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  1. The song is called "The Nights" by Avicii. If you listen on you tube it's at 1:02 into the song. It's a repetitive synthesizer riff with some Hey-Hey's in the background. PNC flashed the hey hey on the jumbotron for the crown to chant along with. Not saying anyone did. It is on the soundtrack for FIFA 15 video game I was told. The change from Song 2 is nice. Don't know if I'd say it's better but I imagine it'll grow on me since I'll start associating it with being happy after a Canes goal.
  2. Can't say I noticed if the call came from the bench or not. I'm guessing since it was 5 on 3 they weren't as tired and wanted to put the pressure back on the defense ASAP without changing.
  3. top-shelf mentioned Crosby which is what I was going to do. Seems like it's been a few years since anyone has really talked about him having concussion issues. So I'm hoping for something similar with Skinner. Yes there's obviously a chance he gets another one and is all but done. But since it seems the current return for him is so low we are better off taking the chance that he can rebound and stay healthy for us.
  4. From Mr. Eklund today. "The Canes have told teams they will take an offer they can't refuse (in other words, a MAJOR return) to pry either Jeff Skinner or the Carolina first round pick away come the Draft next week. I am hearing that at least two teams are prepared to do just that. More to come..." I take that to mean we aren't actively shopping Skinner, but we'll listen. I'd be shocked if any team would offer a major return for Skinner. The 5th pick yes. Interesting that 2 teams are "prepared" to offer something major. Given the source and the lack of info or even a hint as to who the 2 teams are I'll wait for the "more to come" before I put much credence into it. Most of the commenters doubt we'd get much for Skinner given his concussion history and last years numbers.
  5. I'd say a big contributor to our "rushing" players to the NHL is our small market/lower budget status. Instead of signing an expensive FA we put our draft pick and his entry level contract in that spot and hope he's ready enough.
  6. Went today at 5pm. Looking down and scanning the 100 sections, it appeared like 80-90% still available...yikes. On the plus side, was greeted by GM Ron Francis as soon as I walked through the doors upstairs.
  7. Wow, nice. Maybe they want to show off our new LED lighting system. Gotta say I'm very surprised they chose the Buffalo game. Two teams picked to be near the bottom.
  8. I'm fine with inviting LaRose to camp. If he does good enough to earn a spot what's there to complain about? Other than what that says about the rest of our team. If McGinn /Rask etc. are borderline ready for the move to the NHL, I'd rather Larose makes it as a 4th liner/healthy scratch so we can let the youngsters get more minutes in the AHL.
  9. No we haven't. I think everyone is just assuming the terms will get worked out.
  10. This is from Josh Rimer over on hockeybuzz: Chad Larose - Chad is making a comeback after taking a year off hockey. Chad has been skaing all summer long in hopes of landing an NHL Job. I can see Chad signing in Detroit.
  11. You were off a little. Probably transposed your numbers. The 9 forwards/dmen you listed total 42.68 million. Looking at capgeek after today's signings of Gerbe and Hainsey it looks like we are $13.82 million from the cap and have 6 spots to fill. Currently have 8 forwards signed and 6 Dmen and the 2 goalies. As far as getting Sharp I don't see it happening. They're talking about trading him for Kesler to center their 2nd line. I see us filling our roster with our RFA's and 4th line UFA's that don't cost much.
  12. Just saw this on todays rumor update from Mr. Eklund: On Ryan Miller... Sounds like things may fall into place relatively quickly here...at this point four possible teams. St Louis, San Jose, Pittsburgh and surprisingly Carolina...also told a separate trade may open up Tampa to Miller...
  13. Even if any truth to the rumor I have a hard time believing Marleau would waive his no trade clause to come here.
  14. Has there been any report or rumor about us even being interested or interviewing Bylsma? If so I haven't seen it.
  15. My view on the goalie situation. Cam obviously makes too much, especially in a back up roll. If he can find his game I'd be all for him and Khudobin sharing the load as was the plan last year. Realistically I think we ride with these 2. Khudobin starting with Ward playing every 3rd or 4th game unless Khudobin is just lights out or if Ward has a great game he could get 2 or 3 in a row. I see that as most likely because I don't see PK willing to buyout Ward's contract or eating a large portion in order to trade him, then pay another goalie on top of that. We could go cheap with Peters but I'm not sold on him as our backup. We'd be doing to Khudobin what we've done to Ward all these years. Also I'd like to see Khudobin play 50+ games and stay healthy all season before we put the franchise in his hands. Wards only trade value is the 2 times he's been in the playoffs we made it to the cup and conference finals.
  16. No telling what's going to happen next it feels like. Maybe JR will ask for permission to talk to Muller, or his first trade could be to acquire Cole from Dallas.
  17. So if we hire Ulf as our coach will that give us a better chance of signing Marc?
  18. Exactly. Seems like most think JR had done a terrible job here, so his going to Pittsburgh should be great news. I wonder how the Pittsburgh fans feel about this. Do they think the GM that couldn't even get us into the playoffs is what they need to finally get back to the cup finals? First we give them our players and now our GM. They're becoming the Hurricanes 2.0
  19. I agree. I think Forslund said on the radio that Gleason may be awhile. I think he would take Bellemore's spot. So long as Murphy's defense isn't horrendous because we need his offensive ability on the backend.
  20. Well now if the wheels fall off again we know who our next head coach will be....I'm kidding, but at the same time, it is JR. Curious when Ruutu returns how the lines change. I wouldn't mess with the 3rd line so maybe he takes Dwyer's spot, Dwyer to the 4th line, and send Lindholm down for conditioning.
  21. While it's most important that people are healthy to start the season. I fear the injuries will lead to another slow start for the team. Not being able to field your lines in the last preseason games to see if they gel means we won't find out until the games count. Then if they don't work right away how long do you give them to work..etc. etc. That being said, can't wait to see what happens.
  22. Woah, we're up 3-0 in the 2nd period. Problem solved I guess. Just give us the cup now....or maybe I'll just wait until the evaluation portion of the preseason is over before I rush to judgement.
  23. While I understand the skepticism towards Boychuk, I don't think his past performance should greatly influence this years decision. If his current play level warrants one of the open spots then he should get it. If he worked his butt off in the off-season and outperforms our other prospects than he's earned it. Plus he will only be 24 in a couple weeks which is younger than Welsh, if we can still let Welsh develop than why not Boychuk some more too. I'm sure many Toronto fans were more than glad when they got rid of Tlusty, but that turned out to be too soon and I bet they all wish they still had him now.
  24. "Sergey Tolchinsky, who was pulled off the ice on the first day of camp, probably won’t skate again before the first round of cuts." Was looking forward to seeing him in the scrimmage tomorrow along with the fellow new faces. Is he hurt or have they already decided he's going back to juniors so they want to give other players more time?
  25. If we were to move Pits I could see us signing 2 UFA. But I would think one of them would have to be a D-man (Hainsey). And one of Morrow, Raymond, Boyes.
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