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  1. Time for the blender as the O has dried up. SAT LINE followed by Necas, Haula, Zinger, Fogs, Wally, Marty, Ginner, Staal,Williams
  2. Oshie, gimme a break. 10 total points behind TT. Disappointed for TT but the overall rest will do him good.
  3. The D has definately tightened up and clogging lanes, good stuff.
  4. Tripp with a quick reference to Eddie Lack?
  5. Cant recall if we have scored at all when pulling our goalie? Don't think so.
  6. No comparison to the music of the 70's and late 60's.
  7. Jobu liked Nino's rum offering. Perhaps Captain Morgan for Whaler night.
  8. I've seen it in Mystic...beautiful ship.
  9. Just win and coupled with an Islander loss against the Bruins tonight we would be within 1 point of the Isles. The Isles have a stretch of 7 games in 11 days so our target should be scoped in. Amazing considering the Isles start to the year.
  10. Thx to winger52 for reminding me of Jobu.....exactly what Nino needs. Just dont touch the rum. Jobu does need daily offerings to keep his mojo going.
  11. ^ Actually agree with all of this. Pesce has a sick wrister and should use it more. He moves the puck well and very accurately passes outlet passes. I see him as having the ability to QB the powerplay on the second unit. The lines mentioned are exactly what I have been wanting to see pre William's and now with William's included. I'd just flop the second and third lines. William's definately on the 4th line with Jordo.
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