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  1. If Peters doesn't cut it the next two games I would give Muse a shot in the next home game against the Flyers. Let's bypass Murphy and see what the Muse test results in. I agree it would be a great test to see how much improvement is needed for NHL action.
  2. Another video on Maholtra. Granted it was prior to the injury, but I listened to his words of wisdom more than watching his play.http://video.canucks.nhl.com/videocenter/console?id=79941
  3. There's been alot of discussion regarding putting both Staal's on the first line. IMO I would go the other way with Jordan. We have a big enough (sample size) on Jordan and it's time to send him a message. I would move him down a line and move Nash into the second line slot. Jordan simply does not use his body like he should. He should be delivering a few solid hits a game and should be planting his huge body in the crease (consistently). He needs to get some dirty goals to become productive. Let's keep him in the third slot until he starts producing. If not, can we take the "A" off of his Jersey? In regards to Malholtra, I can't wait to see him in the faceoff circle. I've seen him play in years past and he is tenacious in the circle. I hope he still has that capability. Faceoffs aren't always won on strength but on technique. MM gets very low to the ice and often shortens the stick. Just saw a good video on MM worth watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9l-sWqtiM9Y. Perhaps he and Brindy can hold a clinic at the end of every practice until our guys understand the technique. I would leave Semin Staal Tlusty on the top line. It's worked before why not now?? Semin had his best game of the year against the Pens, let's hope for a repeat. CMON Eric get it going. Peters has played well enough and is not the blame for recent losses. Unfortunately he has not proven to be a winner. Management knows the quality of our net tenders, but I would give Muse a shot. He is now 3-0 with 2 SO with 3GA 92 Saves with a GAA 1.0 SV% 0.968. Give him a shot!!!
  4. Well.... I got my wish from my post last week with Gerbe on the 1st line. I believe he will add more speed to Staal and Semin. Semin needs to pick up his skating...to much drifting on the perimeter. Shoot more and pass less for Semin, always trying to make the perfect pass with low success rate.... SHOOT!!!
  5. I predict a 3-2 canes win tonight. 2 goals by Semin. Great canes defense tonight.
  6. The power play is what is costing us games. With the amount off PP oportunites we have had so far this year we should of won a few more games. Today it was totally broken. I blame the PP more than our goalie. With the amount of powerplays today we should of been able to win with Tripp in the net....no maybe not
  7. Bowman did show some speed but simply put I am not a Bowman fan. He will not be the answer on that line.
  8. I'll include Stillman and Justin Williams to the list. I also love the $15.00 for parking as well. $15.00 X 8,000 parking spaces....The rich get richer. I'm sorry but paying 15.00 to park my car in a paved or unpaved lot is insane. Add a drink and a bite to eat, $35.00 before I even get to the seat.
  9. I thought we played very well. The defense looked very good. Gerbe is very quick and in constant action. Murphy looked even faster than last year to me. Cam made a half dozen real good saves keeping Detroit in check. Good game out of Dvorak and he still has legs,moved very well. Lindholm looked lost a few times, but held his own. WE had a few close shots that just missed.Semin fired a cannon wide that was close. Nash nearly had one in the first. Not alot of hitting from either side,just a good hockey game .We just need to finish close games like this as two points were ours. We got a little into the defensive mode the last three minutes trying to hold onto the win. Glad we at least came away with a point.
  10. Good picture of Gerbe. I pick him to score the Canes first goal of 2013-2014
  11. Can't wait for Friday!! I like the lineup we have, but feel we needed one more winger as many have stated. Let's see what we look like for a dozen games. JR certainly has the Dollars to add on the fly if the opportunity is there.
  12. I think alot of these experts don't even realize how many injuries we had last season. Our defense and offense is stronger. Can't wait for all of these experts to fall!! All I know is that I will be there opening night several hours before the puck drops.
  13. I wonder if there is something else going on with the kid. The shoulder bruise happened quite awhile ago. Slow and lethargic is not what I want to hear.
  14. Well Timmy took a few but in typical fashion kept throwing the shots. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sz_TaQLAlwE
  15. I concur. This could be written about any team if you look 3-4 years out depending on existing contracts. The author was obviously not a cane fan as he blasted Rutherford and several players, Just thought it was a read from a different angle.
  16. Interesting article about our future but do not read if you are prone to getting depressed. http://www.rantsports.com/nhl/2013/09/30/why-2016-could-be-the-apocalypse-for-the-carolina-hurricanes/
  17. I only see the Canes signing Dvorak until the season gets underway. We passed on Morrow, Raymond for cheap $. Prospal and Boyes have been out there forever.
  18. Way to early for me to vote on our playoff chances. I do think our D will evolve over some time once they have the time to gel as a unit. All new faces so they need to learn each others tendencies and style. Our offense has the ability to score alot of goals and I think the addition of Gerbe Dvorak and Lindholm will increase our bottom 6 output. Goaltending has been given a big boost with the signing of Kudo If we stay healthy I think we will be a tough team to play against. I think our chances of making the playoffs are much stronger than last year although one alarming stat is Over the past three seasons, the 'Canes have won a woeful 22 of 73 meetings with their new division rivals, recording a losing record against all seven opponents except for the Islanders.
  19. Yep, he's the guy that imo would push us over the top and give us an outstanding offense that would keep coming at you from a scoring perspective. He's a guy that we could lock in for the future as well. Posted 20 September 2013 - 07:02 PM Mike Maniscalco‏@mikemaniscalco6h @JohnForslund said the next 48 will be key to the #Canes if the organization decides to sign a free agent center or go with what they have. Derek Stepan comes to mind if we look at a center. Rangers do not want to meet him at 3.5 mil. Holding pat at 3 mil for two years. Trades??
  20. I think Dvorak, Nash, Gerbe and Lindholm are all in. I don't think JR wants to send Lindholm back across the pond even if he is not ready. He will develop here. I still think there is another move coming.... I thought we originally we would get a center or wing, but now thinking another dman. Not seeing the preseason hurts as I do not have an evaluation of the D other from what I have read. Does Gleason look even slower than last year??
  21. We missed the boat on Morrow and Mason at 1.5 and 1 mil ?? A drop in the bucket for a high value gain.
  22. Derek Stepan is still available although I can't see the Rangers not signing him. Rangers want to pay 3mil, Stephan wants 3.5. If we have an opportunity, he's a can't miss.
  23. OOPS wrong team.....Brenden Morrow has agreed to a one-year deal 1.5 mil with the St. Louis. Obvious connection there with Hitchcock/Armstrong from Dallas days...
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