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  1. I liked Lusty's work and it was getting better every game. Seemed to know where he should be at most times and was no pushover to get him off the puck. Hope to see him again.
  2. Goal tending has been lights out. https://www.foxsports.com/nhl/thomas-greiss-player-stats. https://www.hockey-reference.com/players/v/varlasi01.html
  3. Dont even give them running water,😁
  4. It's scary and easy to forget the kid is only 19. It is very evident that the strength he has acquired from last year to this year. The kid is a beast.
  5. Got one as well as a former full STH. Very detailed pricing. Could not believe some of the high pricing options. Most of my replies were a nada as my wallet doesn't have a slot for fat stacks.
  6. Could be many things and some grow at an astounding rate. My daughter was I'll for some time and they thought it was a gall bladder issue. Ended up removing the gall blader, one ovary and "Fred".
  7. Great news! A large mass is always very concerning. My daughter went through something similar, the mass was the size of a football. She called it "Fred".
  8. Personally I dont mind the use of the technology but I prefer the use of the tkt stub. The problem I run into is if you are in the lower level and you decide to go out onto the concourse re-entry will be checked. If you have a large group including young kids you need to stay with the gatekeeper who has the tkts on their phone. No my 6 yr old grandson does not have a cell phone. Currently it limits the mobility of a large party to move freely and independently.
  9. I moved on the day I heard he was taking some time off. Either you have the drive,health and passion for a full season or you don't. I'm sure he will be welcomed by most but I'm not one who is pumped for his possible return. Paying players who are undetermined if they want to commit to the grind for a full season is not my cup of tea. If he does decide to come back how long does it take to get in game shape? After 1-2 months does he then decide he just doesn't have the same drive? This is where a possible distraction could come into play. I realize this scenario is against JW'S makeup but age does funny things to the mind and body.
  10. Cheese burgers, hush puppies, barbeque. Loved the state fair....fried everything. Kept fried oreos tucked in the cuff of his glove.
  11. He's no youngster at 31 and is a -83 in his career. He has had some decent years but I think father time and his defensive lapses have caught up with him.
  12. Haula's game hasn't changed since he's been in the NHL. I was excited when we got him as we have needed a "garbage man" for years. The majority of his goals are within the circles in the crease or sitting just off the posts. A slap shot is a rarity for him. Below shows all of his goals in 17-18 with Vegas and prior to Vegas was much of the same. I know it wouldn't happen but I'd like to see Haula center TT and Nino. Move Aho to 2nd line right wing to get his scoring touch back and see if it gets Svech scoring as well. Move McGinn to third line RW and move Necas to center. Might get McGinn going more with Dzingle and Necas.
  13. 4 years of taking doctor feel good. https://www.hockeyfeed.com/nhl-news/golden-knights-stab-zykov-in-the-back-and-remove-his-Staal-from-arena
  14. If RB does assign a temporary A, I'm fine with any decision. Not worthy for any scrutiny IMO. Nino/ Dougie would be fine. If you want to be a real bunch of jerks and break tradition, assign it to Petr and just don't place the A on his sweater. Again, I'm fine with whatever RB does.
  15. Goat is back. Didn't take long to get a shot. 2 goals in 2 games with the chex.
  16. He's had his looks and a few posts. His goals will come,way to much talent to go on a prolonged goal drought. He just needs to relax and take the pressure off himself. He has more offensive help now and doesn't need to feel like he has to be the guy every night.
  17. Time to see the eye doc. I didnt know they existed. Then again I dont usually spend much time looking up there.
  18. I Dont know. I think the refs got the call correct on Petr. It was actually Hamiltons stick that got Petr in the mask.BBQ sandwich was huuuuge. Just my opinion and 2 cents but I though TT had the best overall game of everyone. Steady all game and actually raised his shot attempts which is good to see.
  19. Chip Alexander‏Verified account @ice_chip 5m5 minutes ago Today's lines: Staal with Svechnikov, Teravainen; Aho with Nino, McGinn; Haula with Dzingel, Martinook; Wallmark with Foegele-Gauthier/Necas Today's D pairings: Slavin-Hamilton, Edmundson-Pesce, Fleury-Gardiner. I'm sure the lines will be constantly moving but not in favor of McGinn being on the second line. It appears these lines are geared towards balance.
  20. Great to hear that most are back to practice. Looking forward to seeing the team on the third and my first peek at the new jumbotron.
  21. Well that is good to hear. I missed Sara's article.
  22. Many new faces in the lineup this year and with evaluating Yutes and with injuries it has not been possible to get the A team together for a game. I would not be surprised if it takes awhile for the team to get used to each others tendencies and to gel as a team. I'm concerned with Gardiner as he has a history of a bad back but MRI's in June came back clean. In April the discussion of surgery was on the table, Let's hope this current problem is minor in nature but Rod has recently stated he is concerned he will not be ready for opening night.
  23. I'd hate to see Forsberg gone. From what I saw this pre-season he played fairly well and he is only 26. Reimer on the other hand is 31. I won't be surprised if he is grabbed.
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