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  1. I sometimes wonder if the repetitive running of the Golden Corral commercial where the family screams at the top of their lungs for way to long is a ploy to get us to buy tickets/come to the games, versus watching on TV?  Been a STH since 08 and I'm not sure which is more annoying.1.Going to the games and watch another loss while being heckled by the opponents fans, or watching at home and having to keep the remote in hand to change the channel to avoid listening to the screams!!  

  2. I don't post much, to little time.  But, after being a season ticket holder for the past 6 years, not remewing for 13-14 season.  Too much of the same old story over the years and now with upping the price, would rather spend money and time elsewhere.  Will spot buy tickets for probably half price once and a while.  Somehow, if the Canes are to return to top 50%, the message has to be sent that the fans won't tollerate the product we are getting for the price charged.

  3. I have a theory about the price increases.

    1. We were all talk during the lockout, then we packed the place as soon as the games began and through the early success.

    2. Now that we are tanking, basically the same number of seats filled, only with opposing teams fans.


    So, we can threaten all we want, but I don't think the ownership cares if they make their $ from a Caniac, or a Slug, or a Bruin, or Penguin.  I've been at the last 3 games, in my sweet season ticket holder seats and have been surrounded by other teams fans.


    So, at the end of they day, why not jack up prices and charge out of towners less than they would pay to see their teams on home ice??


    Just a theory.

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