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  1. Article on NHL.com about Slavin adapting to responsibilities of fatherhood and being alternate captain. Sorry can’t link and I’m driving
  2. Freaking awesome! I’m not sure how many blood vessels I have left, but I may be dead before the season is over. 😵 I just wish I could stop thinking it’s over as soon as we fall behind, just so much scar tissue. Not to be a downer, just an FYI: The tiebreaker used to be a team’s ROW (regulation and overtime wins), this year it changed to just regulation wins. Hopefully it won’t matter but as far as our RW tiebreaker goes, we have zero wins. Again, not trying to be a wet blanket, I just didn’t hear about this. Kind of a big deal. Let’s Go Canes!
  3. In the poll I voted Staal, Staal...so no problems here.
  4. Just watched another Hockey Guy news of the day video and he mentioned, repeated Brind’Amour’s comments about Dzingel’s injury. Then he mentioned that Gardiner was also hurt/unable to practice. I didn’t hear about this. Hopefully it’s just a precautionary type thing, but like he said in the video, with him signing late you wonder about him being in game shape, and more importantly you hope it’s not his back flaring up.
  5. Agreed. Forsberg was impressive. This is the first time the Necas/Gauthier battle came out a draw imo. Still, that also means that Gauthier is making me eat crow because he’s been consistent. I never doubted the tools but I said awhile ago that he needs some serious coaching. Apparently Velluci did his job and the light is coming on (I hope). Maddening. What a difference a day makes. Fleury played well last game and was garbage tonight. Bean and McKeown didn’t look good either. Forsling played ok defense but he is clueless once the puck is on his stick. Takes a simple shot or dump in and turns it over when there is a chance to generate offense. But as what was said above, the only thing I care about is the status of Dzingel. .
  6. Yes, I know they are the upside. We were talking about best case scenario and player comparison. Along with the consistency of effort concern, some said he fell a little because he is German so there is less fanfare/of a following.
  7. As a note, in the CHL draft he was taken around #8 iirc, ahead of Necas and Zadina. He chose to go to the SHL.
  8. Everything I’ve read and heard says that Bokk is a high-skill sniper. A goal scorer more than a playmaker who is great 1 on 1. I watched a video that broke down his career so far and he was compared to Draisaitl (stats-wise, not that they are similar type players). Bokk always had more goals, Draisaitl more assists. The end result was him being compared to Tarasenko, with slightly less expectation. Not sure TT is a good comparison, he is a playmaker.
  9. Decent return. Faulk wasn’t going to be here next year, and I think his AAV is too high. Happy we got players and not picks. Just glad it’s over, and I wish Faulk the best. The good Faulk was fun to watch.
  10. Necas didn’t make his case whatsoever. Not a good night. That was one of the worst games I’ve ever seen by a player regarding Cleason. Just awful in every way. The important thing is that McGinn and Wallmark looked ready for the season to start and Gardiner and Reimer were fine. Man, I wish Wallmark could skate. Bean was our best defenseman (except when he got rag-dolled going into the corner which lead to a chance). Still, Bean was noticeable in a good way, and he was really moving the puck well and walking the line/being mobile in the offensive zone which created chances/looks and lead to a goal. Fleury still shows more to me than McKeown, and made some notable plays/clears. He was more physical as he said he would be. McKeown got beat a few times, badly off the boards one time which lead to a good scoring chance. I’ve always been in McKeown’s corner but he didn’t show anything. He looked a step behind/like the game was too fast for him. Eetu, Geekie, Suzuki, Shinkaruk, Gibbons, Maritek, etc. all pretty much invisible. Kouk had the one goal but was otherwise bad/floating. I don’t think either team played well, Cleason was the difference.
  11. Kouk scores, but that was all Bean.
  12. I think Bean looks better than Fleury, and Fleury looks better than McKeown. Gardiner has been fine. Cleason a disaster on ice. Forsling invisible.
  13. 3-0. Nothing Reimer could do on that redirection (which the Caps announcers said the same thing).
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