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  1. I know gocanes I was answering the question above, that’s my point is that every year writers make mistakes like this, too many to be a coincidence. Another thing, since I’m guessing it’s pure laziness I often see us listed as “Calgary”, sometimes with a Flames logo. .
  2. NHL.com article “What we learned from the WJC 2020” talked about Bokk and put “St. Louis Blues” next to his name. This stuff happens way too often to be coincidence, someone needs to get their *edit* together.
  3. Nathan Gerbe played in his 400th NHL game last night (played for Columbus). Yes, that Nathan Gerbe. Was never a fan of the player, but always respected his will to defy physics. ...and then there was that between the legs breakaway goal against the Flyers.
  4. Puistola: 7 points in 3 games, #2 in tournament scoring. Bokk: 5 points in 3 games, #10 in tournament scoring. So far so good, let’s keep it going.
  5. Hamilton is tied for the league lead in +/- at +29, and Slavin is tied for third at +26. Nice. Meanwhile Hanifin has 9 points in 40 games and is -19. De Haan is out for the year. Skinner was on pace for about 40 points this year (9 million per year not looking too good right now) before he got hurt again. He is -9. Faulk has 12 points on the season and an even rating on one of the best teams in the NHL.
  6. This is one of the greatest things I have ever seen. Thanks.
  7. ...and to think I used to get crucified if I even hinted at anything bad about Pastor Bill.
  8. NHL.com posted their “AHL Notebook” segment, focusing on 5 defenseman who may be next/NHL ready. #2: Jake Bean #4: Chase Priskie Two of the top five defenseman in the AHL, not bad. Let’s hope for their continued development.
  9. I don’t remember saying that we are better “primarily” because we traded Skinner, there were obviously numerous factors that played a part. When it comes to “assuming”, you might want to “look closer to home.”
  10. I guess this Skinner BS will never go away. I don’t know if he cast a spell on some of you guys or what but at some point you have to move on. The Pu stuff stopped being funny about 3 minutes after the trade. Wouldn’t hurt to also consider what we accomplished when we finally got rid of him, or the fact that he is being paid 9 million a year to be a one-dimensional player that has never reached 64 points in a season. No, let’s just continue to crucify management or anyone else who may have anything to do with him being traded. Let’s ignore the success and culture change that occurred after we got rid of him. Management clearly has no idea what they are doing and we should *edit* and moan about trading him until he retires.
  11. So people are still butt-hurt that we traded Skinner even after we had a culture change and made it to the ECF? Add to that he is making 9 million per season for a long time, that’s what people want? Umm...ok then. In terms of points Skinner would rank #6 amongst our forward group, .
  12. Realm, please keep sharing your insights regarding your observations during/after Checkers games. I, for one, really appreciate it. Thanks. 👍🏻
  13. I’m pulling an Aho, I’m taking the first part of the season off. Then again I didn’t force the organization to pay me 21 million dollars this year.
  14. Article on NHL.com about Slavin adapting to responsibilities of fatherhood and being alternate captain. Sorry can’t link and I’m driving
  15. Freaking awesome! I’m not sure how many blood vessels I have left, but I may be dead before the season is over. 😵 I just wish I could stop thinking it’s over as soon as we fall behind, just so much scar tissue. Not to be a downer, just an FYI: The tiebreaker used to be a team’s ROW (regulation and overtime wins), this year it changed to just regulation wins. Hopefully it won’t matter but as far as our RW tiebreaker goes, we have zero wins. Again, not trying to be a wet blanket, I just didn’t hear about this. Kind of a big deal. Let’s Go Canes!
  16. In the poll I voted Staal, Staal...so no problems here.
  17. Just watched another Hockey Guy news of the day video and he mentioned, repeated Brind’Amour’s comments about Dzingel’s injury. Then he mentioned that Gardiner was also hurt/unable to practice. I didn’t hear about this. Hopefully it’s just a precautionary type thing, but like he said in the video, with him signing late you wonder about him being in game shape, and more importantly you hope it’s not his back flaring up.
  18. Agreed. Forsberg was impressive. This is the first time the Necas/Gauthier battle came out a draw imo. Still, that also means that Gauthier is making me eat crow because he’s been consistent. I never doubted the tools but I said awhile ago that he needs some serious coaching. Apparently Velluci did his job and the light is coming on (I hope). Maddening. What a difference a day makes. Fleury played well last game and was garbage tonight. Bean and McKeown didn’t look good either. Forsling played ok defense but he is clueless once the puck is on his stick. Takes a simple shot or dump in and turns it over when there is a chance to generate offense. But as what was said above, the only thing I care about is the status of Dzingel. .
  19. Yes, I know they are the upside. We were talking about best case scenario and player comparison. Along with the consistency of effort concern, some said he fell a little because he is German so there is less fanfare/of a following.
  20. As a note, in the CHL draft he was taken around #8 iirc, ahead of Necas and Zadina. He chose to go to the SHL.
  21. Everything I’ve read and heard says that Bokk is a high-skill sniper. A goal scorer more than a playmaker who is great 1 on 1. I watched a video that broke down his career so far and he was compared to Draisaitl (stats-wise, not that they are similar type players). Bokk always had more goals, Draisaitl more assists. The end result was him being compared to Tarasenko, with slightly less expectation. Not sure TT is a good comparison, he is a playmaker.
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