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  1. Yes he was. Even back before the Canes. He wasn't about it then, never has been, and still is not. I have no clue how or why he's been around as long as he has. His voice is as annoying as his personality is irritating. Never could stand the guy and it's hard to not wish bad things upon him. He's the ESPN of triangle sports radio. I'm sure he'd rather cancel a Canes broadcast and talk about the spelling bee. There should almost be a hate thread for him... Ya seriously gotta look at the Canes promotion dept though. Why cant they get local media on board after all these years!?
  2. Hey guys! Just checking in. Been trolling a bit but this is my first post of the season. I dumped all cable so I will be pretty much stuck with Chuck, which is not a bad thing by any means. I'll be depending on you guys for most Canes news and information. There's no better place in the universe than here for all that and I have no doubt that you'll come through as usual and I'll be in the know! Yeah, its been a slow start, but what's new, right? I know I'm a bit late to the party but I'm looking forward to, if all else, an interesting season as(hopefully) many issues get resolved and maybe some questions answered. Anywhooo... Just wanted to say Hey Y'all and Go Canes!
  3. None of that really makes any sense for a last minute deadline deal. What would be the point? Except trying to beat someone to the punch but its not like ppl are beating down the doors for E and he's not really being put out there as available for trade....
  4. I can't really quote multiples on the phone so here goes anyway... Wxray: put a penguin on any #%^€> and the media will fall all over them... Kjun: sounds good, but do we really wanna deal with another Russian with an attitude? Maybe, I dunno, just sayin,,, BD, SD, Topshelf, Kyrule: can't argue with any of that. I'm just ready for something, anything to get a sense of direction. Really does feel like everyone's going in different directions. Hope to see an interesting few days ahead... My .02....
  5. Sutter a 1st and a prospect for J? Go for it, I mean, this is JR we're talkin about so that's not out if the realm of possibilities.
  6. I picked 6th. There seems to be zero interest in losing a single game which IMO brings us to 4th, then there are teams above us who appear to be in total SRM mode and diving quickly which brings us to 6th. Just my opinion...
  7. I'll go out on a limb and say with the exception of Sekera, all transactions (if any) before the deadline will be unimpressive. I'll even be surprised if any Sekera transaction brings more than a "meh". On that note...I really hope I eat my words.
  8. Same here. It is a little weird though, seeing other trades and not feeling like we missed this guy or that guy because this go around we're not really looking to add to our roster. I wouldn't be surprised though to see a package deal as some here have speculated as opposed to one deal here and another there.
  9. They got 30th overall pick as things stand at the moment. I'd rather have Dallas or LA mid 1st rounder. All is not lost, still plenty to go around, but I know that familiar feeling. Always wait too long watching the rest of the league trade away while we sit then pick up the scraps. Hopefully RF will change that aspect of our club too.
  10. Yes, and they can also take his ghetto attitude and antics, we don't need that here and we don't need that in the NHL. Save that crap for NBA and NFL. That's all I have to say about Kane... Oh, except NO, JUST NO!!!! Now that's all I have to say...
  11. I don't remember it being messy or not but I do recall he was very popular in the locker room and he was paying for team dinners etc. Sounded like he was having a good time lol
  12. I agree. He'd prob be good on our 3rd line. Second even, if new scenery puts a jump in his step. Word on the street is his style lends better to east conf. play. A bit of a gamble tho and a buyout of Semin in June would be cheaper ( I think?)
  13. Here's the full statement from NHL.com game preview. "It's not frustrating for me," Peters said. "We just play the guys who dig in and work and play with speed in both directions. It's not hard. Obviously, something is not right. Talk is cheap though, right? You can talk or you can play. Show me." It comes together a bit different than just taking the last sentance. Maybe RF was doing a little PR there, heh.
  14. My vote was based on my prediction of what's actually going to happen. Tlusty. ETA: although, after today's posts, it looks like the last may have been a premonition on your part Rem!
  15. Gah, really? Is something lost in translation? What I gather from all of this is there's no injury related issue at this point. Sounds like a player/coach/system dilemma. At least we're getting a little insight to what's been going on. Good job folks!
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