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  1. Thanks for the welcome. I would have preferred to post the question under Hurricane Talk Forum, but I guess I can't do that yet, being a newbie! No worries. Go Canes!
  2. Not a big fan of the new uni. But, I really don't care what they wear as long as they win. They could wear pink polka-dots and I wouldn't care, if they were in the finals.
  3. Been a Hurricanes' fan for several years now, but just got around to posting on this board. I have to say I am extremely disappointed the 'Canes didn't make the playoffs, again. Watching the playoffs, it seems like most teams are more physical than the 'Cane's. I know some of that is just the nature of the playoffs, but does anyone else think the 'Cane's need a more physical presence than than the youth and speed they seem to be stockpiling?
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