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  1. I think Dwyer could easily be part of a trade...him and Harrison or Bellemore for Oduya to get Chicago cap compliant. That depletes our RW situation even more. Didn't Oduya break his foot in game 7 of the playoffs? Wouldn't want to touch that one.
  2. I agree 100%. I wanted to see more of Palushaj especially since he was a RW and right behind Boychuk in scoring. I honestly thought he had more of a chance making the team over Boychuk since he is a LW.
  3. I guess we will have to see how camp shakes out and what Bill Peters sees as his appropriate style of play for the team.
  4. Isn't Terry a LW? I'm not sure. I agree about Boychuck being with McClement and Malone, I do think it is better than having Gerbe there.
  5. Very possible, but Lindy seemed to be clicking with Skinner late in the season.
  6. If we want to go with a big fourth line it could be, Malone.....McClement.....Nemisz....
  7. Dwyer will be on right wing . Lot of time before opening night. Perhaps something like this Jiri Tlusty - Eric Staal - Alexander Semin Jeff Skinner - Jordan Staal - Elias Lindholm Nathan Gerbe - Riley Nash - Patrick Dwyer Zach Boychuk - Jay McClement - Brad Malone Chris Terry Greg Nemisz
  8. I wouldn't mind picking up Penner. I believe he could add valuable points as a value player. It's hard to believe that a player at age 31 without a contract would just be a couch tater and not working out hard hoping for a contract. I don't think Ronnie will make a move though and think Boychuck/Malone will be the left winger unless they have a terrible camp. Ronnie has McGinn, Terry, Tolchinsky, DiGiuseppe in the (wings) for the future. Ronnie won't spend money for another LW. As we have all documented the RW spot is our pain point without any depth for the future.
  9. I believe RF and PK are done. Remember they like our team. I don't think RF wants to take any more flyers until he and Peters have time to evaluate the existing pieces.Look for the movement once the brass has sufficient time to evaluate the entire team. No point to add more pieces to the team with what is left from unsigned talent.This I truly believe will be the season of change. 2015/2016 team will be a completely restructured team.
  10. If it is a hernia it depends on what type of surgery he has. Average wait time for full exercise is 4-6 weeks. I rather have this taken care of now than in the first week of the season!!
  11. I'm happy with the Bellemore signing. Remember he is still young and far away from his prime.I believe he is going to get better with more experience.
  12. I love the 3D image from space idea and make it as big as the El Paso Chihuahuas logo.
  13. Rem,good thought on Palushaj. I wanted to see more of him last year and unfortunately only saw a few shifts. Curious as to what will happen with him as he put up some good numbers in Charlotte.
  14. I'm not sure why Aaron Palshaj isn't getting a shot? Anyone know more about him?
  15. I think RF is done with his signings. Remember PK and Ronnie like their current personnel,counting on Peters to hold a tight rein and get the most out of his players with his system. RF and Peters will evaluate the team and decide who stays and who has to go. Doesn't make sense to obtain another piece until they evaluate what the have and who puts in the effort and performs on a daily basis.Some trades may happen earlier than waiting for the end of the year.If we don't make the playoffs some of our top guys may be offered to playoff contenders. With who is left on the unsigned free agent list, I don't see a move unless the price is crazy low.
  16. https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTNAgQEWJhQn85ppkUYtq0h452L8dxfTQnlS7rnMY20Ss3qw0WCqUgKQg Still like the old flag logo.
  17. I also bid on one and currently have it hanging in the hockey room.
  18. http://www.lightsforalloccasions.com/images/Product/medium/3315.jpg This may be more appropriate. A rusty hurricane lamp that has not been lit in some time.
  19. well, the logo and team will be flushed if we miss the playoffs again this year.
  20. The end of the schedule looks tough especially if we are fighting for a playoff berth.
  21. My main point was the salary of our top four forwards at 26,600,000. Yes,we are not getting our bang for our buck! Last year we paid $292,307.00 per goal for a non playoff team.
  22. Ronnie needs this team to make the playoffs this year. If not the team has to be blown up. JR really put us in a bind with the salaries/contracts given away that we are so far out of balance we cannot put a balanced team on the ice. The Canes currently pay their top four forwards more money than anyone in the NHL!! Add Wards salary to the mix and we are close to 50% of our payroll spent on 5 players. 50 % of the salary goes to the remaining 18 players.
  23. I can't figure Boston out. They are up against the cap but yet many trade rumors are tied to the Bruins.GM needs to make some crafty moves. Haha, my thought exactly slapshot02. On the other hand, the story on Jay McClement sounds good. Just reading over on Hockey Buzz that Bruins are really up against Cap with 8 defensemen. How about we take Boychuk off their hands?
  24. I'm hoping Justin Shugg doesn't equate to the much needed RW we needed.
  25. Lake, I'd be happy with any of them. RF still needs someone who can put the puck in the net. Our signings of Malone/Holmstrom/McClement = 7 goals in over 115 nhl games last season. Still way to much pressure counting on Terry and Boychuck to increase our goal production. I'd be surprised and upset if Ronnie holds pat with our current offense.The report on Semin is that he is progressing as expected. What does that mean? I'd prefer someone on the right wing as in Stempniak, Setoguchi, Winnik
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