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  1. No Erik Cole today at practice. Everyone else looking good.
  2. From Mike Sundheim's Blog -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Relief Nov. 13, 2007 Fear is seeing a friend in a head-first collision. Seeing him stay down, almost perfectly still. Watching paramedics immobilize his neck and place him on a stretcher. Knowing that man has had a neck injury before, leaving him just slightly more susceptible to such a serious injury again. Seeing the replay over and over, and knowing just how fast he was going when his head hit first. Relief is hearing that he is moving his arms and legs and fingers and toes on the ice. Asking him whether he wants you to call his wife, and hearing him say,
  3. Better yet, go there and eat lunch (yummy) and do the wine tasting!!! Get the case discount !! The tasting is free, unlike a lot of other wineries. They have an awesome Almond Champagne too.
  4. They did practice a lot on the Power Play. They had a short practice off the ice at 12:35. Everyone was there.
  5. Go Rats, I hope they can stay in the playoff spot !!!!!
  6. Nope, no Stillman !!!!
  7. No Whitney or Cole today at practice.
  8. Also in 129, how about that guy who yells "skate,skate,skate" all the time. Yells "Staal grow a pair", "turn down the penalty, we can't score on a PP anyway". He talks non-stop, and his wife OMG the shrill in that voice !!!!! You can tell he never has put on a pair of skates in his life !!!! Enjoy the game bud, stop criticizing the whole time!!!!
  9. Since the other thread about Anton going to Albany is locked, I thought I'd add onto this one. I'm glad he finally surfaced, and I think he should can that agent also !!!
  10. Gray is just defense, sometimes they wear yellow
  11. They looked good, skating was good. Having some fun out there, of course !!!! Cam and Grahame worked hard.
  12. No Brindy or Kaberle today. Hedican skated, gray jersey.
  13. Kaberle looked good, he was in contact gray. I saw the coach talking to him at the end of practice, maybe he's ready to play tomorrow ????
  14. I thought they looked good too. Where did you sit ???
  15. Yep, It's for a year. Hope he's back soon. We heard in Norfolk that his hand wasn't healing properly, from Coach Stefan. Sure did miss Jesse there !!!!
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