
  17. Just ran their course I guess along with some of the old faithful fans. I wouldn't mind hearing them again. I used to bring a horn, just got tired of carrying it around.
  18. Great! Thought I was superstitious. Canes camo hat, black t shirt, black Jean's and black pull over Jersey hoodie, same shoes...non sneakers. Watch the Marley commercial prior to the third period. Slowly broke in a new hat for away games and has been lights out, hence our great road record this year. I had some magic flags until Mrs. Shot hit the window open button and they went flying on Edward's Mill Road.....not happy.
  19. Agreed and the point that the technology was never TD'S to own is alarming if he thought that was part of his acquisition.
  20. Pretty shakey investment. How could you not know the NFL was a huge hurdle and that you were not going to own the technology? Players left on the hook for housing cost and medical expenses.https://deadspin.com/the-aafs-sudden-collapse-left-players-high-and-dry-with-1833813021
  21. Or just have them all show up to the arena wearing the jackets. A red carpet event.
  22. Thought you were speaking of Victor Rask.
  23. Our odds on advancing has just improved drastically.
  24. This says it all. https://www.nhl.com/video/mrazek-on-clinching-playoff-spot/t-277437094/c-67491903
  25. I'd insist on their top pick or move onto the next team.
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