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  1. 3 minutes ago, KJUNKANE said:

    I wrote that very same thing Bonivan on another thread, so I agree. UNLESS something is in the works, but still a Checker for a game or 2? Have to say though that Fleury looked very adequate last pm. TvR is just not that impressive?

    Nothing wrong with Fleury's game, more ice time the better he will get.

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  2. Yeah Svech is in a funk (physical or mentally fatigue) ?  RB, with the lack of offense...what can be the worst that the SAT line can do? Again GT is not our main issue....scoring goals is! I'm going to try and turn this around on Sunday....bringing 7 of the fam for Military Appreciation Night. Oh and JOBU will be in my pocket. Betting JW will be in the fatigues on Sunday.

  3. 23 minutes ago, CanesFan2003 said:



    We are 1 loss and some other team winning, to drop from WC1 to two or three spots out of a playoff spot.



    Or we could win tonight and Sunday and with an Isles loss against the Caps tomorrow we will be tied with the Isles.

  4. I'd  prefer to get a solid Dman over a goalie at this point. When our D plays good and limits point blank grade A chances our goalies are fine. Yes there have been times when both goalies have let in some cheapos but our D has been under performing for much of the season. I have no problem with Fleury but Gards overall is not what we need. Gards is a defensive liability and isnt offering what was expected from the O perspective. I still think Slavin and Pesce have the ability to add more O to make up for Dougie's absence.

  5. 2 hours ago, OBXer said:

    I haven't seen a call up. I guess Fluery gets the game

    This gives Fleury a shot at more steady ice time. Good opportunity. IMO he has not caused any significant blunders or anything that caused a loss. If they call someone up instead of playing Fleury....its time to trade him before the TDeadline if possible.

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