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  1. I believe DirectTV still has a FoxSports Carolinas option.
  2. We took on Marleau's $6m cap hit but it didn't cost TD that much in actual salary. Marleau was scheduled to receive $4.25m last year, and I'm guessing we saved a couple sheckels on that when we bought him out. I think I heard that the Leafs pick actually cost the Canes a bit over $3m. Not chump change, but not $6m, either. edit: just looked at CapFriendly and I think the Leafs 1st will end up costing Dundon $3.83m.
  3. I've been reading the there might have been friction between Quenneville and Trocheck, and that once you're in Q's dog house it's really difficult to get out. So it could well be that Trocheck is happy to be in a new place.
  4. I hadn't realized this, but due to cap reasons Vegas had to route Lehner through the Leafs, who retained salary and got a 5th round pick for their efforts. But that's not the reason for this post. Remember that picture of Tavares as a kid in a bed with Maple Leafs sheets? Check out what Lehner (nickname: Panda) posted on twitter, lol.
  5. I wonder if the Canes might have consulted with Priske before making him a part of this deal? I'm sure that would be highly unusual. But they moved the kid less than a year after he choose Carolina, and by all accounts seemed to be developing nicely. They knew the Panthers play in his hometown backyard. And it seems like we have a number of similar prospects that might have satisfied Fla instead (Kaski, Keane-, maybe even McKeown+). Unlikely, but if so, that would have been a classy move on the part of the Canes imo.
  6. TheHockeyNews has an article about the best prospects traded before the deadline. Former Canes Kuokk, Priskie, Luostarinen, and Gauthier came in at numbers 6,7,8, and 10. The great thing is that in our system we still have better prospects than what we gave up. https://thehockeynews.com/news/article/future-watch-the-top-10-prospects-traded-before-the-nhl-deadline
  7. Everyone is missing one huge point. With Haula gone, who tonight is going to tell Ned before the game just to have fun and that they don't care if he lets in 10 goals?
  8. Only if the opponent was Toronto. But what a trolling moment that would be, lol!
  9. Is there an official update? CapFriendly still just has Hamilton. Michael Smith's last update said just Hamilton, but that was 17h ago. LTIR rules are pretty convoluted, but here's what CapFriendly is showing: Active LTIR Summary ACSL: $81,444,295 LTIR P.BONUS POOL SALARY POOL Relief $0 $5,750,000 Usage $0 $500,000 Remaining $0 $5,250,000
  10. If you meant to say Florida originally wanted Necas, I'd bet Waddell's response was:
  11. Could be adding an element Canes have been missing. I'd love to know some of the opponents he's gotten under the skin of. Hopefully it includes the likes of Ovi and Marchand. https://www.canescountry.com/2020/2/24/21150730/carolina-hurricanes-nhl-trade-deadline-vincent-trocheck-florida-panthers-erik-haula-lucas-wallmark On a conference call with reporters, Trocheck said he feels his injury woes are behind him, including the fractured ankle that cost him more than 30 games two seasons ago. “For the last month or so, I’ve felt back to my normal self, playing with speed and being able to do the things I used to be able to do,” he said. “At this point feel like I’m 100%.” He also has embraced a role he wasn’t sure was cut out for him: that of a skilled pest, a role that prompted Jake Gardiner to say that “no one likes to play against (him).” When asked of his propensity to annoy the opposition, Trocheck said it was something he had to learn to accept. “Earlier in my career (...) I was a pest without really thinking about it. At this point it’s just become who I am as a player and I kind of have to embrace it. There’s been several players that haven’t enjoyed playing against me in the past and I think that’s a good thing.”
  12. Oh, and really glad that rather than getting "shipped out" we may have developed Priske some and then sent him home. He certainly doesn't seem upset with the move.
  13. Rem- I see where you're coming from, but those are all numbers in a vacuum. Panthers have a bunch of good goal scorers on their team (Barkov, Huberdeau, Hoffman, Dadanov all over 20 goals, Acciari 19, Connolly 18). I read that Q even played Trocheck with Barkov and Huberdeau for a while to try to kickstart his scoring. We have what I'd call 2 scorers, Aho and Svech (Haula started out but disappeared and Dougie blew a tire). It will be interesting to see how Trocheck's assist totals translate from Florida to Carolina given who he's likely to be playing with. Hope I'm not coming across as trying to make a case against Trocheck. In actuality I'm just trying to make sense of a number of different factors in anticipation of what to expect. Heck, maybe some of those Florida forwards score a lot because they've got Trocheck setting them up. Maybe Nino, Dzingel, or Necas will explode, lol.
  14. That may well be the case. And I'm not criticizing the deal. I just don't see a bit as being a 100% sure thing given Trocheck's play following his injury. When we got Nino I think I was expecting him to play at his previous peak levels, which he hadn't done for awhile. He did have a nice initial spike, but ultimately settled more into what I suspect the Wild thought they were giving up. I'm trying not to make the same mistake with Trocheck, i.e. subconsciously assuming we'll end up with him playing at his previous best. But he is only 26yo, and perhaps still not 100% back from his injury (be it physical or psychological?). And we're rid of Haula, so there's that.
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