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  1. I don't know what's up with Julius Honka (a 1st round pick), but Dallas fans feel like he has very little value. A couple of them said a 4th round pick for him would be about right. Maybe we got the pick of the litter in the 3rd round with his brother Anttoni?
  2. Hmm . . . that's not a very good shooting percentage. Let me get my calculator out . . . plus two, carry the 3 . . . if my ciphering is correct, I get 0 percent!
  3. Thanks for the actual quote rem. I just hope he does it in an intelligent way. The last thing we need is a bunch of stupid penalties, especially with deHaan and (most likely) Faulk not there on the PK this season.
  4. Mentioned that he was pleased with how most of the team came into camp but that there were just a couple players not where he'd like them to be. I wonder who they were? Reporters noted that Fleury said he was going to be "less nice" on the ice and Brindy was happy to hear it.
  5. Ron Hainsey named as one of the 3 Alternate Captains for Ottawa (no Captain this season). __________________________________________________________________________________ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Ottawa Senators named Mark Borowiecki, Ron Hainsey, and Jean-Gabriel Pageau alternate captains for this season on Thursday. The announcement comes after head coach D.J. Smith told Postmedia earlier this week that three 'older players' would serve as alternates. “I don’t think it’s necessary (to have a captain),” Smith said in an interview. “We’re going to have three ‘A’’s, three older guys and they’re going to share the responsibility. A year from now it would be nice to integrate some of these younger guys and kind of get a look as to see who’s the captain and who’s going to be the captain going forward. “The older guys will carry the brunt for the year.”
  6. I'd think it would move any Willy comeback from the status of "later strategic addition" to "insurance policy" in case injuries hit hard.
  7. Kind of the same thing as not re-signing McKegg, who I liked even a little bit more than Saku. But yeah, nice to finally be facing "good franchise" problems.
  8. No problem, it's linked in the original post, but here it is again so you don't have to scroll up. https://thehockeywriters.com/kase-ducks-2019-20-x-factor/
  9. I can't claim to have researched Kase's concussion history. I first brought it up based on a couple comments from some Duck's fans, and then picked off the first article I found with any details from a google search. I don't claim to know how many he's actually had, and no idea how to find out if he had any in CZE (no way I'm attempting to spell that, lol). But the three mentioned in the article seem pretty well documented.
  10. Excerpt from the article below: https://thehockeywriters.com/kase-ducks-2019-20-x-factor/ ________________________________________________________ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ While Kase can recover from his shoulder surgery, the more significant concern is his history of concussions. Since 2015-16, Kase has suffered at least three concussions that we know of. In 2015-16, Kase was concussed in a game while playing for the San Diego Gulls. He landed on injured reserve in October 2017 and again in October 2018 after suffering a concussions, both against the Los Angeles Kings. Concussion Repercussions? Kase is young. He’ll turn 23 just over a month into the 2019-2020 season, but that cuts both ways. He still has a lot of potential, but 23 is also very young to have suffered so many concussions in such a short amount of time. Think about it, Kase has missed significant time due to concussions in three of his first four professional seasons. If he suffers another, it might be enough to jeopardize his career and even worse his long-term health if it hasn’t already. There are also success stories — at least in the short term when it comes to head injuries — when it comes to players who had concussion problems early in their careers. Big names like Patrice Bergeron and Sidney Crosby each have endured multiple concussions and have continued to play at a high level. Still, it raises the question, is there something about the way Kase plays that makes him vulnerable or is it a case of a young player adjusting to the physicality of the NHL? Either way, the best ability is availability. If Kase can’t stay in the lineup, he can’t score which the Ducks desperately need if they’re going to claw their way back into playoff contention after a dreadful 2018-19 season on offense. _____________________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So there's risk. On the other hand, sounds like Kase really drives scoring and could well be that extra top 6 forward we've been looking for.( I bet our analytics guys.played a big role if the Canes are targeting him). I'm thinking there's no way he'd be even close to available if not for his injury history (one disgruntled Ducks fan asked why they'd even consider trading their second or third best forward). Given our depth, I'd rather roll the dice that Kase can stay healthy than on a couple of non-first round draft picks turning into anything more than depth players, if that. Regardless of what any of us think, at the moment the deal appears to be in Faulk's hands.
  11. For me, the problem with Puljujarvi is that he's no longer waiver exempt. So you either have to feel confident that he earns a spot on a deep Canes roster or risk losing him to a less deep team that wants to take a flier on him. Probably no option for him to work his way back through Charlotte. Otherwise, yeah, I'd have pulled that trigger too if it were available.
  12. From Friedman's "31 Thoughts" 6. A few teams expressed surprise with the reports about Kase. He’s not someone who was available for a long time. Anaheim must be concerned about his health. 12. Jesse Puljujarvi knows what he has to do in Finland — play hard and play well. He’s off to the right start. The Oilers talked with Carolina (Julien Gauthier) and Tampa Bay (Alexander Volkov was someone they liked), but didn’t get to where they felt comfortable. https://www.sportsnet.ca/hockey/nhl/31-thoughts-tense-rfa-waiting-game-hits-final-stages/sn-amp/
  13. I peeked in on a Ducks board and they hate the idea of giving up Kase for Faulk. The sense I get is that he's got great puck and playmaking skills. But so far he's been quite injury prone. In the 4 years he's been in North America he hasn't yet played a full sesaon [combined regular season AHL/NHL games going backwards from last season: 30, 67, 67, 25] . I think someone mentioned that he's already had 4 or 5 concussions. So this might be a high risk but potentially really high reward move if it comes through.
  14. No idea how reliable any of this stuff is, but thought it might be of interest. Canes signing Gardner does make a lot more sense if Faulk turned down a good faith offer and The Committee decided to move on. https://twitter.com/FriedgeHNIC/status/11711100969963724
  15. No idea how reliable any of this stuff is, but thought it might be of interest.
  16. Conditioning stint in Charlotte? (maybe playing only Checkers home games?) Which doesn't take away from how much work the fitness would be . . .
  17. Yup. Or vice versa. I'm not sure if it's 15 teams he can be traded to or 15 teams he can rule out. Until Seattle joins the league it's the same thing, lol.
  18. I'm almost positive that's the case. And if a trade is available with a team that's not on the list, Faulk could of course waive. With Skinner's full NTC he had complete control. But given that Faulk knows that he can only rule out half the league and therefore will be traded if the Canes so desire, he might not be as inflexible as Skinner was.
  19. I was all for keeping Skinner in lieu of the Poo return we got back (subsequent results indicate I was probably wrong, lol). But there's a potential factor in the Faulk decision that didn't apply to Skinner, and it has to do with the long term. What if keeping Faulk to start the season means we lose, say, McKeown or Fleury? Either could turn out to be relatively low cost, long term, high quality, third pair mainstays, with 2nd pair quality level upside. They're probably not going to be stars, but that type of player has real value, imo. I'm not saying we shouldn't keep Faulk as an insurance policy; a lot would depend on the return. But I'm factoring the cost of what we might lose as well as what we might gain into the equation. I suspect that the Canes scouts and analytics guys (and obviously Brindy) will be important voices when the Committee does that calculation.
  20. But section 13.2 (a) specifies that being exposed to waivers during the Playing Season Waiver Period is a requirement for a non-waiver-exempt player to be assigned. That seems to close the loophole that would allow us to avoid exposing our young d-men by assigning them before the Playing Season Waiver Period commences. Again, I hope I'm wrong. Have we got any attorneys on here that want to weigh in on the interpretation? If not, we might get a pretty good idea by what happens preseason. I think 12 days prior to the start of the season is after only 1 or 2 of the Canes preseason games. So if that loophole exists, in order to use it the Canes would need to send McKeown, Forsling, or Fleury down to Charlotte without really giving them a fair shot at making the team. [although, I think we deal some of those kids before we get to that point]
  21. Who'd a thunk that this poll would need an "other"?
  22. I don't know OB. That last clause I enlarged seems to imply that you can't hide a player by assigning them before the season starts. I'd love to be wrong on this, but that would run counter to the reason for the rule in the first place (not allowing a deep team to bury an otherwise NHL ready player)
  23. Unless the Canes see Aho as the long term C but don't want to saddle him with that responsibility just yet. If that were the case I could see them going with Martinook in the interim. But if not Nooky, I can't see them giving it to Staal or Slavin and then taking it away when they felt Aho was ready, in which case I could see going with "captaincy by committee" as a bridge to Aho.
  24. Only thing is, what about a knock-on effect if say Faulk temporarily occupies a roster spot at the beginning of the season? Fleury, Forsling, and McKeown are all subject to being claimed off of waivers if they're not on the Canes roster (I'm sure Fleury would be gone in a heartbeat and I think there's a good chance the other 2 would be picked up as well). I think we're already in a position where we've got too many D assets we can't protect and will likely move some. But if we're going to eventually move Faulk, ,might doing it before the season starts mean we get to hold onto a player like McKeown and at least test him out at the NHL level?. The longer into the preseason you go the shorter the window to make a trade before the season starts (if that's actually a concern).
  25. Short term: PP QB. But gotta be in big part a longer term move. Looks like they've given up on re-signing Faulk after this season and TVR is probably toast as well given our depth in the system. I'm expecting a subsequent trade, but given our current forward depth I won't be surprised if it's D for picks (I'd say "and prospects" but I don't see anyone giving up top prospects and we're well stocked with prospects below that level) .
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