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  1. Stellar performance by Dan Ellis. Cam and Dan should be a great tandem this season.
  2. I can't believe you don't get Sportsouth in Boone. It is a sister station for FSN South, and it airs at least a third of the braves games. That area is definitely braves territory.
  3. The Thrashers were aired on Sportsouth, which is the same Sportsouth that is all over the southeast, but they have sub-feeds. Anywhere I went in Georgia or Alabama the Thrashers or Hawks were on TV without question. That is why it is so mind boggling to me that being here in South Carolina they don't air all of the games. A rep with the Canes emailed me back today and gave me a list of about 18 games that are "NC" only games, so that is part of the equation. I think Time Warner is catering to the rednecks in the area, apparently poker and the national feed would garnish more ratings then the local hockey team. It is also astounding that they don't air the Bobcats here being 85 miles from Charlotte. Quite pathetic, and annoying. Anyways, thank you for your help, I'll check out the blackout rule.
  4. Hey guys, former thrashers fan here. I moved to Columbia, SC two years ago, and would like to start following the Canes. However, looks like Time Warner is a huge problem. They didn't show the opener, but a friend with Uverse said they had the feed. Does anybody know the situation with Time Warner, and what cities get all of the games. Last year they showed select games, but not all. When I first moved to Columbia, it was a select amount of Thrashers or Canes games aired. Being that Columbia is in South Carolina, I can't imagine why they wouldn't broadcast all Canes games. Time Warner also doesn't broadcast a single Bobcats game here, even though Charlotte is 90 miles away. Time Warner seems like a giant piece of crap, and I thought Comcast was bad in Atlanta. As soon I move again, it looks like Uverse is the better choice. Any information would be much appreciated.
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