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  1. LakeLivin

    2019 Playoffs

    I hear you, but if we should advance I'd sure like some time for some Canes to heal, which we won't get..
  2. I know there's a limit on call ups, but pretty sure emergency call ups (less than 12 active forwards) don't count against that. I wonder if any of our recent call ups were classified as "emergency"? Sorry you had to miss it, it was another great game. There wasn't anyone close who has DISH with a decent package?
  3. LakeLivin

    2019 Playoffs

    Saw this and thought some of you might get as big a kick out of it as I did. How do people come up with this stuff, lol?
  4. I hope Willy and Brindy are stressing that while we need to match or exceed the Caps physicality, we also want to be smarter than them. If it comes down to it, we need to be the "baiters" and not the "baitees". If we do fight, it should be a situation that advantages us, not them (both matchup and situation). .
  5. LakeLivin

    2019 Playoffs

    Even after the concussion "heals", an additional concern I have is how quickly Svech can get back to his normal playing style. I had a couple of sports related concussions when I was younger and each time it took a while before I was able to play with the same "abandon" as before I was concussed. I tried to play as (or even more) aggressively, but there was kind of a subconscious block that "tightened me up" for awhile and kept me from being nearly as effective. Obviously, everyone is different, but it wouldn't surprise me if the aftereffects for Svech are more than just getting back onto the ice.
  6. LakeLivin

    2019 Playoffs

    Nordy with the empty netter for the Bruins to ice it. Glad to see him succeeding up there.
  7. If we get by the Caps and Svech and Ferland are still out, it wouldn't shock me to see us give Necas a look against the Isles.
  8. LakeLivin

    2019 Playoffs

    He did. Without looking it up I know he had a lot of goals, and they were all even strength or shorthanded. A very large proportion of Zykov's goals were PP, which led some of us to predict that Foegele had a better chance of success with the Canes than Zykov (seems like an eternity since he was relevant).
  9. Although it's a moot point since Bishop is injured, I'm guessing that a bigger factor going into the call up decision is the possibility of Ferland being out (or of questionable durability) more so than Svech being out. I.e., Brindy is looking more for a heavier, more physical presence than a scorer given the tone the series has taken. That's why I'd rule out Necas if the decision was mine. Too valuable an asset to risk at this point given that he'd likely be targeted.
  10. Thanks for the response, that's what I thought. I can't understand why they worded the commercial like they did. You'd think Marley Drugs would want to stress how inexpensive their generic is, but the commercial literally says it's $10 a tablet.
  11. I don't either. I think Ovi's hit probably saved Dougie from a 1 game suspension.
  12. On the Ferland call: if anything, I though it was interference given that he paid more attention to the man than the puck. But I didn't think it was even much of a hit, more cutting in front of Dowd than hitting him. But it's absolutely ludicrous that the NHL doesn't take time to do an in game video review of any questionable hit to the head, especially if they're considering calling it a major. They'll review a potential offsides on a goal that happens 40 seconds later, but not review a play that could knock someone out of the game, if not end someone's career? Speaking of interference, I'm not going to read back through this thread, but did anyone else question Backstrom for interference on Caps 3rd goal? Slavin had Ovi 1-on-1 when Backstrom skated directly into him freeing up Ovi for a clear pass that led directly to a goal. I guess you could say it was subtle because it wasn't a heavy hit, (although it leaped out at me), but if you can rub a defender off his man without penalty we need to fire the whole Canes coaching staff because we certainly aren't taking advantage of that tactic. And yeah, the fact that the commentators criticized Hamilton's hit to the head without mentioning Ovi's is also pretty freaking ridiculous.
  13. I'll be watching the game on Fox Sports Carolinas (if Forslund is calling it there). But maybe you don't get that given you're just over the state line? I don't care how good our PK has been, I don't want to see us give Ovie many opportunities on the PP. TBH, I'm not just worried about him scoring, I'm also a little worried about a Cane getting injured blocking one of his shots on the PP. Because you know they'll probably be throwing themselves in front of everything they can, and Ovie has a cannon.
  14. LakeLivin

    2019 Playoffs

    Well, there goes my perfect contest entry, lol. (I had Bolts sweeping)
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