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  1. I get it. You only endorse Russians. I do know the long standing dislike between Russians and Finns. What part of Russia are you from? Do you still live there?
  2. If Dougie repeats last season, he would break the bank on the open market. If management feels last season is the future, 8x$8M should the objective. More than that, we should see how he performs when the season starts. Less than that, Dougie should wait and see how things develop when the season starts. If he signs for less now, it should be considered a discounted rate.
  3. I wonder how that rule will work if there is a season in the A, but not in CHL?
  4. I would be fine with Fluery if Vegas kept half the cap hit, added an asset, and we traded Mraz. I think he would look great in our system. To Vegas: Mraz. To Carolina: Fluery, 2021 2nd and 2022 3rd. Vegas retains half cap hit.
  5. I like Askarov or Quinn as organizational needs. One of them is likely to be there so this could be a very good draft for us.
  6. Where are the playoff games and series being discussed?
  7. Hockey talk anyone? Maybe we need a post season thread?
  8. Camp is ongoing, playoffs (play-ins) starts in 9 days. Where is the hockey talk? Where are Rems optimistic predictions? Where is BD58's pessimism? Where is CFF's....well whatever it is? Let's talk hockey! Who are your lines and defensive pairs for game 1? I'll start! Svech / Aho / Turbo Dzingle / Trocheck / Necas El Nino / Staal / Williams Foegele / Martinook / McGinn Slavin / Hamilton Skjei / Vatanen Edmundson / Gardiner Mrazek
  9. I am a Government Contracting Officer. My work hasn't changed, but I am now travelling less and primarily working from home.
  10. That's mostly how I see the lines next year. I would flip Mcginn and Foegele.
  11. Trades are way too hard to predict so I will throw out some free agents I would target. I would be looking for one at each position: Goalie - Markstom Forward - Granlund, Toffoli Defence - Vantanen, Gudas
  12. I have 4 players on the way out via trade. Gardner, Dzingle, and two of the three goalies on one-way contracts. There is no room for Gardner on a stacked left side of the D. Dzingle isn't scoring. I know Nino isn't either, but his heavy game brings more value in other areas. We have three goalies on one-way deals, two have to go if we are going to bring in an upgrade.
  13. Unless somebody is traded, there are 10 returning forwards that will be on the team. In the top 6, we have Aho, TT, Svech, and Necas. Trocheck is probably pencilled in there as well. That leaves one open spot. In the bottom 6, we have Martinook, Mcginn, Foegele, Staal, and Nino. I have always thought it was Geekie's spot to lose and he didn't do anything in his first look to change that. Lorentz should make a fine 13 forward. I thought he looked fast and tenacious in camp and him numbers in the A are very solid. That leaves one forward spot, preferably in the top 6 available. There's nobody in Charlotte that projects in that role so either a prospect makes the jump straight from juniors or college or we add a price through trade or free agency.
  14. D looks really great going into next year. Slavin and Hamilton are the no doubt 1/2. Peace and Skjei should bevreally high end 3/4. There are lots of choices for the last 2 spots. On the left, Edmundson has been great but is an UFA. Fluery has really developed with the increased ice time. Bean has done all that can be done in the A. Lots of choices there. If Eddie was resigned, Fluery could be used in a trade to solidify another area. I like the rough around the edges game that Eddie brings, but I think I would go with Fluery. He will be much more affordable in a 3rd pair role. Bean could be 7th defensemen or trade bait. The right is not so deep, which explains the Goat trade. The top 2 spots are rock solid with Hamilton and Pesce. TVR is a UFA and I think I would give him a nice parting gift and move on. It would be nice to see Vantanen get a few games to see how he fits. If he's not too expensive, he might be a good fit in the 3rd spot. The ducks version would be great. The devil's version...not so much. Other than that, it is Joey Keane, McKeown, or new guy. Obviously there is something undesirable about McKeown because he hasn't had much of a look. The only other option is to play somebody on their offside.
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