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  1. I've got to go with the post below that I stumbled across in that thread. Sincere apologies to AWAC for re-posting this, but to me it's priceless. ________________________________________________ But back to the game: I didnt see it, but it sounds like Markstrom was basically Mongo possessed by the skills of Lundqvist?
  2. It was wxray. Saw my mistake right after I posted it and hoped I'd corrected it before anyone else saw it. Guess not, lol.
  3. I'm thinking that old thread may be just a bit humbling to several members on here. In retrospect, it's interesting to note that the "negative" take from the non-Canes-fan guy who lived down the road from the Staal's sod farm and who said he'd followed Jordan his whole career may well have been the most accurate about what to expect from J Staal going forward. disclaimer: I'm not being critical of anyone's take at that point; it was before I started actively following the Canes, so I wasn't "at risk" of giving an opinion that could come back to haunt me.
  4. I didn't know Los Angeles was Jerseys primary trade target.
  5. I say we lobby hard for one of them to take over for Doc Emrick when he retires.
  6. Whenever Waddell gets credited (or if he were blamed) for anything Canes, I feel the need to chip in with my opinion that it should more accurately be The Committee. While I have no doubt that Waddell is an important part of The Committee, I suspect that Tulsky may be just as (or possibly even more?) important. With a bunch of other people chipping in as well (including Brindy)
  7. Other than Lundquist, over the past several years has there been any player who's been more of a pain in the butt to the Canes than Zuc?
  8. I dunno, I'll defer to those who've been around the game a lot longer than me. But one thing that did leap out at me from the replay is Gardiner's reaction. He did throw a full fledged punch at Thornton's head in reaction to the play, which was nice to see. I'm trying to think of who else on the Canes I'd expect that from, and the only name that jumps out at me is Edmundson (maybe Nookie or Nino?). I'm sure Willy would have reacted similarly if he was out there, but he doesn't do much good from his couch.
  9. It really is super creative imo, glad you enjoyed it. I wish I could take credit for making it, but I only copied it off the internet.
  10. Don't know if I was part of your reference, but I hope it doesn't sound like I'm defending Thornton. I've always been of the opinion that even with a gloved hand, a punch is a punch. My main points were that a) once I actually saw the punch it wasn't nearly as bad as I imagined it based on others descriptions up to that point. And, b) it wouldn't surprise me if Mrazk actually baited Thornton in order to get the penalty. I hope that if Thornton had thrown a haymaker instead of a short jab, Mrazk's reflexes would have been quick enough for him to avoid the punch.
  11. Are Canes allowed to use their Star Wars sticks tonight?
  12. Oh, and when it comes to Thornton being victim to a dive, all I can say is Karma can be a bish, lol. This dive was way worse than Mrazk's.
  13. I think there's a decent chance he could get a penalty call without going down like he was hit with a 44 Magnum, lol. I'm all for baiting an opponent into a penalty, but the soccer "hit with an elephant gun" dives really shouldn't be allowed in hockey.
  14. First time I've seen the Thornton / Mrazk incident. My take: Mrazk may well have "played" Thornton to get the penalty. Not just going down easy, but he may have had it in mind as he skated up to him aggressively (but not swinging the stick after the initial slash, Rem). TBH, I expected Thornton's punch to be more severe based on descriptions. It was a straight jab; I see Gardiner throwing a harder punch at Thornton than the initial one. Still, throwing the first punch at an opponent who doesn't have his hands up deserves more than a 2 min penalty. In retrospect I'd say this one deserved a 5 min major (but no supplemental discipline).
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