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  1. Just listened to the XM review of the Canes today. Boomer seems quite bullish on us. Good to hear some outsiders say some good things.
  2. Yes, but I actually have full season tickets.
  3. I am still lurking around here almost daily. I just never post anymore. I definately commend you digging through that old lengthy thread, which is why I decided to post something. At that time I definitely thought Lindholm would be a greater offensive force by now, but he is still VERY young. This could definitely be his make or break year. Hopefully he can stay healthy and prove we did not make a mistake with the #5 overall pick.
  4. It does seem like the Canes are selling tickets on stubhub at extreme discounts. It makes me wonder why anyone would buy season tickets when you can get seats to every game on stubhub WAY cheaper. I have been to several games this year and the crowds are even smaller than last year. The boxscore has the attendance around 9 to 10K most nights. I was there on Sunday, and it looked more like 6K. That should be a sign to the team that the prices are way to high for this market. I think that the gate prices are way to high. $90 is the cheapest lower level seat which is crazy when I can get a similar seat for under $40 most nights on Stubhub. I did a little comparison to seats in Nashville (similar southern hockey market) center ice there is $104 on weeknights and the similar seat here is $140! Of course it will be hard to get people in the seats with the loosing product we have become accustomed to the past few seasons. However, lowering prices for season ticket holders and the gate prices next year will be a nice start to help loyal fans rather than raising prices every year. I believe they were on to something when they started the fan zone in the upper level a few season ago. $15 for a full season is a great value and in line with most stubhub prices up there. They should implement a fan zone in the lower level where you can get a season ticket in the $35-$40 range which is in line with most cheap stub hub lower level prices. This new fan zone would need to be in the side the canes shoot twice because what canes fan wants to sit on the side with all the opposing fans. They also need to give better discounts to the mini plans. The current mini plans barely get any discount over our inflated gate prices. Most people could just make their own mini plan on stubhub. They really need to do some price cutting to give fans incentive to buy from them rathan than the much cheaper secondary market.
  5. I have withheld myselft from posting for a few weeks after the season to cool down a bit. I am still quite dissapointed on how the team went this year after having such high hopes. I do not believe trading the staal brothers will do us any good as we would get a crappy return for underperorming and high paid players. Eric is the face of the franchise and we have to live or die by him until his contract is up and moving Jordan would crush Eric. We just need to hope that they can figure it out in time for next season. As for the other core players, I still think we have some great pieces in Skinner, Lindholm, semin, Faulk, Sekera and Doby in net. Everyone else should be a possiblilty to move on, though I would personally like to see Manny, Hainsey, and Gerbs back. Now for the Cam situation. I have the utmost respect for Cam as he has given all of us a cup. However, I would take a bag of pucks for todays Cam. I home some team will take the bait. This will HAVE to be done by a trade. I dont want to see the canes buy cam out as we are a team on a budget and wont need his extra cap space anyway. I would rather pay for a 6.3 million backup goalie than pay for a 6.3 million goalie on a different team.
  6. Last year I prediect the canes would talk Lindholm. This year, I have no clue. I have been so dissapointed from the canes this year, that it made me pay less attention to the prospects. This year I would go with Ritchie or Perlini just to add some much needed size to our undersized group of prospects.
  7. My family decided to renew our full season after hours of arguing. We were heavily looking at the options for a 26 game pack before we saw they raised the rate so high it made no sence to drop down. We are probably going to move away from our high priced 102 seats. We sold almost half the games this year and plan to sell off a bunch next year if it goes the same. We only went to the last game of the year to get the hat and use the last bit of food credit, it was sad that I was more excited about a hat and bbq than the hockey. Not sure If I can take another year of poor play. Good thing we can get top dollar from pens fans when they come to town, though I am tired of seeing out place have more opposing fans...
  8. I doubt it is a Dman because JR said durring the free agent frenzy day presser that the mystery FA was able to play center or wing.
  9. I had voted for him in the first poll. I remember someone else later voted for him before the poll was changed. So I remember there were 2 votes.
  10. Let me give you the name explaination. As you can see my pic is of Martin Gelinas, who's nick name in the locker room was jelly. He is my favorite all time player. I also know hiim personally and I actually dicussed this years draft with him as he used to be part of the draft process when he was with the Nashville front office.
  11. Lets be honest, it wont take much to beat out Riley Nash for the 3rd line center role. Lindholm should be in Raleigh next season.
  12. Lindholm will be a very good Hurricane for many years. He is a more skilled version of Brandon Sutter. Apparently there is something that the fans dont know about Nich because he is falling like a rock.
  13. I think we made the right (safe) choice. I thought Lindholm would be our pick from the begining.
  14. Well its finally draft day. Im starting to really think more and more that JR is going to move down in the draft. He definately has a bunch of offers. I have a good feeling that some team is going to overpay enough for JR to trade our #5 pick.
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