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  1. Well thought out and expressed post. There are some concerns as you noted, but unfortunately I think it was just a business decision. I do agree with your concerns though, and the “he chose us” part bothers me the most. Being the good guys, the small-market underdogs, and the family atmosphere feeling that surrounds the Canes is part of the charm of being a Canes fan. Having said that TD is clearly a business man and he will likely run this team as a business. How much of this is a good thing, how much could be detrimental? I don’t know. I do believe there is a bigger picture though, and I guess we will see how things unfold. One other thing to consider is, was CDH ok with how things went? I had no idea Pesce was unhappy with his playing time until after the season. When his time went back up, I imagine it was CDH’s time that suffered. Maybe he was wondering why the Canes were paying him all of that money to play limited minutes on the bottom pair in his prime years. That would just be speculation on my part, and if he was unhappy he gave no indication of it that I saw/heard. I do think he will be a good fit in Chicago, and I think he’ll have a larger role on the team. I wish him all the best.
  2. Kjun, I took out the term “asset management” so you can focus on the other 95% of my post, the part that actually makes my point.
  3. I’m having a hard time understanding why everyone is confused. As long as Slavin, Pesce, Hamilton, and Faulk are here, CDH was going to be a bottom pairing guy. You DO NOT pay a bottom pairing guy 4.55 million a year unless you did something wrong. You guys do realize that he was making more than Pesce and not too far off of Slavin, Hamilton, and Faulk. IMO his was the third worst contract on the team behind Marleau and ahwsnbn, and those will be dealt with shortly. Fleury or Bean can take his place, that 4.55 million should be going elsewhere. .
  4. The only reason I don’t mind is that De Haan was being overpaid here. You don’t pay a bottom pairing guy 4.55 million per year. I have to think that the start of teams being able to talk to FA’s is playing a part in this, and that there is mutual interest somewhere.
  5. Quote from Marleau today about his future and where he will end up: ”We’ll see what happens. I’ll leave that to my representatives and the Hurricanes to discuss. I could see myself playing beyond next year. I still feel really good and I still feel I can contribute. Last year wasn’t a very good year by my standards so I’m looking forward to proving that wrong. That kind of gets the adrenaline going. You have to prove yourself year after year. I look forward to doing that this year.” Article from NHL.com. Just throwing this out there for what it is worth.
  6. Kyrule

    2019 Draft

    The one thing I haven’t seen an explanation for is why Puistola fell so far. Pre-draft, from what I read, this guy was supposed to go anywhere from late first round to early second round. Did this guy tear his ACL and MCL while biting his coach? 😬
  7. Kyrule

    2019 Draft

    Lawton’s excitement over Kochetkov got me excited.
  8. Zuccarello heading to free agency. Someone I would target, but he may want term.
  9. In the grand scheme of things 3.8 million is chump change for a professional sports organization. That 1st round pick has significant value. Like Brian Lawton said teams are weaponizing their cap space. It was a crafty move that benefits both teams. Toronto got cap space, we got a 1st rounder because the Leafs were desperate. Having said that, of course I’m still hoping this is a prelude to a bigger move.
  10. Kyrule

    2019 Draft

    He’s signed for five more years at an AAV of 4.85 million.
  11. Kyrule

    2019 Draft

    Elias Lindholm GP: 81 Goals: 27 Assists: 51 Points: 78 Plus/Minus: +30
  12. Kyrule

    2019 Draft

    Knight is about the only prospect I’m even interested in or would get me pumped. Outside of him, Hughes, and Kakko I know nothing about any of these guys. Feels weird not being up on the prospects this year, but that’s what a run to the ECF will do, and I’m ok with that.
  13. I said if JW leaves and IF he is healthy. He recently turned 34 and JW just put up his best season in years with 53 points at age 37. Perry’s point totals in recent years: 82 55 (in 67 gp) 62 53 49 (in 71 gp) 10 (last year when he was injured) Ferland’s career high is 41. If he is healthy I see no reason why he can’t be a 50 point guy and he plays with an edge. Like JW he is not a gifted skater, never was, yet he puts up points. And where does he score most of his goals? In front of the net. Normally I am 100% against bringing in an older guy like this, but I think Perry can still play at 34. Like I said, it may be an option if JW hangs them up and he can be had for cheap. It’s not like any other FA’s want to come here. The Hockey News posted an article, five possible destinations for Corey Perry, and the first one listed, the Carolina Hurricanes. Chicago and Nashville have already publicly stated interest, which means this is a moot point because that means he’s not coming here. .
  14. Doesn’t really make sense, they just gave Koskinen a three year contract worth 4.5 million per year. That was a surprise to most and I doubt they are looking to/can move that contract.
  15. I posted the same thing as soon as Perry was bought out, even talked about replacing JW’s leadership. So yeah, I agree. Having said that he may be a nice, more affordable add, but I don’t want him to be the scoring forward we still need. I want a more long-term solution in that regard.
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