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  1. In many cases they are seeing the same thing we see on TV without any full ice view. Here's one article. https://www.newsday.com/sports/media/nhl-playoffs-nbc-sports-msg-isles-rangers-doc-emrick-1.47460631.
  2. Watching the Chicago game. The "experienced" announcers are having a hard time following players from a monitor as well. It's all worth it just to watch Hockey again.
  3. I'm not disagreeing with you in fact I agree. In fact I don't agree with the play in format either. Such is life in 2020.
  4. Funny I didn't miss the crowd as much as I thought I would. Just focused on the play and the announcers.
  5. Yeah,just a pool of media reporters. The Cane reporter "Sara" took a pass.
  6. Yeah, I don't disagree but I think the league is trying to make every team comfortable since they are all on the road. What we also don't see is shots of both teams crowds being shown on screens in the arena and trying to match some reactions to live play.
  7. It's got to be hard for the announcers just watching a monitor. For the qualifying round, the only NBC announcer on site in Edmonton will be Pierre McGuire, with a complete crew featuring John Forslund, Mike Milbury and Brian Boucher in Toronto. Doc Emrick, the network’s lead play-by-play man, will work out of a studio in his home near Detroit, while all other NBC announcers, analysts and reporters will be at the network’s studios in Stamford, Connecticut. (That includes Burke and Albert, who also will work some games for NBCSN.)
  8. Lundquist actually kept them in it I thought. A few circus saves.
  9. Henry with the great save. Gardiner got it off quickly.
  10. Probably because no one is truly at home.
  11. Each team gets to play their own goal song after scoring.
  12. Vatanen will score this series. He has a bullet.
  13. They have to tighten up in third. 0 penalties would be a blessing.
  14. Seriously, let's allow some hockey.
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