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  1. Its always fun to speculate leading into a new season so I thought I would start a thread focused on season predictions. Everybody is talking about the canes defense, but I predict the Canes will be a top 10 offensive team this season. Last season Columbus was the tenth highest scoring team with 256 goals scored. Below is my goal scoring predictions. For now it includes Faulk. Aho - 35 Svech - 30 Turbo - 25 Haula - 20 Dzingle - 20 Necas - 15 Staal -15 Foegele -15 Nino - 20 McGinn - 12 Martinook - 8 Walmark - 10 Hamilton - 17 Slavin - 10 Gardiner - 7 Pesce - 10 Faulk - 12 TVR/Fluery - 5 That is 286 goals for, which would have tied Toronto for 4th in team scoring last season. I don't think any of these predictions are out of the question and some may actually be a little low?
  2. Slavin / Hamilton Gardiner / Pesce Fluery / Faulk That would have to be one of the best defenses in the league. Obviously, there are many possible combinations for that third pair based on additional trades and camp performance. TVR and Faulk are both in the last year of their contracts. I would expect sign or trade for both of them. There is no reason to let them walk for nothing with the depth we have. We really don't have any room at forward though. Any potential trade might be for futures or Faulk and forward X for a better forward.
  3. CapFriendly projects us to have $1.5M in long term injury relief. Who is that for? Our cap hit is also based on 24 man roster. Roster size limit is 23 so somebody has to get sent down. Our lowest salaried player makes $650k so combining those moves, we may not have to make a trade to get under the cap. PROJECTED LTIR USED : $1,554,791
  4. Foegele, Williams, Necas? Svech / Aho / TT Nino / Staal / Willaims Dzingle / Haula / Necas Foegele / Martinook / McGinn if Williams doesn't sign: Svech / Aho / TT Foegele / Staal / Nino Dzingle / Haula / Necas Martinook / Wallmark / McGinn Necas would really have to lay an egg not to make the team. Brindy said the only reason he sent him down last year is he didn't want two teenagers out there.
  5. After reading up on this kid, it is much less exciting. He's 23. If he had those stats at 19, it would be more impressive. Good signing for Charlotte, but a lot of work to see NHL time On the bright side, at least we aren't talking about diapers anymore.
  6. Better than Makar is probably pushing it a bit...
  7. This board is in serious need of something to talk about....
  8. It was a nice thought, but it didn't seem to take.
  9. I've had this theory over the last few years that the team likes one news announcement each week during the dog days to keep the team in the news. Next week, it should be Williams signing. If he was going to retire, it would have been done before now.
  10. Unless there is an injury, I don't see the Canes adding anything. The only trade I see happening is Faulk for futures if he isn't signed by the deadline. If he's moved out, Bean probably get his roster spot.
  11. It's hard to imagine that Puljujarvi could be had for Wallmark, but if that's true, jump all over it! If Williams doesn't come back, it's not hard to fit him in the lineup. Svech / Aho / TT Nino / Staal /Puljujarvi Dzingel / Haula / Necas Foegele / Martinook / McGinn Maenalanen
  12. Getting closer to the season and there is literally NOTHING to talk about. Is this a good time to start talking about what our lineup will look like? I will start with two versions, with and without. With: Svech / Aho / TT - 90 Goal top line? Nino / Staal / Williams Dzingel / Haula / Necas - Speed kills! Foegele / Martinook / McGinn Maenalanen Wallmark Without: Svech / Aho / TT Nino / Staal / Foegele Dzingel / Haula / Necas Martinook / Wallmark / McGinn Maenalanen
  13. The team can accept the award of he becomes a UFA. Not a lot of teams are looking for Goalies at this point so it was probably not a good move on his part.
  14. If we can find a PP QB (maybe it's Bean), we could use Faulk in Ovechkin's office on the PP. That would be the best use of his skill set.
  15. It's not an option. Players with NMC must be protected unless they waive. That's the expansion rules.
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