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  1. I did too. I was shocked at his experience; multiple GM & Asst GM stints, Head Coach, NHL player, and more. Of course as you mention he didn't stick in one place for very long, so who knows the quality of that experience? But talk about a resume . . .
  2. I wonder how much is due to Waddell and how much due to the Committee concept and what the rest of that body brings? I still think Tulsky may be a major player, and we've heard that Brindy has a lot more input than the coaches under RF.
  3. Waddell's been around for a long time and could be an effective safeguard.
  4. I've been hoping the Canes might get Kuemper but I'm reading that Calgary and Edmonton could be competing for him. If true, gotta wonder if that would drive the price up beyond what the Canes would be willing to pay? And does Raanta @31yo with 1 year left on his contract and a history of injuries make sense for the Canes at this point?
  5. They played this during a break in action in the 2nd OT of the Bolts / Isles game, lol!
  6. The quintessential Toots song (imo, of course):
  7. Expecting some first hand updates on our prospects!
  8. Yeah, I also wonder about the influence of each member of The Committee. I'd add Tulsky as a probable highly influential voice, maybe even more so than Waddell.
  9. Greenville still formally affiliated with both the Canes and Chex according to their twitter account and the official NHL records page. Neither the Wolves nor Panthers list an official ECHL affiliation. I know several NHL teams share ECHL relationships so I'm sure this is nothing new. But I could see it possibly getting a bit convoluted if different entities concurrently want their goalies to get ECHL ice time. Can't see it being much of an issue for skaters.
  10. I wonder if there will be any modification to the Wolves uniforms? I'd not thinking they'd do anything major like switching to Canes red, but they do have wolf shoulder patches that might be modified. Although, I'm having a hard time seeing how you'd tastefully integrate either the hurricane crest or warning flags into the Wolves color scheme.
  11. Vegas was their previous affiliate. They wanted to own their AHL partner so they bought the San Antonio franchise and moved it to Henderson, NV.
  12. Interesting. Just read on Wikipedia: The Wolves are the only AHL team with a full television package. All 76 regular-season games, plus playoffs, are broadcast on WPWR-TV (My50), and WMEU-CD (The U).
  13. Waddell on extensions for Dougie and Svech. Hopefully they do happen sooner rather than later. "They're important players for this organization, and it makes more sense to get to it sooner than later. There's no timetable or deadlines. They both have another year left. We have a good relationship with both players, and I fully expect both players to want to stay here."
  14. Even if he's 3 or 4 years out I go with Askarov if he's there. Sure, it's a bit of a raffle ticket. But a skater at #13 isn't a sure thing either, we've already got nice depth in our forward prospect pool, and even though the odds of a goalie hitting are lower, that could be viewed as a good reason to get the best odds possible on the goalie raffle ticket you do buy.
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