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  1. No, definitely not sure, that's just the feel I get from this board. Priske is on a 2-way contract and waiver exempt, so if the Committee let him know there's a decent chance he might start in Charlotte this season I could see them possibly going with both. But as you point out, there would be a lot of risk with starting both in Raleigh, and to my mind McKeown will either be given (earn) a spot on the Canes roster or be traded. I think we're still in for some interesting moves this summer.
  2. I wish we could access the in depth Canes scouting reports on both Priske and McKeown. Both are 23 yo. Priske: Hobie Baker finalist, led NCAA d-men in goals last year, team captain for 2 seasons. Possible future PP quarterback? McKeown: Already proven successful at the AHL level. Very gaudy +- stat the last 2 years in comparison to the rest of the Checkers (insert standard disclaimer). indicates very good 2-way game? Given that McKeown could be viewed as already having success at a higher level than Priske, the Committee must be really high on the new kid.
  3. I'm having a discussion on another board about McKeown's value. In terms of draft pick(s), what do you guys think he's realistically worth in today's market? To "bias check" your answer, another way to put it is: what would you give up for him if he was in a different organization and the Canes were really shallow on the right side?
  4. Who knows without actually having seen him? His +- was second best on his team last season, but we all know how limited that stat is. I think the fact that the Canes were pursuing him even before he announced he was going "free agent" suggests to me that there is likely defensive potential. I can't see this organization going after a player that presented as a defensive liability, not with Brindy as the coach and having input to the Committee. But like I said, who knows? Icing may not be sufficient, but it's nice to know it's there if there's the possibility of cake to be had.
  5. Only time will tell, and hard to get a realistic feel from just stats. But Priske's numbers for his first two years in college were actually a bit better than what McAvoy did in his first two. And Priske showed nice progression in college the two years after that. Priske's goals over 4 years: 4, 7, 11, 17. Fox's over 3 years: 6, 6, 9. McAvoy over 2 years: 3, 5. Again, raw numbers don't mean much; we need a northeastern college hockey fanatic that can provide some firsthand knowledge as to how those kids actually looked in college. But the NHL success of recent good NCAA defensemen leaves me optimistic.
  6. I don't think you're going out on a limb there, lol. Not only would we been less likely to pursue Priske, it's also that much less likely that he would have considered the Canes. Funny how things sometimes work out. Although it wasn't a direct transaction, I think it very much worked out that we got Priske plus two 2nd round picks for Fox. And looking at some of the recent NCAA defensemen that have been quite successful in the NHL gets me even more chuffed!
  7. Wow! Not just getting the kid, but the fact that he chose the Canes says a lot about where the organization is at this point. What a coup for the Committee!
  8. Perhaps Priske could be summed up as Adam Fox 2.0 or even Adam Fox + ? (that's not based on actual knowledge of the two players, just my crude impression). If this actually happens, Chase Priskee plus two NYR 2nd rounders >> Adam Fox.. Capfriendly is a great place to find out anything contract related. Currently Canes have 40 of 50 allowable contracts. Even though that doesn't include Maenalanen, McKeown, or Willy. still plenty of room to maneuver. https://www.capfriendly.com/teams/hurricanes I'll believe it when I see the official announcement, though. It would almost be like the most desirable UFA choosing the Canes over the rest of the league, and without a premium, either.
  9. I wonder how tapped in Sara Civ actually is? Could we actually get Priskie? Why in the world would he want to come to a team with the defensive depth of Carolina?
  10. The flag in the video looks like a shoulder patch to me. I guess they could also have a Flags crest, but someone posted the concept below online a couple weeks back and it has the usual crest with flags on the shoulders. I wonder if it might have been created by someone who had leaked inside information? I hope not, as I like the Flags crest better. We'll see in a couple days, and yeah, having Williams debut it would be brilliant.
  11. My guess is that Brindy probably had as much or more input into the decision not to call Saarela up as anyone else. And it wouldn't surprise me if there were advanced stats from Tulsky that backed up the decision, as well. Same with the decision to trade Zykov. Maybe both can succeed somewhere in the NHL, but they didn't seem to fit in with the way the Canes are being built. Without direct knowledge, the intuitive case for "sour grapes" seems strong.
  12. I wonder if they might be trade bait, which could a factor in them still being unsigned? Or perhaps the hang-up is that the Committee is pushing for 2-way contracts (although McKeown would stand a good chance of being grabbed off waivers imo, so less likely with him).
  13. This has been debated a number of times here, but recently I posted the text from the CBA that indicates you can't.
  14. https://www.nhl.com/news/erik-haula-says-carolina-reminds-him-of-vegas/c-308475898
  15. The benefit is that it gets Forsberg full UFA status. But you're right, I don't know how much good that is going to do him as I'll be surprised if another team is willing to offer him anything other than a 2-way deal (which is what the main point of contention had to be, not the NHL salary).
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