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  1. Do you know what part of the lake your friend lives on? edit: you also can't get pizza delivered lol, but the tradeoffs are worth it to me.
  2. From where I sit, CC is lucky to get 10Mbps. I live north of Roxboro and I get 0.75 Mbps. Not a typo, I get less than 1.
  3. Yeah, she does nothing for me. But as long as we keep on winning with her, I'm on board (so to speak, lol).
  4. You must have much better internet service than I. Here's the HULU recommendations: 3.0 Mbps for the Hulu streaming library 8.0 Mbps for live streams 16.0 Mbps for 4K content *Viewers may be able to stream at a reduced video quality with 1.5 Mbps. I can only get 0.75 Mbps.
  5. I don't think we're going to see near as many backup goalies this year. Mac, playing in a back to back and against his former team may have been a bit of an exception.
  6. And: "If the Canes could only get a decent start out of the gate and not have to dig themselves out of such a deep hole, we would be a playoff team". Still a long season ahead, but I like our chances.
  7. Do you know for sure that Canes games will be coming back on DISH? DISH dropped Fox Sports Carolinas last July. The article doesn't mention FSC at all, rather it seems to be about a couple other channels that DISH dropped 2 weeks ago. And I don't see any Canes games on the channel guide. Boy, I sure hope that we'll get the Canes back, but here's an excerpt from the article: "Nearly two weeks ago, as the companies were in the midst of tense contract negotiations, Fox blocked customers of Dish and Sling TV (owned by Dish) from accessing its local channels in 17 markets. Dish also removed access to Fox's cable networks FS1, FS2, Big 10 Network, Fox Soccer Plus and Fox Deportes. Dish said on September 26 that Fox was seeking a double-digit percentage-rate increase for carrying its local channels. Dish also said Fox wanted to "force bundle" its local channels with its cable networks, which Dish said would hike prices for its customers. Dish offered Fox a short-term contract extension to maintain consumers' access to the channels during the negotiations, but Fox turned it down, Dish claimed. With the new deal, Dish and Sling customers will immediately regain access to the Fox channels and networks, a Fox spokesperson said." EDIT: I just called the FOX Sports Regional providers phone line and they specifically said that DISH isn't carrying Fox Sports Carolinas.
  8. Pretty sure I heard on the Aftermath that the Whalers have but not the Canes. (unless it was 3 OT games to start the season; I was on my computer with the radio in the background) edit: AWACS got there first
  9. Let's also give credit to strength and conditioning coach Bill Burniston.
  10. Report post Posted 7 hours ago And the long shot hits! Thirteen total shots on goal for the Bolts, and only 2 in the second and third periods combined? Amazing!!
  11. Could we actually do it 3 games in a row?
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