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  1. Better than Makar is probably pushing it a bit...
  2. This board is in serious need of something to talk about....
  3. It was a nice thought, but it didn't seem to take.
  4. I've had this theory over the last few years that the team likes one news announcement each week during the dog days to keep the team in the news. Next week, it should be Williams signing. If he was going to retire, it would have been done before now.
  5. Unless there is an injury, I don't see the Canes adding anything. The only trade I see happening is Faulk for futures if he isn't signed by the deadline. If he's moved out, Bean probably get his roster spot.
  6. It's hard to imagine that Puljujarvi could be had for Wallmark, but if that's true, jump all over it! If Williams doesn't come back, it's not hard to fit him in the lineup. Svech / Aho / TT Nino / Staal /Puljujarvi Dzingel / Haula / Necas Foegele / Martinook / McGinn Maenalanen
  7. Getting closer to the season and there is literally NOTHING to talk about. Is this a good time to start talking about what our lineup will look like? I will start with two versions, with and without. With: Svech / Aho / TT - 90 Goal top line? Nino / Staal / Williams Dzingel / Haula / Necas - Speed kills! Foegele / Martinook / McGinn Maenalanen Wallmark Without: Svech / Aho / TT Nino / Staal / Foegele Dzingel / Haula / Necas Martinook / Wallmark / McGinn Maenalanen
  8. The team can accept the award of he becomes a UFA. Not a lot of teams are looking for Goalies at this point so it was probably not a good move on his part.
  9. If we can find a PP QB (maybe it's Bean), we could use Faulk in Ovechkin's office on the PP. That would be the best use of his skill set.
  10. It's not an option. Players with NMC must be protected unless they waive. That's the expansion rules.
  11. Aho and TT are very defensively responsible. Dzingle and Necas would probably need to get some favorable match ups.
  12. Aho, Turbo, and Svech would also be fast...
  13. With all the talk about needing a PP QB, I think Bean has the inside track. I think a couple might be moving out to make room. We have too many that are not waiver exempt that we don't want to loose for nothing. Necas will make the team.
  14. I'm not thinking a trade between us and the Canadiens is very likely for awhile...
  15. I am not fully convinced that we are going to match. We were told Fox was going to sign. Fox did not sign. We were told that there wouldn't be an offer sheet. There was an offer sheet. We were told we would match any offer sheet.....
  16. I have to question myself for agreeing with you, but you are correct in this. If our best offer to Aho was really 8 years at $7.5M, we effectively told him we didn't really think he was that important. If there is any truth that out first offer this summer was 8 years at $6M, that's down right insulting. I am a professional contract negotiator. It's what I do everyday. If you are buying a commodity (inanimate object) , you want to get it for the lowest possible price. If you are acquiring a service, you are essentially buying a partner. You should not be looking for the lowest possible price. You should be looking for a win/win. If the acquired service feels cheated or unappreciated, you will never achieve a fully committed partnership with your asset. If you overpay, the contract becomes a burden on the team and creates hardship for the player. If Aho has another year of increased production, he is looking at Panarin value. Why would he agree to something that would pay him Zucarela money for the majority of his prime years? If we wanted lower AAV, we needed to offer shorter term. That would allow Aho to bet on himself. If we wanted longer term, we needed to offer more money. That would be us betting on Aho. The win/win negotiation, is medium term, medium money. That is pretty much what Montreal did with the offer sheet, although I still think its a little light financially. The 5 year contract really is the perfect length for the player and the team. Aho is 21. He will be 26 when this deal expires. Assuming he will be seeking full term on the next contract, the 8 year extension takes him 34. All 8 years should be solid producing years. If this contract was for 8 years, he would be 29 when this contract expires. Assuming he would be seeking full term at that point, the extension would take him to 37. That would create one of those situations where you are over paying for the last 3 or 4 years of the contract.
  17. Aho's 3rd year significantly more than Duchene's career best.
  18. He not only signed a deal that is intentionally structured to make it difficult for a small market team to match, he signed it early on the first day of the signing period. He is definitely worth more money than that, but is it really worth it if he doesn't want to be here? ...and he clearly doesn't want to be here. He has been my favorite player since game 1, but he can freeze his sack in Canada for all I care.
  19. The reports are that if we match, we owe the signing bonus within 5 days. It was structured to make if difficult to match. Aho doesn't want to be here.
  20. After ROR signed the offer sheet with Calgary, he was never fully accepted in Colorado. The cheers turned to boos. His time in Colorado was basically doomed, Aho will never be the face of the franchise.
  21. It's only July 1st. If Aho wanted to be here, he would have continued to negotiate a little longer. He's no longer my favorite player. Match it because he's worth more and then trade him.
  22. With Timo Meir getting $6M per, Aho's number has to start with a 9...
  23. There is always talk of one trade leading to another, but nothing usually happens. Consider this: the DeHaan trade could be viewed as part two of the Marleau trade. When looked at in terms of a three team trade, Carolina received Toronto's 1st, Marleau's contract, Forsberg, and Forsling. Chicago received Calvin Dehaan and Saarela, Toronto received Carolina's 6th and cap relief. DeHaan's salary basically equals the buyout amount for Marleau. So we really received a 1st for Dehaan. Not so bad.
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