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  1. One of these games we could be up 3-0 and Yotes are hanging around only down 1. Keep the foot on the gas.
  2. Best period in ages....should be 3-0. Defense playing solid.
  3. Now that Williams is signed I hope we are not done looking at other possibilities. I'm not concerned with who will have to sit if the moves make our team better. I don't think we are done on the moves and hope we are considering another D man or even another forward. As usual it will be interesting to see where we sit come TD and what our hand will be.
  4. Tripps call...Dougie undressed him then took advantage of him ???
  5. I'll say one thing or two. William's looks 10 years younger. Looks to be in good shape. I'm just hoping his ice time is eased into the lineup to see where he is at although I'm not convinced that will happen. Now that he is back I wish him the best and hope the contributions are plentiful to move us forward.
  6. Good article. I wouldn't mind getting a peak at Forsling, Bean or Priskie. I need to plan a road trip to see a Checker game or 2 and get first hand visibility into their progress.
  7. Yes our goalie let it some softies and was rusty but my eye test shows a defense that is far away from last years D and it shouldn't be. The D is supposed to be one of the best in the league and is looking sloppy as of late. We need to ensure we have a forward back when a D man pinches and joins the rush. Good game from Gards last night from a D perspective and a goal to boot. Big Ed and Hammy adding a goal, good stuff. The D needs to ensure that clearing passes are on target, not just lifted or flung out of the zone. What is with dumping the puck on the powerplay? I'd prefer entering the zone with posession and setting up once entered. Dumping the puck is creating an opportunity for loss of posession and not taking advantage of the extra man. Svech had a good game until he showed his frustration with the slash. It's so hard to think of him as only being 19 and hopefully the stick infractions will subside. Wallmark and Foegelle are playing great, we need more from our expected scorers...looking at you NN. I'm still wanting (Svech/Aho/TT), (Dzingle/Haula/Necas), (NN/Wallmark/Fogs) (Mcginn/Staal/Martinook)
  8. Canes two point lead on the Flyers and within 3 of Pitt. Hoping for a Pitt loss tonight.
  9. Shaya curse broken....metro curse broken.....Gardner curse broken. Now we can roll.
  10. Glad we got the 2, but did not look impressive. It was the Flyers.
  11. Reimer needs stickum in his crotch tonight. Legs wide open....who does he think he is? Marley?
  12. Game is wide open....foot on the gas please.
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