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  1. I collect Hurricanes game worn jerseys and if you have won any at games or are a collector looking to sell any I am always interested in trading or purchasing these. Please message directly on here or email me at cards27215@yahoo.com if you have any you might want to move. Thanks
  2. So for Lindholm/Nichushkin comparison stats mean everything but our 3 guys below are way better than the two on the left?? Benn 23g 33a 56pts +12 Staal 16g 32a 48pts -6 Seguin 25g 33a 58pts +11 Skinner 23g 17a 40pts -12 Semin 16g 16a 32pts +8 Total = 114pts +23 Total = 120pts -10 Lindholm has 15 fewer points than Nichushkin in 20 less games. He plays on the 3rd or 4th line compared to the top line. Lindolm S% 12.8 --- Nichushkin S% 13.4, also is it fair to say your +/- might be inflated while on the top line playing the majority of time on ice while the top defensive pairing is also on the ice as in Nichushkin's case? Not only are they at least even, a case could be made that Lindholm is almost a full year younger and a much smaller player physically and is actually ahead of Nichushkin in developement. If you can honestly look at Benn and Seguins stats above compared to our best offensive guys, then add that Lindholm is playing with our 7th and 8th best guys and tell me Nichushkin would have lifted our team to the playoffs and a better season I am all ears... Not trying to trash our guys, just saying Lindholm is not the wrong guy. We have bigger issues than one guy I think...
  3. Absolutely Raven, how someone can look at stats of two players in hockey and not consider the players those players play with that produced those stats is beyond crazy. You could have put anyone of us on that line at RW and we would have had a couple of goals and assists at this point.
  4. It seems we may have an issue as a fan base dealing with the shock of actually having NHL depth on our team. Why switch anything? This is what other teams enjoy every season and we seem to be panicking. The fact that we have 5 pts in 4 games against Detroit, Caps, Pens, Flyers without any the 1st line doing much is great. You don't lose chemistry with that 1st line for long. They all had injury's and all are trying to get to speed individually. Once they do they will be fine. This team is in great shape through 4 games. One at a time boys, one at a time...
  5. This is madness. Cam plays against Detroit and Pittsburgh and had some of the best saves you will ever see a goalie make in both those games. They are both playing great. If you watched those games and actually note who the opponents were it kind of makes this discussion a bit laughable. Cam stood on his head for a flurry of shots tied 2-2 with Pens and the defense let him down on the very next face off and the D gave a defeated type effort there after. I'll play G against the sisters of the poor and let Cam take the top 5 NHL scoring teams and I bet my GAA and record is way better too. No way should this even be a debate. Khudobin was not brought in to compete for that job. Can't we be happy to have two awesome goalies and have 5 pts in four games? Jeez...
  6. So what is so BOLD about saying the Pens will win the the division followed by regurgitating what you saw Berry Melrose say on sportscenter? I did make a BOLD prediction that the Canes would be good and make the playoffs. You need to take an reading comprehension pill...
  7. Awesome posts Rem! I too am a "with my own two eyes" type of guy and I couldn't agree with you more. Thank you for clearly putting into words what many of us have been arguing in offices and in forums for weeks now.
  8. Man this is my first year on the message board but are most canes fans this negative(or as they would say "realistic")? Why would Muller be out? This is his first full regular season as coach. They have the talent to compete with anyone in the NHL, Ward is healthy, and they added veterans on D to help chemistry. Their record against most of the large market teams is actually pretty good. Its the lower teams in the south we always seemed to struggle with. Who knows if they will gel but to say 'no shot' a day before the first game given their current roster is crazy. They held fist place for a large portion of last year by beating many of the teams now in division. I thought there was a large number of the Hurricanes fan that are also State fans? If you can post each year that NC State football or basketball has a shot at the national championship, how on earth can you look at this team and say "no evidence they can compete" just say'n...
  9. I collect Hurricanes game worn Jerseys and am interested to see who in the caniac community may also share my interests. If you have any to sell or trade or just want to show off your collection I would love to see what you have. Thanks and Go Canes!
  10. I'm a Legend 3 been playing since '10 PS3. NHL 13 has been horrible. I hope NHL 14 is just bug free at this point. I think '11 was the most well made and fun game to play in the series. Sometimes more realistic is not better. I'm not really interested in coming home from a long day of work and grinding out a 2-1 OT win using dump and chase.
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