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  1. It took me close to a year before I felt comfortable and confident.
  2. Three LD and three RD. No reason for anybody on the offside.
  3. Aho and Williams have no chemistry. Aho needs the puck to be successful. Williams does not run the play through Aho. Flip Aho and Staal and all will be well.
  4. Good day and night for the Canes!
  5. He heard a good joke he wanted to share.
  6. I'm not sure why people are saying TD isn't willing to spend money on the canes. Who has he not paid at this point?
  7. That is a fair point and should be considered for sure. Necas is young, but seems very responsible in the A. We might be able to protect that line defensively. We will have the Aho and Staal lines for tougher matchups. Just a pipe dream anyway. Staal or Kuok will probably be 2c next year.
  8. If we want to be relevant, we are going to have to figure it out.
  9. Necasnikov needs a speedy, skilled, veteran center next year. We should be all in for Duchene in July. I have read that he won't get more than 7x8. We should come right out with 9x7. A top 6 of Nino / Aho / Turbo and Svech / Duchene / Necas should make us instantly competitive.
  10. Run the damn pp through Aho. Nothing good starts happening until he touches the puck. Put him on the right (one timing) side. He can shoot, pass, or cut to the middle.
  11. I agree with poster that said we are after Kapanen. I think the Leafs want to keep him for a run this season, but they have to know they won't be able to pay him with all the contracts they have upfront. I wouldn't be surprise if a RD for Kapanen trade happens this summer. Ferland is a rental with an in demand skill set. He is not going to help us compete this season, so if he isn't committed to next season, he should be moved to maximize that demand. Contenders that want Ferland for a run at the cup are not going to want to part with a roster player that meets any of our needs so it will likely be for futures. Ideally, those future can be ready or near ready prospects. I have heard a lot of interest from Toronto on Ferland as well. Maybe Ferland for Jeremy Bracco and Ian Scott?
  12. I like Ferland and what he brings, but Aho makes everybody better. We should look at NN / Aho / TT for a long stretch. NN is less physical, but with more skill. That could develop into a top end first line for several years.
  13. He's not a bust yet. He would be an AHL rookie.
  14. I like Aho and NN together, but can Williams keep up? I like Svech and Maenalanen together, but does Martinook have the hands to center them?
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