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  1. Just one I believe but dont want any in the 3rd. 2 mins without posession while down one doesn't help.
  2. Give ourselves a chance in the third and stay out of the box.
  3. Let's tie it up before intermission.
  4. Pretty sad if Subban gets a shutout.
  5. Not so sure the organization has given up on Gardiner at this point and he has 3 more years left on a MNTC. Dillon's is also a UFA next year. Dillon's appears to be more of a lock down D type player, wher Gardiner's D play has been suspect. I'm not familiar with Dillon so I can't weigh in much. I have to wonder if Gardiner's past back issues are coming into play but he often seems to be a step behind the play.
  6. Yes most of the discussion on potential trades do not come to fruition but I find it a worth while discussion. It's all about what can the organization do to make the team better? The same thing applies to draft picks or prospects. I admittedly do not follow the West Coast teams as much as I used to so I am not up to date on many of the players. I enjoy hearing feedback from people who are more familiar with West Coast teams to fill in the gaps. I find it valuable to see how a player may fit into our existing team and how their talents would result in a net add. Again, many of the trades rumored and discussed do not evolve, but it's all fun to envision how we may progress to a higher level of play.
  7. Not looking to scapegoat at all. Not looking to blame a single player for our teams performance. Eric's declining performance the last two years with Carolina is on him and him only. Yes the team sucked and he was frustrated but no reason to pack it in personally. I have watched the team since Hartford so our longevity as a fan is common. I just dont give a guy a pass because the overall team sucked, I dont roll that way. Each player needs to pass the eye test.
  8. Just a few previous comments on Eric's play while with Carolina and the Rangers.. "They don't hate him, they're frustrated with his all-too-often lackadaisical play". "He has been lazy leaving zones and changing lines this season, and it's frustrating". "He routinely will meander out of the offensive zone. No rush, no hustle. It sets the tone for the entire time". "Last night we could've had a sweet breakout from a neutral zone turnover, but Princess Staal was taking his time getting out of the zone and further killed our momentum". "He doesn't always skate as hard as he could. This has happened throughout his career and isn't just a "this season" thing. When he moves his feet and skates hard he can create a lot of opportunities. But for whatever reason he sometimes just glides around"."I don't think Staal is consistently lazy, I think the guy is just demoralized". " Eric played ****ing lazy as hell aside from a couple games. One of my most hated rangers in recent years.
  9. Or The commentary of Eric calling for a cab to get back to the bench during a line change.
  10. I wasnt talking Minnesota. His last 1 1/2 years with Carolina was lackluster and his effort varied from night to night. Numerous articles are available for your viewing if you choose to view about his effort. I was glad to see his career turn around with Minnesota as he always had the talent.
  11. slapshot02

    Kobe Bryant

    Very sad accident. 4 others including a daughter were onboard.
  12. Kreider would be a great add, just dont know what could be enticing to the rags.
  13. I agree Cardiac Cane offers some humorous options and agree that Eric's laziness would drive Rod nuts. His lack of effort is why many wanted him gone. Gardiner + for Brodin....I say yes as well.
  14. The option of Staal. Most would poo poo a return of Eric. If Haula truly wants out would Eric be an option? Haula/Gardiner/+ for Staal/Brodin.
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