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  1. Skjei has looked good other than the gaffe on his first shift but you have to expect stuff like that. I think he’ll be here long-term. Trocheck has looked like trash. Giveaway after giveaway. Doesn’t seem to want to engage/shying away from contact. Not finding scoring areas. Not making individual plays. Looks nothing like the player he used to be, hopefully he turns things around. We need it.
  2. Playing with Trouba probably didn’t help. Trouba is a bit of a gambler out there, you never know what he is going to do.
  3. I think people may be underestimating Skjei a bit. He makes good money for a reason. This is a guy who can play in your top 4. He can skate, he’s not some big pylon. He’s a Cane now so I’m a fan, if he does improve/develop more, he is going to be very valuable for us.
  4. Wasn’t a fan of Kouk. Seemed lifeless with no passion like Rask. Too much floating around but like Gauthier I haven’t seen him recently so...
  5. Big, two-way defenseman. The thing is, I was actually more impressed with him when he first got into the league than I have been recently. Don’t think he is a world-beater, don’t think he is a bad player. I think he’s a solid NHL defenseman with upside.
  6. Like the player, like the trade. Watching Trocheck over the years, my take is he has skill, a great shot, good skater, and he seems very competitive/hates to lose. I think he’ll be a good to great fit here.
  7. Never was a fan of Gauthier, I think the problem with him is between the ears. I could be wrong though as I haven’t seen him play lately. Getting another D prospect is a bit of a head scratcher but you can never have enough I guess. I’m pretty sure TVR’s time in Carolina is coming to an end.
  8. I know gocanes I was answering the question above, that’s my point is that every year writers make mistakes like this, too many to be a coincidence. Another thing, since I’m guessing it’s pure laziness I often see us listed as “Calgary”, sometimes with a Flames logo. .
  9. NHL.com article “What we learned from the WJC 2020” talked about Bokk and put “St. Louis Blues” next to his name. This stuff happens way too often to be coincidence, someone needs to get their *edit* together.
  10. Nathan Gerbe played in his 400th NHL game last night (played for Columbus). Yes, that Nathan Gerbe. Was never a fan of the player, but always respected his will to defy physics. ...and then there was that between the legs breakaway goal against the Flyers.
  11. Puistola: 7 points in 3 games, #2 in tournament scoring. Bokk: 5 points in 3 games, #10 in tournament scoring. So far so good, let’s keep it going.
  12. Hamilton is tied for the league lead in +/- at +29, and Slavin is tied for third at +26. Nice. Meanwhile Hanifin has 9 points in 40 games and is -19. De Haan is out for the year. Skinner was on pace for about 40 points this year (9 million per year not looking too good right now) before he got hurt again. He is -9. Faulk has 12 points on the season and an even rating on one of the best teams in the NHL.
  13. ...and to think I used to get crucified if I even hinted at anything bad about Pastor Bill.
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