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  1. I'd prefer to get a solid Dman over a goalie at this point. When our D plays good and limits point blank grade A chances our goalies are fine. Yes there have been times when both goalies have let in some cheapos but our D has been under performing for much of the season. I have no problem with Fleury but Gards overall is not what we need. Gards is a defensive liability and isnt offering what was expected from the O perspective. I still think Slavin and Pesce have the ability to add more O to make up for Dougie's absence.
  2. This gives Fleury a shot at more steady ice time. Good opportunity. IMO he has not caused any significant blunders or anything that caused a loss. If they call someone up instead of playing Fleury....its time to trade him before the TDeadline if possible.
  3. I've got 7 of us going to the Isles game Sunday.....feel sorry for the grandkids if we look like this.
  4. Besides ENG, SHORTY, or breakaway, this team cant score in the last 3 games. Power outage.
  5. It's a battle. Need some Svech magic.
  6. Jobu 3 for 3 this period. He's making me pay....another shot.
  7. Gards again. Now we know why he sat on the market for so long.
  8. Would not of happened if the 2 many men on the ice was called.
  9. We are grinding....keep it up, feel a goal coming.
  10. Cant get possession inside the circles. Gotta work guys.
  11. Get some pucks in the kids feet, step on Elvis's blue suede skates.
  12. Crosby with a quick goal in his second game back.
  13. He's up to half ice speed, working on the second half.
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