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  1. Merry Christmas to all and thanks for everyone continuing to support our Hurricanes while we go through this dark period. It'll take awhile for things to turn around but eventually this will all be in the distant past. Go Canes!
  2. I'm curious to know what would be a reasonable expectation for the team that we are putting on the ice this year? Do you feel like there will be a significant improvement based on the moves that we've made or will we be about the same? As always, I look forward to the start of hockey season!
  3. Congrats Justin on making it to the NHL. I know in your starts you will make Caniac Nation proud!
  4. I just wanted to let you know that your work is tremendous. Keep it up!
  5. From: http://walterfootball.com/draft2013.php Carolina Panthers: Star Lotulelei, NT, Utah I don't know what to do with Star Lotulelei. He wasn't allowed to work at the Combine because of a heart condition. It could be something serious, but it could also be insignificant. Hopefully it's the latter. I think I'll slot Lotulelei here until I have more information. I was told by a reliable source not to mock Fletcher Cox to the Panthers because they were satisfied with their current group of defensive tackles. Based on the rushing yardage they surrendered to Bryce Brown and Jamaal Charles at the end of the year, I highly doubt they'll feel the same way in April. *** OTHER 2013 NFL DRAFT POSSIBILITIES: *** 1. Desmond Trufant or Xavier Rhodes, CB - The Panthers will be cutting Chris Gamble sometime soon. They'll need a new No. 1 cornerback. 2. Kenny Vaccaro, S - More safety help is needed. *I agree with this assessment of our needs and if Star was to fall to our position I think it would be a steal. Somehow we have to address our secondary and we have little to no cap space to do it in free agency. This is a year where a GM truly earns his money.
  6. A question that I have for the board...how difficult is it to groom a defenseman? I know we are showing signs of being a win now team but I feel like we could save some cap room if we were able to find a good dman in the minors and make a trade for him. There doesn't look to be much opportunity in the draft as there is a good chance that we will be a low first round pick.
  7. Alright, thank you for the quick response.
  8. I am unable to enter the chat room on game days. I am using Windows XP and Chrome as my browser. I get the following error: [#CHAT-02] You do not have access to our chat room.
  9. Hey there everyone! I'm loving this site and all the wonderful people that are here. I'm a recent graduate from UNC Charlotte and I'm finally getting the opportunity to watch all the Hurricanes games again. I'm still learning the nuances of the game but sticking around here I'm certain it won't take long. Right now the first intermission just ended in the Philly game so let's go Canes!
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