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  1. It was just a question and I didn't know it was a rule. I don't buy jerseys from there only thing I buy from that site is player shirts. Won't do it again or post again.
  2. What's a good site to use to buy customized jerseys?
  3. Nice to see I'm not the only Jordan fan who now likes the Canes & Pens.
  4. Hey everyone, Another Pens fan who’s converted into a Canes fan. I’ve been a Pens fan for almost half of my life and also a fan of Jordan Staal as well as James Neal. So I suppose you’re stuck with me for the next 10 years or so. It’s going to be so strange seeing Jordan in a different team’s jersey being use to seeing him in a Pens jersey. It’ll also be kind of strange going to games in a different arena being from Pittsburgh (living in NC now since 2009) I always went to home games. Hopefully I can get to a game or two this year. It’ll be mighty strange watching Pens/Canes games now but I can mange it. So I guess Go Canes…
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