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  1. Was surprised to hear about this tonight...and heard about it while putting gas in my car, of all places. Someone else that was filling up saw the Canes stuff on my car, and started talking with me about the Canes. He mentioned LaRose being "quietly let go." I acted like I kind of knew what he was talking about, but in my head I was thinking "Whaaaaattt????" I've been sick the last few days and also had family visiting, so wasn't really keeping up with any kind of news...Canes or otherwise. Googled it as soon as I got back home from filling up and saw the article on the N&O. Chad seemed like a great guy, and was one of the most friendly of the Canes I've ever met. Sad to see him go.
  2. Has anyone in the Raleigh area who needs a hockey fix during the lockout thought about going to the NCSU hockey games? I just found out the other day they have a hockey team. Tickets are only $5, and I'm sure the State boys would love to have more people show up supporting them. All their home games are played at Raleigh Center Ice on Hodges St. http://ncsuhockey.org
  3. Hey, Everyone! This will be my second year as a STH. I had never seen a hockey game until I participated in the St. Baldrick's event in 2010 and got the free tickets for getting my head shaved that day. Was instantly hooked! Became a STH for the first time last season in the Fan Zone. Got my head shaved again in 2011, participated in the team photo shoot, and won a few of the promotions including the NC Lottery lucky seat thing. This season I moved my seats down to Club Level. Very excited about this season, and can't wait for it to start! Couple questions: The renewal brochure and several emails mentioned a 10% food and beverage credit. Now the web site and brochure PDF say it's only 7%. Did they change it mid-way for everyone, or is there something going on like 10% if purchased by a certain date and then 7% after that date until June 30? Also...what's going on with the STH Cookout Party? I haven't heard or seen anything about it. When do they usually do that? I'm guessing it's an annual thing...or is it new this season?
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