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  1. Kyrule

    2019 Playoffs

    This SJ vs. Vegas game is incredible. One of the best games I’ve seen in a long time.
  2. Kyrule

    2019 Playoffs

    Oh Canada. 🇨🇦 😫 😆
  3. It doesn’t redeem him in my eyes, he clearly said that Svech asked him for a fight. Who to believe? I think that one is easy. More classless BS from Ovechkin, at least own up to the fact that you tired to bully and pound an 18 year-old...sorry just turned 19 year-old instead of lying and continuing the cowardice. Whatever, just more motivation for the team and you could tell HCRB wasn’t buying it from the start.
  4. The defense. Foegle. Mrazek. The crowd (thanks guys!) Let’s Freakin’ Go Canes!
  5. After all that has happened we are still talking about Skinner. 😞 I’m just glad he’s gone and we are moving onward and upward.
  6. I heard that he said that the only reason we made the playoffs was because of McElhinney, and that we will probably start “that other guy” instead. What an idiotic *edit*. It’s one thing to be patriotic, but this clown doesn’t even try to hide his prejudice.
  7. My wife is Italian, does a mustache count?
  8. Awesome feeling right now after so much disappointment for so long. Jealous of those at PNC arena tonight. No more of draft day being the highlight of the season. Having said that, we need to focus on Saturday’s game and not take a breath. There is still a lot to play for... .
  9. Finally! I can finally say goodbye to the anxiolytics and loose stool. Glad I didn’t have to wait for an outcome on Saturday. Proud of this team, they really pushed themselves all season......but the work’s not done. Let’s Go Canes!
  10. They play the Rangers on Friday, then Ottawa. At least it is B2B and both on the road. Oh, and for the record I was one of the only people that was happy when Mrazek was signed. I said that I must be his good luck charm because he looked good every time I saw him. I believe I said that he was the guy I secretly wanted. Just turned 27 this year. Very athletic. He obviously gets pumped/into the game, always been that way. Says this is his favorite locker-room he has ever been a part of. Says he is learning a lot here/still learning. There is a lot to like. We need to play him in the last two. Let’s hope he keeps it rolling...
  11. I’ll keep it simple: Fox can EAD.
  12. This is really ******* me off. You feel good about a win, then all it means is that you live another day. F Winnipeg, I swear they have lost every game we needed them to win. The tanking the Sabres are doing is disgraceful and shows that there are problems in the organization imo. If we were in the Central division, we would be one point out of first place. Instead we are holding onto a playoff spot by one point. The Canes finally put together a good season, and it is likely one of the most lopsided East vs. Western conference point differentials in history. It’s maddening. It’s BS. If we miss the playoffs,**** is going to be broken.
  13. No more Storm Surge after tonight. Finallly some good news.
  14. I started to get the feeling that maybe Ferland would want to stay here, but having him on a line with Martinook and Wallmark at the end of a contract year isn’t going to make him happy I’m guessing. I don’t think his play warranted a demotion, but maybe his in and out of the lineup problem did. On the other hand he could still be dealing with something and he’s grinding through it so he is ok with slightly less playing time. Only he/HCRB know so... Anyway, my feeling is that Ferland sees himself as a top 6 forward. If he doesn’t think that is going to happen here, then I think he moves on.
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