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  1. Man, that has to hurt. God bless you for being there for them. Hopefully we can all get through this stuff and you can hug both of them snugly until you're all out of breath. (Figuratively speaking!) Hockey is one thing - family, now that's another. FWIW, I've read the last chapter and the good guys win. Gotta lot of stuff to go through but we will prevail! Carry on...
  2. My sister lives in KDH and I was thinking about taking my kids for a day trip - guess that's a no-go for now. I'm sure the Alligator River bridge would have been out of commission when we would try to cross it anyway...
  3. CC, by having a Captain's tenure, which is 10 years or more - that puts me 2nd in the 3rd presale. Full STMs get the first four, then 22-Gamers get the next four, then the 11-Game plans. It was a little confusing to me until I talked with my rep and he said that it would go by plan level "seniority" then by tenure.
  4. When I talked to my ticket rep we were discussing the outdoor game some. He said that they have limited information on it right now as this show is actually run by the NHL and that they have to follow their directions. STMs will have priority based on ticket plan and then tenure. I can only swing an 11 game plan but have 10+ years, by my calculations I'll be in the 10th window of presale options. I just hope the league doesn't make it where us regular guys have to take out a loan just to go to a game. Yeah - I'd probably do it if I had to - but it sure would be nice to be able to take my family. Based on our conversations I would expect pricing and some of the other pertinent stuff to be available in June after the Cup is awarded.
  5. Much like John, Mike gives truthful analysis - even if the truth hurts. Get well soon.
  6. Oh, the head-scratching and prediction analysis. Isn't this great??? I've been following the squad since '02. Don't post much but do enjoy most of the banter. What makes this great is that the Canes are once again relevant. The Committee is pushing buttons and pulling levers to do what they deem best. I can't remember an off-season where I've actually checked the 'net multiple times a day just to see if anything has happened regarding the team. Looking forward to my appointment time tomorrow when I can log on and select my paltry 11-game plan dates. Due to some monetary issues I actually considered cancelling my plan but am going to keep it. Wouldn't it be great if Remkin's island could be named the 8th continent over the next few seasons???!! Carry on folks. Thanks for the insight and the fun.
  7. There will be a bunch of Canes fans there as this is the game that the winners of this season's STM Road Trip Game drawing will be there. I think there will be ~100 folks there. I never win anything anymore but am excited to be going on this trip.
  8. So, after watching the exciting win for the Canes over the Leafs I decided to flip over to the NHL Network to see how they would analyze the game during their highlight shows. At the bottom of the screen in the "news crawl", they had the Canes' logo, and then proceeded to mention the injury to the Panther's Vincent Trocheck. The FLORIDA Panthers!! Don't get me wrong, I'm hoping he'll be able to recover, etc. BUT - give me a break! Yes, Carolina does have a team called the Panthers. But not in the NATIONAL HOCKEY LEAGUE. Ok. Rant over.
  9. The best part of that to me was when the crowd applauded the team after the push-ups. And the players nodded in appreciation. I feel the change in culture discussed in many other threads is evolving and being exposed more and more.
  10. Hyena, I can understand your angst. I also understand the feeling of your full season tickets being "devalued" to a degree. And this is coming from an 11-game plan member. I have been going to games since '02 and have had some sort of ticket plan (weekend, holiday special, etc.) since '09. In 2011 I got a job which I thought would allow me to pony up for a full season. Then the lockout came. I'm actually kind of glad it did in the long run. It's 93.1 miles from my driveway to the entrance on Edwards Mill Rd. Just gas and parking and hoping for the old $1 hot dog night usually added up to another ~$50 per game. It was too much for me and my family and our budget. So we decided to try the (what was then a 12) 11-game plan. It is ideal for us. I've learned to plan out my games to my schedule (I work every Sat. and Sun. - ugh) and do my best to utilize the STM appreciation nights to take in more action. I also make it a point to take at least one person to their first NHL game each season. Two have purchased plans since and a few others have become fans and attend on a game-by-game basis. So, after all of that - I took the day off of work Sunday to attend. I took a co-worker who's one of the game-by-game guys. We had a blast. We were appreciative of the opportunity. Watching the drills on the ice and observing the coaching was something I rarely get to witness. My BBQ sandwich was great, seeing the newly remodeled locker room was pretty cool, and the hat is all right too. Seeing TD and HCRB chatting in the weight room was making me wish I had one of the "as seen on TV" spy hearing aids. But most of all, it was cool to be in the building with so many other people who commit a good chunk of change to the club. No one in the arena was a casual fan. They were folks who decided that their entertainment dollar was going to be spent on Hurricanes hockey. Just some of us don't have as many entertainment dollars as others or the proximity to attend as often as we'd like. There's no easy solution to how to significantly honor those who are Full STMs. One idea my friend and I discussed would have been to have the timing staged differently for them. Or, even have a reserved section with an extra bagged gift of sorts on each seat back. Full STMs could have been offered a different menu or possibly even a buffet. Autographs are not super-important to me personally, but I could tell many were disappointed by the long lines. Could there have been a split in that as well with "priority" given? Possibly. I know you were disappointed with your experience and hopefully the organization will find a way to bring back some of the prestige and perks. I was honored by the opportunity to attend. Perhaps in the future I'll once again join the ranks. Right now though - I just want to see the team progress and for the excitement of everyone who did attend and several hundred others who did not - make the playoffs and show the league what Hurricanes fans are really like.
  11. I'm not usually one to drop money on an authentic jersey (I usually spill my barbecue nachos on myself), and I hesitate to buy jerseys/t-shirts with player's names on them. Too much fluctuation in the roster... However, I am seriously considering getting one of these with a custom name patch on the back. Still have my reservations - but I'd love to get : "Svech is Ready". To coin a phrase, I'm super-happy we got this young man and just might have to treat myself to one. Here's hoping the young men and the new thirds give us all something to cheer about.
  12. My only beef with printing them out is that like you, and several others on here, have to drive 1.5 to 2+ hours to even get to the arena. Sometimes we're scrambling like crazy to get from the Greenville area to Raleigh in time to even get to our seats before the team introductions. It may seem petty to some but I'd sure like to hear a valid reason why they're not available this season. I know there are many that get tossed aside, so why not have a kiosk where one could be printed out like the coupon sheet at your local grocery store for those who want one? Digital ticketing has done away with tangible souvenirs like old-fashion printed tickets. (I still have my ticket from my first game in 2002 against the Pens) There must be a way to be able to provide us with something to which we can glance and see a few stats and player names/numbers without having to drag my phone out and see all of the missed text messages from folks wanting to know why I didn't take them to the game that night! BTW, don't get me wrong - I'm super-stoked about the potential of this season's squad. I'm confident a solution can be found.
  13. So what's the deal with no printed line-up sheets at the games this season? I only get an 11 game ticket package but I always take at least one and sometimes two people to their very first NHL game. It sure is nice being able to have something tangible to show my newbies especially which guys to watch on the other teams and to check out the stats for our guys. I know it costs money to print up a game card. Isn't that what sponsors are for? As for looking for stuff on the Canes' home website... I pretty much gave up on it a while back when everything was revamped. It is amazingly a pain in the puck to navigate - especially with no "Back to Top" button after scrolling for a few headlines. Stats?? There's plenty of that stuff available elsewhere. Sorry for the tangent with two complaints, but it is disappointing that the home team website is slacking. NOW - can we PLEASE have the printed game cards again?
  14. I'm glad that the Canes are at least asking.
  15. Anyone remember the old days of Irbe?? Used to drive us nuts how he would wander around. Although, I can't say he was really "out of position", but he sure didn't mind leaving the crease! My biggest concern with Darling from last season is that it looked like his pads were made of rocks. Rebounds never seemed softened to the point where he could gather them and freeze the puck. Too many lost pucks sitting right beside him ready for a poke-in. I didn't get to see too much of him last night so no real opinion formed on his efforts just yet.
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