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  1. To me he seems to be an instant upgrade, and we wouldnt have to throw the bank at him. Nice I didnt know we were making offers at him at the deadline. I just want some news. This buildup to the draft is killing me. It looks like if we stay in 5th we will get Nichuskin Drouin or Barkov in that order I believe. I just done see Nashville not taking Barkov.
  2. The pens are letting doug murray go. Do you thnk we will take a shot at him? He didnt seem to be to much of a defense liability. I think I read on another site that we may go for him. I know he is a left handed shot but would be be a top 4 dman?
  3. I think its gonna be skinner. I think Rutherford was hinting at it. I believe we will end up doing a package deal of a skinner/mcbain for a really good dman. I sitll think we are gonna try and move pitkanen as well. My guess for bottom 6 is Nash/Dwyer are locks... everyone else I think we replace through Charlotte, and or trades. Our top 5 draft pick will replace skinners scoring in the next 2 years, but like I said in another board the top 5 draft pick will not have skinners bad habits because that pick has been playing hockey for many more years than skinner did. I like Skinner I do, but at the moment he is the odd man out, and I am not even sure if muller hockey works for him.
  4. I havent seen where he has accepted. I just have seen where he was traded. SO this is all way way up in the air. Lindholm is good, but I have read he is going to go back to the sweedish leauge for another year. Monohan.. I dunno his stock is rising, but I just dont like him at 5. I really dont. I have seen shinkaruk go back as far as 8 to Buffalo. I have been wanting Druoin for a month or so. No one else like him. Yes he is small, but put him with stalal and ruutu, and he will be fine. Unlike skinner he has been playing hockey along time. He looks up not down. I for one would trade skinner to get him. I think I am the only one on this board who is crazy enough to say that, but I just did.
  5. I have a feeling by the end of this Month everything is gonna turn upside down. We get to see what Rask looks like in the AHL playoffs. He's flying in today! I have also heard Nashville is high on sweedish players so maybe Linholm rises. Its gonna get interesting I truly believe. I will be following this everyday!
  6. Some people on other forums have posted the trade was was announced yesterday for nichuskin from Traktor to Dynamo in the khl. Now from what I have read he has to either accept or leave and come here. This is going to be interesting to say the least. Also if he says he is coming some are saying Tampa picks him up leaving druoin and barkov for Nashville. I can't believe I am saying this but I can see a scenario playing out where drouin slips to 5 because of his size. That would be amazing. Remkin am I crazy?
  7. I have read Tampa needs defense and may look to trade down some. Do we have enough to trade with them for a druoin or McKinnon? Calgary has 3 first rounders and may be the perfect trade partner for them. Thoughts can we get into the top 3?
  8. I read somewhere Nichuskin agent is the same as Semin. If that is true maybe we have an in on if he will come to NHL 2013 season!
  9. Were picking 5th its official. So unless we trade up what pick are we gonna get?
  10. A broken foot is what was reported. He hardly missed any time. That guy is tough as nails if that's true
  11. I'm thinking ahead here but a thought came to me while running. If we somehow won the lottery would you be willing to trade the pick to Colorado for one of there big Dman and the 3rd pick? Its tempting because they have alot of big Dmen and if we could still get Druoin oh man that to me would be perfect!
  12. The more time I think about this I really think we shop skinner for a first this year. If we could get a barkov or nischkinun and pick up a nurse or other damn that would be worth the trade right there. Face it he is not going to fit in the second line and Nash will be our 3rd line center. I guarantee you they told him to get bigger and to work on his face offs. The playoffs in Charlotte will help this kid greatly especially since he will be centering there top line. Ok now tell me I'm crazy or wrong
  13. No one said the team should tank. What we said was all the players with injuries shouldn't play and we should be evaluating our talent. Everyone knew on Sat night that if they won they would loose the draft spots and amazing all 3 teams loose in the 3rd period. Coincidence? I doubt it
  14. I think if we get elite talent we shop skinner. Leave Nash at the 3rd line center and bring someone up from Charlotte for our 4th line. Maybe Jared staal makes the team as a 4th liner if he can perform like he did the last 2 games everynight
  15. I would do it either or. I mean if they keep skinner as a centerman it just makes sense. Nash with the right offseason training will fill our 3rd line role just fine.
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