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  1. If she didn't have the experience then they shouldn't have hired her. I wonder what somebody in her position earns. Maybe they hired her because they couldn't afford to pay someobdy who is actually good.
  2. Yes, I'm a big fan of Kathryn, surprised she said that though as her general knowledge of the game and players is solid. She is outstanding IMO on NHL Network. She is eons ahead of where Chantel will ever be.
  3. I am looking for 3 tickets in section 111 or 112 for the Canes/Flyers game on April 20th. Will pay a fair price.
  4. Random question here... Has anybody received the rest of their season tickets for home games 9 - 24?
  5. Hey Gang, I have 6 tickets for the Canes/Toronto game on Valentines Day. 4 in Section 332, Row L (seats 17 - 20) FV is $30, will sell them for $25 each. 2 in Section 338, Row M (seats 12 - 13) FV is $45, will sell them for $30 each. PM me if interested.
  6. She is an embarrassment to the organ-eye-zation, that's precisely why we *edit* about her.
  7. John Forslund interviewed her, so he clearly must have had some say in it.
  8. WOW, that is just mindboggling! That act alone should get her cute azz canned. I love Forslund but hiring her has got to be his biggest mistake yet.
  9. Exactly! The goaltenders job is to keep the puck from going into the net. It is the responsibility of the DEFENSE to eliminate as many shots as possible. Our D has to play much tighter, can't rely on a hot goalie to always bail them out. We're giving up way too many shots.
  10. I noticed that too. Cracks me up when people actually try to defend her and tell us to be patient... she's learning, LOL.
  11. 4 tickets in Section 332, Row L - $30 each - Behind the net where the Canes shoot twice. 4 tickets in Section 338, Row M - $30 each - In the corner where the Canes shoot twice. If you only need 1 pair, I will split them up for you. PM me if interested
  12. I'm not seeing it either. I cringe almost every time she opens her mouth, especially when reading the out of town scores. Never heard a broadcaster fumble around their words as much as she does. We wait for our players to develop, shouldn't have to wait for our broadcasters to. IMO, she's gotta go.
  13. I know, its been very disheartening watching these 4 guys not being able to produce at the NHL level. We have no legitimate depth.
  14. At least she admits she has a lot to learn. Perhaps she can start with reading the out of town scoreboard correctly. I can't help but cringe when she does that.
  15. I hear ya, it was Ottawa's 3rd game in 4 nights, they looked sluggish but still only gave up 1 goal. Where has LaRose been? We need to get tougher. A lot tougher. This team is soft.
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