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  1. Yeah, the 2-3 format involves only 1 trip for each team. Did you mean a bigger "home team" advantage in a 2-2-1 format or the 2-3? If I've got the home team advantage I think I'd rather play the first two and fifth at home instead of risking losing the first 2 on the road and needing to sweep the next three at home. We're definitely in agreement that a 7 game series would be preferable.
  2. Yeah, it's not like he "just" kicked out Mäenalanen's skate, he pushed his upper body from the front at the same time. If there was one play from the series that deserved suspension, that was it.
  3. I wonder if it might have to do with travel in the AHL? How far do teams bus vs. fly? Of course, you'd think that for the playoffs they'd spring for flights regardless, but I have no idea about the dynamics down at that level.
  4. A little bit of that as well. Obviously the contest points mean way less than the Canes winning.
  5. Gorilla glue and bailing wire? I'm thinking duct tape. If the injury is such that he's got a slim chance of being able to finish a game, next man up makes more sense and putting himself into the lineup would be almost irresponsible. Hopefully at some point we'll get an idea of the actual situation. Yup..
  6. The article is from a Caps-centric perspective, and that sentence about game 6 certainly doesn't make sense. But it's not like it doesn't give the Canes credit: "Carolina advanced to the Eastern Conference semifinals on the Caps' home ice, with a win that most people in the building believed the Canes deserved." "The Hurricanes finished behind the Metropolitan division champion Capitals in the regular season, but everyone in the Washington locker room acknowledged that Carolina deserved to move on in this year's run to the Stanley Cup." "They thrive off hard work, and they kept coming the same way that they've played," Holtby said. "Got to give them credit. They earned it."
  7. LakeLivin

    2019 Playoffs

    That covers half of it. The other half is that hits to the head or intent to injure plays need to be caught and penalized in game, even if they're initially missed by the refs during live action. Gotta believe that type of disincentive would really help clean up the game. Perfect example is the Stephenson slew-foot on Maenelainen.
  8. Reverse psychology, and it worked. I credit our series win to the strategy and I'm not changing it going forward.
  9. Looks like it's top 4 in each Division with no wild cards. I've read several times that the AHL bases it's playoff standings on point percentage.
  10. LakeLivin

    2019 Playoffs

    Agree, especially with sending all major penalties, hits to the head, or potential intent to injure plays to Toronto. It's ludicrous that they don't do this. As far as that particular play, Eakin doesn't do anything that doesn't occur dozens of times a game. It's Stastny's subsequent hit that does the damage. And yeah, I'm still confused as to where an action determines the penalty vs. the outcome.
  11. I didn't hear Tripp, so can't comment on any nuance. But as you alluded to in your original post, doing what can be viewed as essentially casting aspersions on a players character can be a very tricky thing to do. I'm old enough to remember baseball player J.R. Richard and the questions about his character before it was learned that the guy had actually suffered a stroke..
  12. Oh, and I wasn't near my computer during or for a while after the game, So here's a belated WOO FREAKING HOO!!!!
  13. Couldn't it also be that Tripp has some details about Ferland's injury, and even if Ferland wants to go, Tripp doesn't trust that he'd be able to make it through the whole game, or be at high enough effectiveness percentage to make it worth playing him over, say Bishop or Saaku (not going to try to spell his last name, lol)?
  14. It's not possible because our payroll isn't big enough. I know because a self proclaimed expert on these boards has repeatedly told me so. Our payroll isn't enough to even make the playoffs, let alone win the SC. I suspect that instead of an actual Canes team on the ice, we've been looking at holograms.
  15. Tripp played goalie for Harvard and was drafted by the Flyers. He had a couple games in the AHL.
  16. It would be interesting to see a synopsis of just how inexperienced the team we iced yesterday was. I know we had a number of players in their first NHL season, wasn't that also Saarela's first NHL game? A lot of Checkers, to be sure.
  17. Ovi calling Svech after the game redeems him a bit in my eyes. No way of knowing for sure, but I suspect that in a similar situation down the road Ovi wouldn't challenge a much smaller youth to fight.
  18. LakeLivin

    2019 Playoffs

    Just a slight tweak on Kjun's point about "NHL codes". More so than any Russian cultural factor, I'm going with the fact that Ovi is a veteran superstar and Svech is a rookie who didn't show him the "respect" that Ovi likely thought he deserved. Svech was giving back as much as he was taking and I could easily see it escalating from there. Add in that the Canes room likely had a lot of talk about sticking up for one another, warnings about expected Caps questionable physicality, and the testosterone level of a 19 year old, and boom, there you go.
  19. Well, at least that 4th line should be well acquainted with each other. I wonder how much they played together in Charlotte?
  20. In spite of his occasional inaneness, I'd take Tripp over most of the other color commentators I've heard this postseason, tbh.
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