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  1. The optimism - at least for me - is from having a coach that knows what he's doing. I think what a lot of people fail to realize is that we have A LOT of skill on this team, we simply haven't had a coach that can translate that skill into wins. Kirk was a bad coach. A really bad coach. Bill Peters on the other hand? His goal is to max out our group. When you compare the players we have to others around the league, we stack up decent enough. We may not be an LA Kings or Blackhawks, but when playoffs come anything can happen. Ultimately though - if I had to choose between being optimistic or defeatist - I choose optimist.
  2. Incredibly angry at Edler. Make no mistake he will pay for this. You don't take that kind of shot on a star player and walk away from it. As for Eric, everyone just take a deep breath and calm down. Yes it looked bad from his reaction, but you should know him well enough to know that this won't keep him off the ice. He'll be back. If it's a serious injury as we all suspect, he has plenty of time to rehab, and would likely be back by Dec.
  3. You are crazy and wrong lol. He is a scoring machine and will only, as time goes on, get better in his all around game. Trading him would be a huge huge mistake.
  4. Those who are saying JR should go need to re-evaluate their thinking lol. He is a good GM, and has done more with less money than most. I mean he landed us JStaal and Semin for heavens sake! We have never had that kind of talent. The only thing JR is at fault with any of this is his lack of pursuit on our defensive end and his constant abuse of recycling players/coaches. First and foremost, Mueller has got to go. I've heard a lot of excuses about him not having a full training camp but look what Adam Oates has done with the Capitals. Mueller has had many more games than Oates to get this team on the right track, and he simply has failed. I am BEYOND confused as to why JR hasn't given him the boot. It's time to get rid of him NOW. We do not want to waste the 2013/2014 season because we failed to recognize that Muller can't make it at this level right now. I'm also surprised Dwyer has been thrown under the bus by you people. He had good numbers leading up to the complete crash of the team mid-season; he brought his speed and work ethic consistently. He would be a fine addition to an energy based 3rd or 4th line without question next season. As for players... JR needs to sit down with Gleason and let him know he had a bad season. He can't expect to wear the A with a performance like he had. He needs to put on more muscle and play that physical game we expect out of him. Corvo obviously needs to be axed. His defensive liability is WAY too high compared to his offensive capabilities. McBain also needs to be traded or sent down to the AHL. I admire his attempt at fighting through adversity, but he has been bad all season. Harrison also had a weak season with his lack of physicality in front of the net and around the boards. He needs to be traded or put on a third line pairing. He has way too much ice-time. We don't need MAB, and never did. Yes our powerplay was bad but we didn't need to add another defensive liability to an already terrible d-core. We also need to figure out what to do with Pits. Either trade him or don't trade him, but the indecisiveness on what to do with him has got to end. How can you expect a player to flourish when he isn't in a comfort zone with the team and management. I personally think he's a diamond in the rough and has an awesome ability to move the puck, and can eat up huge ice time. Next season I would like to see Gleason-Faulk as our first d line and Harrison-Bellemore as our third with Sangs as a 7th optional. Those calling for murphy to play next season need to stop. He's not ready, and he won't be for a few years. If we can trade Pits or redefine his role, it will stamp out our second pairing with a solid free agent grab in the off-season. Hopeful Line-up for next season: Semin-EStaal-Tlusty Skinner-JStaal-Ruutu ??-Nash-Dwyer Westgarth-??-Wallace Gleason-Faulk Pits-??? Harrison-Bellemore LaRose has to go. I love him, but Rosey isn't the same guy we had when we won the cup. Westgarth should stay. We need a good enforcer. We also need him to bang bodies MUCH more next season, or he should go. Wallace would feature nicely with Westy on a hard checking 4th line. We need a nice compliment for Nash and Dwyer to find success. Someone with dishing capabilities. We can talk about this all day, but the major point is to find a new head coach. THERE ARE OPTIONS OUT THERE! We neeeeeeeeeeeeed to get a new coach. Mueller hasn't worked.
  5. I'd have to disagree with the point on JR. I think he's very good at what he does. I really don't think this losing skid is an indication of where we're at player wise. When we are playing to our potential, we are a top team in the league. The biggest problem has been injuries and our lack of depth to fill those voids. Although Ellis and Peters had some good nights, overall they have been a weak link in net. I think it's pretty obvious we're needing a lot of attention on the defense, but I don't feel like we are totally lost there. McBain isn't playing particularly well, but I think we need to give him time. Gleason, while he hasn't had the greatest of seasons, is a top d man and will perform. Faulk is awesome. Harrison should be playing on a third line pairing with someone like Joni, which leaves a spot open for a d-man. It would be nice to try and grab a free agent after this season.
  6. We are close to a dump and chase team, but not quite. The first line can do it all day, but our second/third/fourth can't. I
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