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  1. It's been a while. I've missed our resident troll.
  2. To add to that, the human brain isn't fully developed until around 25 years of age. The following explains some things that can otherwise seem really baffling when it comes to young adults. https://www.urmc.rochester.edu/encyclopedia/content.aspx?ContentTypeID=1&ContentID=3051 Understanding the Teen Brain It doesn’t matter how smart teens are or how well they scored on the SAT or ACT. Good judgment isn’t something they can excel in, at least not yet. The rational part of a teen’s brain isn’t fully developed and won’t be until age 25 or so. In fact, recent research has found that adult and teen brains work differently. Adults think with the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s rational part. This is the part of the brain that responds to situations with good judgment and an awareness of long-term consequences. Teens process information with the amygdala. This is the emotional part. In teen’s brains, the connections between the emotional part of the brain and the decision-making center are still developing—and not always at the same rate. That’s why when teens have overwhelming emotional input, they can’t explain later what they were thinking. They weren’t thinking as much as they were feeling.
  3. There might be some who are confused about what exactly "95% effective" means. It's not that if you're exposed to the virus you have a 5% chance of becoming infected. Basically, they randomize a bunch of patients to either the vaccine or a placebo and monitor until a certain number of infections are noted. Then they compare the proportion of vaccine subjects that became infected to the proportion of placebo patients that became infected. In the Pfizer study they enrolled close to 47k subjects and took a look when 170 subjects came down with symptoms and tested positive for covid-19. 95% of the 170 subjects testing positive had received placebo and only 5% had received the vaccine. For anyone interested, here's an article that explains the principle in more detail. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/11/20/health/covid-vaccine-95-effective.html
  4. There are free online streaming options if you have high speed internet (which unfortunately I don't). Can't post sites on here, but they're in conjunction with betting sites (you don't need to have to have a betting account). Last I knew, DirectTV still carried the Fox Sports Regionals, but not sure of prices. I wonder if a betting angle might eventually subsidize video pricing? Similar to the shaving model, where they give away the razor to make more money selling blades.
  5. Isn't AstraZeneca's vaccine two doses? I believe J&J is the only one of those 4 that requires just a single dose. Early analyses showed efficacy rates for the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines north of 90%, which is fantastic. Still haven't heard anything on the other two. They use a different mechanism than the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, hopefully their efficacy rates are well north of the 50% that was originally seen as acceptable (I think that was the original minimum standard).
  6. Hopefully that nickname wasn't given to him by his wife. I'm a little bit ashamed of myself for picking that low hanging fruit. Sorry Jesper, I'll show myself out.
  7. I'm actually with you on what I see as the bigger issue. I believe that compensation at the top has gotten way out of whack, and I'm not just referring to sports.
  8. I don't completely get the apparent negativity towards the reverse retro campaign. Like it or not, the NHL is a business as much as (if not more than) a sport, and this seems like a smart business move during a time when covid has ravaged league revenues. Like 2ndsacker points out, no one is forced to buy one of these jerseys, and if you do, by definition you found it to be a fair value. It's not like the NHL is adding a surcharge to ticket prices in order to make up for lost revenues.
  9. It's interesting that the entire league is doing this. I have to wonder how much that might have been influenced by the success of the Canes initial Whale promotion. I personally don't have any problem with it.
  10. Ah, thanks. Kind of like the number on the jersey they give the kids at the draft.
  11. Anyone else notice that they put a "C" on a number 20 jersey? I wonder if that's foreshadowing?
  12. I have no opinion when it comes to re-signing Vatanen. I suspect the acquisition of Skjei was made more because we had 2 of our top d-men out long term as we struggled to make the playoffs rather than to specifically acquire Skjei (or any other top 4 d-man, for that matter). Kind of an "anti- Ron Francis" move. IF the Canes are thinking of moving him it would likely be because we're so overloaded on the left side and Skjei is making $5.25m as a 2nd pair d-man on the Canes. I'd bet the team has a ratio of what they view as an optimal spending split between offense and defense, and I'd guess that paying $5.25 long term for a 2nd pair d-man might be tough to fit into that equation. All speculation on my part, of course.
  13. I honestly don't know, especially given the strange circumstances we're under. The reason I said Skjei was in large part due to our depth on the left side. Skjei, Slavin, Fleury, Gardiner, Bean. And I still find Forsling a tad intriguing. Slavin is more or less untouchable, Gardiner possibly untradeable, and Fleury unlikely to bring back the value he gives us if we keep him. Bean? I honestly have no idea what we're up to with Bean, lol. On the right we've got Dougie, Pesce, and . . . McKeown? Keane? Vatanen if we re-sign him. Helps a bit that Fleury doesn't seem to lose much playing his off side. Skjei is at $5.25m AAV, Vatanen was making $4.875m, but as Rem mentioned, could he be had at a discount? Note that I wasn't proposing that we trade Skjei in order to sign Vatanen, just looking at our balance and current situation. One thing I would like us to be able to do whenever we start playing again is have a situation where we can evaluate some of our prospects at the NHL level throughout the season. I think Bean might be past that point, he may need either a real shot or to be traded. But it would be interesting to be able to see what players like McKeown, Forsling, and maybe Keane can do. First thing towards that is winning enough so that we're not scrambling just to make a playoff spot; I can understand why Brindy may have been hesitant to give the kids a chance up to now.
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