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  1. Didnt take long for the refs to get back at Petr.
  2. Staal should of had that 1.
  3. Petr was ****** they blew the whistle. I think he uncovered the puck to run out the clock.
  4. Like our speed...came out ready.
  5. My thoughts exactly and I couldn't stand watching Murphy on the ice.
  6. From an earlier article. While Gauthier produced at the AHL level, the team had concerns that he could translate that production to the NHL level and not be a defensive liability. In Keane, the Hurricanes added another puck-moving defenseman and a former teammate of star winger Andrei Svechnikov — Keane and Svechnikov played for the OHL’s Barrie Colts during the 2017-18 season, along with Carolina’s 2019 first round pick, Ryan Suzuki
  7. Jersey ties up CBJ 2-2 in the second.
  8. To many passes in OT when the shot was there.
  9. That's the thing. Our sticks are always up inviting the call.
  10. In the box 3 times so far. That will kill you.
  11. Aho finally lifts a puck on a breakaway!
  12. Jobu doing double duty today....The Oil and Shaya.
  13. 2 Huuuuuggge points on the table....gobble em up. Its mute time with Shaya on the mike.
  14. Philly and Florida loose so far....finally getting a little help.
  15. Nashville? The battle of the Southern neighbors. Tennessee bourbon vs moonshine.
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